Trophies & Achievements

  • @sentinel-beach While they do sound crazy difficult reading them, actually trying them out proved to be easier than I thought.
    There are a couple of annoying ones I spent ages on like getting no points in Night Drift, only "good" prompts in FIghting Hearts, and getting Gold rank on some levels (screw Inside and Wild Hearts Never Die).
    I was mainly afraid of beating Yolo Arcade but it seems that as long as you get any rank, dying mid-way is fine.
    Overall, it was a blast and I never got tired of the music.

  • Platinum #120: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This took some time for sure. A loooot of collectables and datascans everywhere. Not that difficult to collect them per se, but time-consuming. 100 %-ing Zeffo, never again. That place is huge. Luckily there are no difficulty level based trophies in the game, so you can play on the level you please.

  • Platinum #121: Life Is Strange 2. Six collectibles per episode plus you need to draw something in each one as well.

  • Platinum #9: GRIS
    Finally came out on PS4!
    Easily one of the prettiest games I've played. Felt like a moving painting.
    Although gameplay offered more to be desired, it was a fun romp while it lasted.
    Platinum was pretty easy too.

  • Platinum #122: Seasons After Fall. A small metroidvania, kinda, in nature surroundings with pretty painted graphics and quite soothing music. An easy game, no enemies and you just manipulate the seasons a bit here and there for example to freeze water. Easy to platinum, maybe the flowers as the only collectables can take some effort to find.

  • Platinum #123: BioShock. A recent PlayStation Plus game (or all three of them, actually). I'd been meaning to return to Rapture since this Collection was released in 2016 and now I finally got no reason not to. It had been over a decade since I'd played the game and hey, it still holds up! Very nicely, even.

    The platinum trophy can be earned through an easy trick, meaning you can play the whole game on Easy (and switch the Vita-Chambers off) and then just at the last moment in the final fight set the difficulty to Survival and BAM! The game thinks you beat it on the hardest level and gives you all the stackable trophies related to that.

    Other than that you need to make sure you collect all the audio diaries, that's the biggest collectable trophy. And you need to keep your camera shooting and research with it all the different enemies which takes some time. Inventing 100 items came surprisingly close, as it only popped in the last main level. Almost had me worried.

    And I just want to add that Andrew Ryan still has one of the most iconic voices in video games. What a character, what a vision.

  • As someone who loves getting platinum trophies, I've been really bad about actually getting them, but I've been using the early 2020 lull to do some catching up. Here's my list of platinums up to this point:

    1. inFAMOUS: Second Son
    2. Rocket League
    3. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
    4. Kingdom Hearts
    5. Kingdom Hearts II
    6. Batman: A Telltale Series - Season 1
    7. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
    8. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
    9. God of War
    10. Marvel’s Spider-Man
    11. Kingdom Hearts III
    12. Bloodborne
    13. Sly 2: Band of Thieves

    And then I just finished:
    14. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I also got all of the Frozen Wilds trophies, but I think I'm gonna save the two NG+ trophies for just before the sequel comes out, whenever that is. But I had a great time with this game! It took a little while for me to really get into, but once I felt more comfortable with combat and just how all the systems worked, I loved it. The trophies weren't too bad in general. The most time consuming were the collectable trophies, but that wasn't even too bad since they tell you the general areas to find them if you buy the maps.

  • Platinum #124: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. So. Many. Collectables. The game's trophy list is basically just a dozen different collectible trophies and then the non-missable story trophies. So yeah, I went with a guide, couldn't even have completed the game without it, to be honest. I found it that kind of challenging.

  • Platinum #125: Puzzle Showdown 4K. A super easy platinum. I earned the trophies in two nights - some of them with the help of a second controller - so now I can forget that side completely and keep this as a sort of relaxation toy for those kinds of moments.

  • Platinum #62: Monster Hunter: World. I've been lazy lately when it comes to getting platinums, maybe I'm burnt out.

