Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #99: Burly Men At Sea. One of November's PS Plus games, it got me curious, and so I checked its trophy guide. I was surprised pleasantly as a free platinum seemed to be only two hours away. And so it was. This was a minimalistic "choose your path" adventure, which you can finish in twelve different ways, basically. One playthrough is really short, especially on later turns as you'll be propably skipping much of the now familiar dialogue on your way to the next crossroads. This was my Saturday morning this week.

  • @sentinel-beach I wonder what game will be your 100th platinum.

  • @bam541 I'm aiming it to be Year of the Dragon at this point. Dragon's my Chinese zodiac sign as well, I was 12 when I played that game the first time on Christmas holiday 2000.

  • Platinum #100: Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Reignited Trilogy).

    alt text

  • Platinum #65 : Spyro 2, the best game in the collection imo.

  • i really hope i can get the platinum for Battlefield V

  • Platinum #66 : Spyro 3.

  • Platinum #7: Cosmic Star Heroine

    Didn't have to go too far off the beaten path to get this one. The only annoying bit is there's a bug with trophies popping from bosses, so sometimes I'd have to beat a boss multiple times to get the dang thing but it was a mostly enjoyable ride.

  • Platinum #101: Assassin's Creed Odyssey. What a massive game, an absolute beast. I spent a very intense month on this odyssey, putting 96 hrs in. Really appreciated the new rpg elements introduced here in the conversations, and Kassandra is a great protagonist. The trophies weren't hard, just long and time consuming like the game itself. I think I had to check 2 (out of 42) underwater locations online, but that was pretty much it for the help I needed.

  • Platinum #67 : assassin's creed odyssey.

  • No platinum this time. Finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider otherwise completely (97 trophy percentage), but I'd still need to play the game again on the hardest difficulty. Not gonna happen. At least any time soon, possibly never.

    It was pretty easy to 100 % the game, out of all the many things I only needed to cheat and read about a few challenges I had missed, that's pretty much it. Keep in mind: the combat trophies are highly missable if you wish to get them. Luckily though you can restart checkpoints so many times you like when you find a good grinding point for specific trophies.

  • Platinum #50: Resident Evil 2

    This was sort of planned to get this game as my 50th platinum, couldn't think of a better milestone!

  • Platinum #68 : Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • Platinum #69 - Dragon quest 11.

  • Platinum #2 - Resident Evil 2
    Guess I only plat the REmakes lol.
    Now just waiting for REmake 3 to complete the hat trick.

  • Finally got my PSN profile card working right. I'm planning to platinum Uncharted Golden Abyss soon, since it's portable i can just work it out little by little anywhere. Also Life is Strange before or after that, since it's so easy. Aiming to do Ace Combat 7 after those two, been nailing the missions on Hard, so I'm confident about the Ace difficulty trophy.

    Edit: Welp, my Golden Abyss save data got deleted. Got to remember to do the PS+ save data uploads next time.

  • @bam541 Any chance you could change that further still into that smaller version you see a bunch of here with people? I know I'm not in a good position to complain, having a card myself here as well that can annoy some maybe, but that bigger one with constantly changing graphics keeps me distracted whenever I see it. Just a suggestion, L&R

  • @sentinel-beach Thanks for the suggestion, I already changed it. I had a feeling that it's a bit too flashy anyway.

  • Platinum #16 - Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Finally, my Uncharted platinum trophy collection is complete. There's so many gimmick collectibles, and the bounty trophies remind me so much of the Destiny strike grinding sessions I used to do.

  • Platinum #102: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. What a lengthy mission to 100 % this one! Easy as ever per se, like is the trend with Lego games, but the amount of unlockables was really staggering this time around. The characters alone amounted to 236. Chronopolis is a cool place with all the different times and areas melted into tight neighbours one next to another.

    I bought the season pass from a sale beforehand this year for only six euros, so those new levels are my immediate next goals. There's even a mission with Thanos and his Children attacking Attilan where you get to be the bad guys, neat!