Super Powers!

  • Super Powers are some of my favorite parts of stories. A lot of times I find myself more interested in the powers than the heroes themselves. What are your favorite pieces of media featuring super powers? How about favorite individual powers? What makes a good super ability? I want to know what you all think!

  • I like series that have elemental telekinesis like Avatar because it's less like a super special case and more of a law of nature that affects the structure of the world. Also, nature and the elements are cooler than laser vision.

    Besides that, fire and forget mind control makes excellent thriller plots. Code Geass and Jessica Jones come to mind, Geass especially because it gives a very villainous power to its lead character and then plays with dramatic irony.

  • I sometimes dream that I can breathe underwater, and that's always wonderful until I wake up to my lame aerated existence. I'd love to live in a world like Abzu... I suppose I just need to get Scuba certified.

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    I guess the force could be counted as a super power? at least its magical and awesome

  • My favorite super powers are the ones that come with a cost or are in some way amplified character flaws.
    Stuff like Daredevil's heightened senses at the expense of his sight. Or Hulk's rage based strength and invulnerability at the expense of his humanity.

    Stuff like flying and etc never really meant anything to me.

  • I like extremely niche powers that the user manages to work into their favor. No surprise I love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure taking that into consideration since everything from part 4 onwards is basically built around that.

  • @Lotias Midichlorians aren´t magic, it`s science but lame! :)

  • I've been always somehow fascinated in ice as a super power since first laying my eyes on Sub-Zero in mid-90s. What a cool guy! Such cool abilities! I could freeze the opponent, unbelievable. Blue's my favourite colour as well. Soon after I stumbled upon Mr. Freeze in Batman, great character and a new way to utilize ice powers (basically, technology).

    There've also been so many games that have an ice power in some way or another that I've enjoyed playing and toying with that I don't even try to name them. Sure, there's also lots of games that make the power look kind of boring, but it's still always neat to be able to freeze other characters in the game world.

  • What makes super powers interesting to me is a reason to use them and a reason not to use them.

    I always really liked X-Men because of this, characters like Rogue and Cyclops who cant really control their powers and resent them to some extent. Someone like Xavier who COULD pretty much just turn off the brains of most opponents but wouldnt for ethical reasons