    Another tedious platinum, the grind was real, when I decided to go for platinum it took several hours to find small and large crowns. The last one from the base game took 118 kills and I returned from quest numerous times after doing measurements. Time will tell when I go for Iceborne platinum.

  • Platinum #126: Mortal Kombat 11. I left this unfinished, so to speak, last spring and now finally returned to the game a week ago or so. There was a lot to do still, but thankfully PowerPyx's guide had been updated during these long months. :P A bunch of nice hints and shortcuts there.

    I even got to Shang Tsung's throne room in the Krypt finally. That took ten impaled heads to those spikes, each of them worth 25 Fatalities done to that specific character. That took a moment, yeah. There are still two more doors in that final place, but those would require all the remaining 15 character heads, soooo... I think I'm ok with the current situation.

  • Platinum #15: The Order 1886

    Bought this on sale like a year and a half ago and never got to it until now. I liked it a lot though! Definitely see why people were disappointed with length when it came out, but I hope they come back to this property at some point. And I appreciated pretty easy trophies., just had to keep track of collectibles as I went along and had to grind the grenade kills after I beat it.

    Platinum #16: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

    So I have it in my head that I need to platinum every KH game, and I've had a good time for the most part, but this was a slog. I actually gained a new appreciation for the combat system doing my Proud mode playthroughs, but grinding to LV99 for both characters was soooo tedious. At least it's done, and Birth By Sleep is the last one, which I'm almost done with already.

  • Platinum #127: Concrete Genie. A short game with an easy platinum trophy. You get a bunch from the story and quite a few from just painting and your genies then reacting to those paintings. A fair number of collectables which aren't that hard to find but a guide can still be a friend.

  • Platinum #128: L.A. Noire. Again. Now on PS4 after nine years with the original. Don't know exactly why I did it, because this was a long project. Those collectables are so worthless and just lazily dropped here and there. And the "all vehicles" trophy, dear Lord. Never again. For some reason I also had trouble tackling anyone in this version. I honestly didn't manage a single tackle through the whole game. Had to cheese it in a weird way with Hugo Moller, running from the other side of his house etc. and still it took a few tries, too. And just in general: the game wasn't as good as I had remembered. It's unique, but not as good.

  • Platinum #129: American Fugitive. Not the most easiest platinum trophy but still manageable. The hardest thing were by far the time trial races in which you needed to get the gold in every one. Merciless stuff, basically no room for error, so prepare for a solid number of retries with this trophy. The other slightly frustrating was gettin all the 15 different flyers - so a collectable trophy - because those things were random in regards where they would spawn. Or I mean they were always inside the buildings when robbing the places, but in there it was random. Luckily I was pretty lucky with them in the end.

  • Platinum #130: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. Cannot be platinumed without a guide. And although you could see reading such a guide pretty spoilery for a story-heavy game like this, it really wasn't. This game's almost like a literal dream of a sort, the following scenes can feel very weird and separate from another, so it didn't matter at all (for me at least) if you knew an upcoming place etc.

  • Platinum #131: The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game. A free game, yey! I only knew the Ninjago series by name, but this was a decent Lego game nonetheless. Very familiar stuff if you're going for the 100 % and the platinum.

    The Skywalker Saga will be much bigger this fall. And much, much better. Can't wait!

  • Platinum #132: Maneater. An easy one. Just do and collect everything. I love these.

  • Platinum #133: The Complex. Another FMV game by Wales Interactive. An interactive movie, basically, took about 70-80 minutes to finish the first time. After that I looked up a guide to find all the other endings. This time around there's a new feature which makes it incredibly quick to see the other rounds through as you can skip scenes with R1.

  • Platinum #134: Beyond Blue. A beautiful diving game released yesterday. A really easy platinum, no guides needed or anything. Just basically "tag" every fish and species in the game. It's a bit like Pokemon Snap even, except this one isn't on rails. Cool and informational minidocumentaries are as well involved in the game, and you even get a trophy for watching them all (only 2-3 minutes each).