Trophies & Achievements

  • Bless me Sony, for I have sinned.

    Platinum #106: Storm Boy
    Platinum #107: Super Destronaut DX
    Platinum #108: Midnight Deluxe

    I saw this one sale category on Store, games under 5 €, and this time I wasn't strong enough anymore. I bought three games, about two euros a piece, because I heard the song of those dirty plats. Those super easy dirty plats. And now I have them. And I don't feel any better. Maybe even a bit worse.

    Storm Boy is ridiculously easy and short. I drew a dick on the sand for the "Artist" trophy. I laughed when it was immortalized in the trophy photo.

    Super Destronaut DX made my thumb hurt a bit from hitting X so much and with such a speed. This is just Space Invaders. A few of the challenges gave me a hint of a feeling for a second.

    Midnight Deluxe made me "golf" with a square block through some obstacles. This lasted the longest - an hour - to platinum. Even made me curse a few times. Still way too simple.

    I'm not up to this, gaining platinums this way. No challenge or sense whatsoever after experiencing hundreds of hours of Assassin's Creeds, for example, to get their brightest trophies.

  • @sentinel-beach Ah, another victim of the devil hair noodles. Forever tainted, your soul today.

  • Platinum #109: A Plague Tale: Innocence. What a beautiful game in many regards, I've praised it more in its thread. The platinum was pretty simple to get, as it was mainly just about collectables and a few chapter specific things to accomplish. I found about 70-75 % of everything on my playthrough, the rest I now looked out from a guide. I always appreciate when the collectables are like part of the world itself, meaning they fit the environment and the characters even comment on them with a few phrases of dialogue. That makes a lot in my book. And all of the flower gathering scenes between Amicia and Hugo were even better still. Plus the pretty flowers always remain in Amicia's hair throughout the rest of the chapter. :)

  • Platinum #110: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. A really powerful game, this one. Damn this hit hard, there was this sort of uneasiness in my stomach basically throughout Senua's whole journey. Audiovisually exceptional, even unmatched with the sound design, I think. And Melina Juergens's performance was definitely worth the awards she achieved, what a role.

    When it comes to the trophies there's only one missable with the runestone collectibles, so I had a (non-spoilery) guide that I followed and managed to get everything on one go.

  • Platinum #60: Judgment
    I decided to go for platinum and man it was a drag and some of the requirements were harder than I imagined, so I feel relieved to get the platinum. Great milestone for a great game!

  • Wow You guys are nuts i have 8 platinums and 3 of them are tell tale

  • @hidz Wow, that is impressive, congrats! Please elaborate some more, as I also had the plan to try and reach 100 % on my first playthrough. But I've heard some horrible stories about Puyo-Puyo in this, for example. What were the roughest obstacles in your opinion?

  • @sentinel-beach Definitely Puyo-Puyo and drone racing, mahjong might seem scary, but once you learn it, it's fun. Anyway, Puyo-Puyo has great rng and it can take up to 25-30 waves until you get all rivals. The tip I can give you is to fill the 3 columns to the right and pay attention what color is on the bottom of the third column to create a chain wave.

    Drone racing is also tricky as you need to beat the times and end up in first place consecutively in the last grand prix and on top of that, the drone you're using take hits easily, my tip here is to just practice the courses until you get them.

    Other than those two, it's pretty straight forward yakuza-esque completion list.

  • @Hidz Sorry but I need to return to this. I mean did you get your game early or how the hell did you manage to get that platinum so quickly? I'm amazed by that. The more I've played the game post-story and gradually doing all the other stuff (there's A LOT!), the less I seem to be able the wrap my head around that herculean effort you made so quickly. Even beat the story twice! After all the 100 % stuff.

    I'm currently missing three friends still (I know who they are, though) and two side missions. Haven't touched any of the arcade games really. Beat the baseball, have two girlfriends and two in progress, collected the QR codes for the drone. There's still so much to do, I'm chipping away step by step. Something like 55 hours in, I think.

  • @sentinel-beach Haha no worries man! Nope I got the game on the 21st, I just played a lot and I was already used to the "Yakuza-esque" completion list after playing so many of them. But I think the main reason why I managed to do so quickly was the determination, I really wanted Judgment to be my #60.

    I ended up clocking in 90+ hours when I got 100% completion. Don't give up, I know you can do it!

  • Platinum #17: Marvel's Spider-Man
    I should got this last year, but trying to fill the quota for the random crimes are just too repetitive. Finally got over it earlier though. Still a fun platinum overall.

  • Platinum #111: The Council. An episodic adventure game with RPG elements and choices that are surprisingly brutal and affect the story a great deal. I feel like this would have good replay value.

