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  • Still playing Modern Warfare Remastered, and i'm now stuck at veteran Mile High Club. This level is so damn hard, i died like 80 times already in the past hour. Once i finish this it will be smooth sailing to the platinum, but man this is a tough roadblock.

  • @bam541 Mile High Club definitely has some luck involved. One piece of advice I'd give. Don't let the game lul you into playing defensively. You should be stopping to reload in safe ish spots but that's about it. The faster you move, the more predictable enemy locations are and the easier you'll be able to run it like the tanker training.

  • Got it. 15th Platinum: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

    It's a hard platinum, solely because of the Veteran difficulty and all the chaos and frustration it brings. All the other trophies are pretty easy, and many of them i got just by playing naturally. Hats off to the remaster team for that "Time Paradox" trophy.

    Speaking about the game itself, i loved it ten years ago and i think i love it more now. Seeing how the CoD games change throughout the years, there's a lot of things that's still unique to this game. The prologue section is fantastic, sets the tone of the game very well. The ghillie missions in Pripyat are simply wonderful, they're some of the most intense missions in the entire CoD series. "Aftermath", despite being so short, is a quite impactful moment. Not to mention the fact that the craziness of the CoD games after MW made this game look pretty grounded in comparison. I can gush about this game for hours. It's still my favorite CoD game, just above World at War and Black Ops, and it's one of my favorite FPS games ever.

    This is a good remaster job, no performance problems throughout. There's some very minor graphical glitches that's pretty hard to come by.

  • Platinum No. 61: Shenmue

    Platinum No. 62: Donut County

  • Platinum #92: Spider-Man. I love this game. The best Spidey game I've experienced, and my GOTY so far. The trophy list was really neat: no missables, and you basically just need to 100 % everything. Half a dozen special trophies, too, out of which I saved the metro travel one last and got a cool picture for my platinum that way.

  • Platinum #63 - Spiderman ps4

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    Platinum #15 - Zone of the Enders: MARS (PS4). Suuuch a good game! not super long but so intense, loved every second of it.

  • Platinum #93: Grim Fandango Remastered. I went through my PS Plus games and decided to finally give this PC classic a go. Truth be told, I used both walkthrough and trophy guide playing this. My main goal was just to experience the game and see what's all the fuzz about. And man, some of those puzzles were so far-fetched, I wouldn't have solved them like this year without a guide.

    I liked the characters the best, most of the dialogue, too. The story was kind of all over the place, but yeah, it had its charm, and even a couple of really cool high points. Glottis was fun as hell, what a lovable weirdo. And Tony Plana was simply excellent as Manny's voice actor.

    The trophies themselves were all pretty much dialogue-related, and I got them with the guide, like mentioned. One smile-worthy was that you had to finish the whole game using the old tank controls, and that Tim Schafer had demanded that trophy himself to be added to the list. :)

  • Platinum #1: Resident Evil Remake. Just wanted to get it for the game I consider being the best game of all time.

    I was really rusty and finding out the last challenge which was beating a real survival is automatically hard mode and not allowing rocket launcher to carry over was tough so I had a hard time twice where my health was in danger. Surprisingly didn't need to backtrack much since item boxes were not linked together but I did take an easy way out and saved no one.

    Pretty challenging to get all the trophies especially knife-only run and the other mode but I had fun each time even if they were nerve wreaking.

  • Platinum #94: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. I ended up loving this game's story, or basically the whole game itself. It was really, really beautiful, sad and also quite terrifying, when you thought about all those fates of the people. Getting the "Completionist" trophy showed me all of the story finally, and I was at tears basically a few times. Especially Jeremy's last moments were extremely powerful and difficult to witness. Same goes for Frank's final monologue.

    There were a lot collectables trophies in this one, I ran through the game at least three times with different guides. A few nicely different trophies as well, which made the player take a while and just wait in certain locations. I actually left for last the one saying "stay still for five minutes", and that gave me the possibility to have whatever platinum photo I wanted. I chose the windmill and the yellow field in front of it. A calming sight.

  • Platinum #95: Injustice 2 - Legendary Edition. This was six months in the making. I knew it would come down to the Cat Call ability, which was a random loot reward from the Mother Boxes. A week or two ago I played the game with a friend of mine and we got all the online trophies, so after those sessions it was only this one left. And I had actually kept score of the receivable abilities that how's it looking. In the end this one thing I had wanted and needed the whole time ended up being my ability 205/245. Which means it took a looong time to finally show up. But hey, now I have it. Ultra Rare with 0,1 %, ridiculous, really. But a great game in its genre anyway.

  • Platinum #96: Murdered: Soul Suspect. This was on sale for less than 3 euros, so I finally gave it chance. Checked the trophy list, saw that it revolved mostly around the collectables (about 200 of them), and decided to follow the guide as I'd propably never return to the game after one playthrough.

    The game itself was a neat little thing, definitely unique, being both a ghost walking through stuff and a detective solving his own murder. It was all just really easy, no challenge anywhere, really. Well, the game had had me curious for it for some years, so now I finally know. Sort of pleased, not too disappointed.

  • Since my last update i got the platinum for Battlefront 2. I am also going through older games to get more achievements

  • Platinum #97: Spyro the Dragon (Reignited Trilogy). A really easy platinum here if you're interested. Took me about 7 hours, and by the end I only had to return for like half a dozen things/actions I had missed on my first runs in some of the levels. Jump, torch, charge and collect. Fun stuff.

  • Platinum #64 : Spyro the dragon, 9 hours platinum, the game looks great and controls bountifully.

  • Grinding out the last of my Guitar Hero Live trophies before the server shuts down on December 1st. Then I need to knock out Final Fantasy XV Comrades for PS4 and Xbox One (before the standalone release shuts down those trophies/achievements), followed by Twisted Metal by the end of January.

    Fuck Multiplayer Achievements.

  • Platinum #98: Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (Reignited Trilogy). A better game than the first one in every way, a really enjoyable journey. The trophy list was this time a bit trickier, which was actually pretty welcome. Nothing too hard, though. Don't touch the poison water or lava at all in certain levels, don't kill any sheep for Sparx to eat, kill these enemies in certain way only.

  • Platinum #99: Burly Men At Sea. One of November's PS Plus games, it got me curious, and so I checked its trophy guide. I was surprised pleasantly as a free platinum seemed to be only two hours away. And so it was. This was a minimalistic "choose your path" adventure, which you can finish in twelve different ways, basically. One playthrough is really short, especially on later turns as you'll be propably skipping much of the now familiar dialogue on your way to the next crossroads. This was my Saturday morning this week.

  • @sentinel-beach I wonder what game will be your 100th platinum.

  • @bam541 I'm aiming it to be Year of the Dragon at this point. Dragon's my Chinese zodiac sign as well, I was 12 when I played that game the first time on Christmas holiday 2000.