Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #127: Concrete Genie. A short game with an easy platinum trophy. You get a bunch from the story and quite a few from just painting and your genies then reacting to those paintings. A fair number of collectables which aren't that hard to find but a guide can still be a friend.

  • Platinum #128: L.A. Noire. Again. Now on PS4 after nine years with the original. Don't know exactly why I did it, because this was a long project. Those collectables are so worthless and just lazily dropped here and there. And the "all vehicles" trophy, dear Lord. Never again. For some reason I also had trouble tackling anyone in this version. I honestly didn't manage a single tackle through the whole game. Had to cheese it in a weird way with Hugo Moller, running from the other side of his house etc. and still it took a few tries, too. And just in general: the game wasn't as good as I had remembered. It's unique, but not as good.

  • Platinum #129: American Fugitive. Not the most easiest platinum trophy but still manageable. The hardest thing were by far the time trial races in which you needed to get the gold in every one. Merciless stuff, basically no room for error, so prepare for a solid number of retries with this trophy. The other slightly frustrating was gettin all the 15 different flyers - so a collectable trophy - because those things were random in regards where they would spawn. Or I mean they were always inside the buildings when robbing the places, but in there it was random. Luckily I was pretty lucky with them in the end.

  • Platinum #130: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. Cannot be platinumed without a guide. And although you could see reading such a guide pretty spoilery for a story-heavy game like this, it really wasn't. This game's almost like a literal dream of a sort, the following scenes can feel very weird and separate from another, so it didn't matter at all (for me at least) if you knew an upcoming place etc.

  • Platinum #131: The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game. A free game, yey! I only knew the Ninjago series by name, but this was a decent Lego game nonetheless. Very familiar stuff if you're going for the 100 % and the platinum.

    The Skywalker Saga will be much bigger this fall. And much, much better. Can't wait!

  • Platinum #132: Maneater. An easy one. Just do and collect everything. I love these.

  • Platinum #133: The Complex. Another FMV game by Wales Interactive. An interactive movie, basically, took about 70-80 minutes to finish the first time. After that I looked up a guide to find all the other endings. This time around there's a new feature which makes it incredibly quick to see the other rounds through as you can skip scenes with R1.

  • Platinum #134: Beyond Blue. A beautiful diving game released yesterday. A really easy platinum, no guides needed or anything. Just basically "tag" every fish and species in the game. It's a bit like Pokemon Snap even, except this one isn't on rails. Cool and informational minidocumentaries are as well involved in the game, and you even get a trophy for watching them all (only 2-3 minutes each).

  • Big update today!

    Platinum #17: Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I loved this game, so getting the platinum was a pleasure. I was kinda expecting Hard Mode to be a super annoying slog, but it was a good challenge without getting on my nerves.

    Platinum #18: Final Fantasy VII

    Playing the remake got me in a mood, and this is a pretty easy platinum. The main thing is just having a guide on hand to make sure you get the date with Barret. Other than that it's smooth sailing.

    Platinum #19: The Last of Us Remastered

    Wanted to get this done before Part II came out. Pretty rough trophy list, luckily I got all the multiplayer done back in October when it was on PS Plus. Then it was just collectible clean up on Survivor+ and upgrading everything. I still have to do the DLC trophies for Grounded mode, but I'm gonna take a break before I attempt that.

    Platinum #20: Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep

    I still really like this game, but this is the first time a platinum trophy has made me respect a game less. Glad to have this one over with.

  • Platinum #135: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. A fun platformer, a lot of similarities with the original Spyro trilogy. For platinum you need to collect everything, meaning 100 Golden Spatulas and 80 Lost Socks for Patrick. The socks were surprisingly well hidden, a big number of them, I had to look up a guide after finishing the story. And for some reason there's a bunch of Spatula's on Mr. Krabs' possession which he'll trade for Shiny Objects (the game's currency). The sums were however pretty damn steep so I actually had to grind for money as the last thing in the game for about an hour. Luckily there was a good video about that.

  • Platinum #136: The Last of Us Part II. An easy job compared to the first one's trophy list. I finished the game blind and then on NG+ used a guide for the collectables. The few secret trophies I managed to get all on the first round.

  • Platinum #137: Gris. One of those games I'll propably only ever play once, so I checked the trophy guide beforehand, saw that it was doable and so I went with it in the process. Basically impossible to get the platinum without a guide in Gris. A really beautiful game in any case, loved the art style and the colours. The platforming was also pretty inovative at times, no bad word from me.