Making my own channel and uploading video

  • I bought the new 20th anniversary Digimon Tamagotchi. And after that, I thought makes a 'Brandon plays pokemon' style show about Digimon Tamagotchi is fun idea. I learn how to editing video, decide the channel name, plan to start a channel with unboxing video, and fought with my best friend who promise to do this with me.

    So, yeah, basically it's crumble before the start. I still think hard to should I do this without partner or just gave up and enjoying Tamagotchi my own time.

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  • What you could do is to make it more a vlog type thing, where you at first make a quick introduction that who you are, and what the vlog series is about, and go from there, what seems the most natural to you.

    But whatever you do, don't force it. Don't try to make it exactly like something you've seen, but feel free to take some ideas from those vids. Don't try to be anyone other than yourself, unless you specifically want to play a character for whatever reason.

    Good luck, if you choose to make that channel and start making videos.

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    yeah, I keep hearing people saying to "just put yourself out there" which can be scary. If you do content, create stuff that you would like to see yourself, not just what you think others might want to watch, I think that would make you come across as most genuine and make people come back to watch more.

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    Thanks to kind advises. If I do this, I'll make it easier to EZA community can find. :)