Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #88: Old Man's Journey. A pretty little indie game about an old man receiving a letter, heading for a journey and reminisning his life and choices he had made. I like old men in stories like this, it's this certain kind of sadness that hangs above everything.

    Trophy-wise this was easy, except for a "Smooth Ride" that took me an hour to finally get it. You wouldn't find the trophies without a guide, they're pretty obscure some of them, but for one playthrough they felt like an obvious choice to collect while going through the game. It's only maybe 1,5 to three hours long, depending on your train skills for that one trophy.

  • Platinum #40: Persona 4 Golden. I decided to get the 40th platinum on Persona 4 Golden, just because I wanted to make it a special milestone + I already have Persona 5 as my 20th platinum. Pretty easy platinum, but it was a bit pain to get compared to Persona 5, just because of one trophy.

    The Harcore Risette Fan trophy, you need to grind 250 specific lines and it was way worse in this game compared to P5.

  • Platinum #89: Late Shift. A shape-your-own-story kind of movie game. You just choose the path and watch the scenes unfold. I bought this from a sale for 5 € a few months back out of curiosity. Turned out one playthrough was enough for me: it's not too bad or especially good, just a neat little experience, a peculiar one. So after that playthrough I played it again with a guide to find the other endings, it took only two hours or so.

  • Just got my 13th platinum: Jak 3. Who would have known that collecting 600 precursor orbs would be a tedious, life-sucking task? Thank god they didn't fix the orb glitch.

  • @bam541 Damn, that's impressive. I remember some of those being ridiculously hard to get and/or collect, and thus never gathered them all. Didn't know about a glitch, though.

  • @sentinel-beach it's this one.

    Youtube Video

    After collecting around 450 of em i just gave up and used that glitch instead, it's crazy how many of them are scattered around in weird places.

  • @bam541 i remember giving up on this game because of this stupid trophy, now i want to buy Jak 1 on ps4 for the platinum.

  • @a7x458 Jak 1's platinum seems pretty easy, i already got the digital copy but i'm saving it for another time.

  • @bam541 It is really easy. And fun and quick, too. You just need to do everything in the game, 100 % it. That's basically what I did every time I played it on PS2 back then. And now much later I have two platinums for it on both PS3 and PS4. :)

  • Banned

    FYI the debug code works on PS4 version of Jak games so you can platinum the games in literal minutes.

  • Just finished Mafia III with every other trophy except the four that you need a second playthrough for. This is an excellent game, just the kind I love. Especially the story, the characters and the writing made this a thrilling and captivating revenge story. The structure of taking over the city piece by piece and crossing names off Lincoln's kill list added to that, and I got myself a sweet winner. And there are three DLC stories still, which I'll save for later.

  • @sentinel-beach Good to know you're enjoying it, just finished downloading the game and i'm excited to play it... after Easy Livin.

  • Platinum #42: Shenmue HD. Simple and straightforward platinum, it's pretty much play the game. There are missables, but as longest you pay attention to the descriptions, you'll be able to obtain them without any problems.

  • Platinum no 60: Jak and Daxter and the precursor legacy.

  • Platinum #90: A Hat in Time. I had fun with this one. Though it's not exactly polished and frankly a bit weird at times, but it was on sale for ~10 euros and I'd been interested in it, so for that price things matched up well. Trophy-wise this was pretty easy, collect stuff etc. There were two or three trophies that became a little annoying, as they demanded to finish a level in certain time or without dying and so on. Luckily the chapters and levels are easy to hop into.

  • 14th Platinum: Parappa the Rapper Remastered

    I finished my first playthrough of the game months ago, but postponed the trophy hunt just because i wasn't feeling it. I actually don't have any problems getting into Cool in all the stages (except for Stage 4), i guess i just understand the game's weird demands. After doing that, i just have to do the easy mode and see the "remixed" stages.

  • Platinum #91: Donut County. A quick game, and even quicker if you want it to be. Fun trophies in this one, imagination had been used. Loved the "Quack Enthusiast", for example. So stupid. :] I had trouble with the trophy "Gamer", so I asked about it on the game's Twitter account. Moments later Ben Esposito himself replied to me and guided me to the right direction --> that's a platinum. Cool thing of him!

  • I attempted to get the platinum for Wolfenstein II, and after 3 hours of collecting stuff i double-checked the trophy list. I just realized that you need to finish the game on the hardest difficulty in one no-death run (the difficulty resets the game if you died). No wonder only 0,1% had the platinum.

    Anyway, since i'm still in the mood for FPS game trophy hunting, i'm gonna pick up Call of Duty Modern Warfare now (it's on sale for less than 10$). I finished the game on Veteran a long time ago, so the platinum shouldn't take too long.

  • Platinum #5 - Ni No Kuni 2

    So, I'm obviously a little behind in the collection of platinums here, but this one took about 80 hours of work. Mostly jolly overall, but there's a few tedious ones - 50 unique skirmishes was agonizing because there's only a few spots on the map with them and they cycle randomly, so you end up having to grind out ones you've done just hoping the RNG gods give you a break. They also fixed the broken 50 citizens trophy this week which allowed me to scoop it up. Hopefully platinum number 6 comes when I finally finish my second playthrough of Persona 5 but that won't be for awhile I'm sure.

  • Still playing Modern Warfare Remastered, and i'm now stuck at veteran Mile High Club. This level is so damn hard, i died like 80 times already in the past hour. Once i finish this it will be smooth sailing to the platinum, but man this is a tough roadblock.