Setting Up Tagging Standards

  • I think a really cool feature that I haven't seen anywhere else is the tagging feature. It really helps quick searching for certain categories, and it's currently underused. I am hoping that we can set up a standard for everyone to follow where they can put "Game News" or "Game OT" (for Official Thread) to make it easier to filter out threads to see what we want to see. I feel like it really sucks that a great game comes out, someone makes a thread on it with great information, but it gets pushed down by the dozens of "what's your favourite game". This would help keep those items visible without making another forum.

    I also discovered that these tags filter cross all forums, so I made spoiler threads in the gaming and general discussion, my Zero Time Dilemma thread (that not many responded to :crying_cat_face:) and my Game of Thrones thread. I clicked the Spoiler tag, and both showed up in the results.

    I don't know the backend of this forum technology, so I was wondering if there might be answers to my questions:

    1. Can we have Tag shown and selectable right on the top of the forum?

    Currently, you would have to find a thread with the tag, and the select that tag to filter out searches with only that tag. The only other method appears to be using the advanced search and search by tag, which is not accessible. This tagging idea wouldn't work if it doesn't have that accessibility.

    1. Can we have an option to quick tag posts?

    With my example of "Game News" and "Game OT", have them show up in the tagging area. It does seem like the quick bar does show examples that can be selected. Anything that can make it more appealing for people to tag would be better.

    I know reddit has this technology that automatically detects what kind of post it is and tags it with "Help" or "News". Might be a possibility.

    1. Can we have the option to hide threads with certain tags?

    I don't think it's a big deal, but it could be cool that if threads are tagged as spoilers, someone could just hide all spoilers from themselves. This might be a bad idea as it would reduce discussion and visibility of tagged threads, but it's a nice option.

    That's all I have. I know this new forum tech was something UltimateBrent picked up, so changing it would be difficult, but I don't know if there are default options available that admins can implement.

  • Global Moderator

    I like the idea of setting up a standard set of hashtags for certain types of threads, but I'm not yet sure where my thoughts are on some of the other ideas.

  • admin

    I'm still getting familiar with it too, but I don't think there's going to be much policing on tags or anything. Probably the best thing to do is just to check the tags and use tags that are common or use easy to identify terms like genres and game titles. You also shouldn't need to use more than 3 or 4 tags for a topic.

    1 - right in the nav bar at the top is a button that shows all the current tags.
    2 / 3 - Not sure. They don't seem to be options in the software at this point. (It's over my head at least.)