PvZ Garden Warfare 2

  • Picked it up on sale on PSN for $9.99 yesterday (Hell of a deal honestly, deluxe edition is like $13), and it's pretty fun! I played the original on PC way back when but when the sequel came out it released with....so little of an impact I forgot it was even out until I saw it on a discount rack later on.

    But I'm glad I picked it up now at least while people still play it, seems relatively lively on the servers still too.

    Anyone else own it on PS4?

  • @ZyloWolfBane I do! I played for a little while after release, but none of my friends had it. I'd totally be down to play, but I'm taking a trip next week so it'd have to wait til the following one.

    It's a shame it didn't get more attention, since it really is a good time. I guess there's just too many games these days.

  • @Billy Sweet! My PSN is in my signature if you wanna team up, my wifey is gonna end up buying it too, we love playing endless defense modes in games like this and uncharted.

    But yeah, it's really a shame they didn't do more to get the game noticed. Funny enough looking back at what released when this game did there really wasn't too many BIG titles that whole quarter, and yet PvZ totally flew under the radar.