    Basically all the missable trophies were in the first episode (out of five) which was a nice idea and allowed the rest of the story to be played without thinking about them anymore. Though you do need to replay episode 1 with about five different choices again, but that is very quickly done the second time around. And on your main playthrough you need to be very thorough with your investigations, actions and discussions in order to reach lvl 15 for that particular trophy. I managed to get that after the first chapter of episode 5, I believe.

    A very interesting game, all in all. Really liked the skill system and how that both made it possible and prevented you from using certain skills throughout the story. Things like manipulation, vigilance, occultism, politics, linguistics etc. And the game didn't allow any save/load trickery which forced you to live with the choices and their consequences, some of which turned out extremely bad for me. Refreshing and harsh, I liked it a lot!

  • Platinum #112: Conan Exiles. I tried this for less than an hour in April, wasn't my cup of tea. Now suddenly a buddy of mine told me about this "admin panel trick" which literally gets you the platinum in under an hour. Only one online trophy which we did together then for both of us. #NoShame

  • Platinum #113: Far Cry Primal. This wasn't one of the most pleasant ones. I don't know. Quite of lot of grinding for all the different weapon kills. And the skill points trophy was pretty brutal: I finished the story and still needed like 33 skill points to complete the skill trees. That's a lot! So I did a lot of those orange missions on the map, collected a good bunch of collectibles for XP and even reset the forts for their big XP amounts.

    This took hours, I listened to the rest of the Easy Livin' weekend's streams in the background. And in the end, with one more skill point to go, the game announced that I had hit the level cap, no more points for me. After searching through the internet it seemed my best bet was to keep doing orange village missions, and after a nine or ten of them there finally appeared a new one on the map with a single skill point as the reward.

    Had a cool platinum trophy picture, though, as I saved for last the one where you need to jump from the highest peak of the valley.

  • Platinum #114: Asterix & Obelix XXL 2. Well this happened. I saw this remastered game in one of the local stores here throughout the spring and little by little I became fixated by it. When it was finally on sale in June I went ahead and bought it. Another factor in the purchase were the three little figurines: Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix.

    The original game is from 2006 and this had way too many not-too-subtle "nods" to a number of games from back then. It really hadn't aged well in that regard, it was just awkward and freaking weird to punch Romans who were literally Mario from Sunshine with that water-thingy on their back. Or honestly Romans as Sonics, ugh. And Rayman. Horrible, horrible enemy choices. There were luckily also normal Romans all the time as well. Read more if you want:

    There were no missable trophies which is always great, though I did have a scare when I didn't have the trophy for killing every kind of enemies by the end of the game and the guide had promised that to happen. Luckily the trophy popped suddenly later in one of the challenges I completed (had to have gold score in all 12 of them). The money was kind of tight, but after the story when I returned to the challenges those filled up pockets pretty quickly and I could buy the rest of the upgrades etc.

    The game's pretty easy but there's a lot of fighting which can start to make you feel numb. And the music is simply awful pretty much all the time, had to bring it down big time. This is basically platforming with lots of brawling and collecting things. Only for hardcore Asterix & Obelix fans, be warned. And even then I was disappointed with all the intertextuality and parody of other games mixed into the adventure. I'd have rather had just a normal adventure with my two favourite Gauls.

  • Platinum #115: Control. A pretty easy platinum, just do everything. No different difficulties or anything like that. The main missions and the side missions didn't quite cover all of the ability points so after finishing the story I had to look up a few hidden locations which always grant a single point when found.

  • Platinum #116: Detroit: Become Human. This one needed some work to accomplish. Seeing different outcomes in many of the scenarios and chapters. Getting all the magazines was the most bothersome trophy. A new round with "get Connor killed whenever possible" on the other hand was stupidly fun. Buuuut it led to the darkest timeline so things ended in an awful way.

    The game itself was pretty brilliant. Surpassed Heavy Rain as my favourite Cage game, I like these a lot.

  • @sentinel-beach I'm ONE magazine away from getting the Platinum, and I know where it is too:

    The one on the ground in the bus station, which I can only get if I select Revolution in the previous chapter AND I have to get to the station successfully.

  • Just a heads up, if anyone's looking for a cheap, easy and quick platinum to get (and also a pretty fun time), then "One Night Stand" might be an interest for you.

  • Platinum #117: One Night Stand. I saw this in the summer somewhere, that it's coming up on consoles, and now @bam541 reminded me of the game. A neat little experience for five euros. There was quite a lot of dialogue hidden behind different choices and outcomes. Really hard to get to them without a guide, though, I mean a lot of the conversations repeated themselves too playthrough after another and you had to know when and where to trigger the change for the events. I believe this took a little over three hours to platinum for me with the guide. There are 12 different endings, some of them pretty funny, some a bit sad and a few endearing as well.