Trophies & Achievements

  • @dipset There's no such crazy trophies. There's also no trophies for specific difficulties, which I'm very surprised of.

  • Platinum #70 Ghost of Tsushima

    Fun game with easy platinum, I can see the pattern Sony is going with first party titles with their trophies.

  • Platinum #138: Ghost of Tsushima. Not a challenging platinum at all, just basically takes a while to do, visit and collect pretty much everything on the island. An enjoyable task along the main story.

  • Platinum #139: Narcos: Rise of the Cartels. This was a longer one as two campaigns were needed for the platinum: DEA's story and Pablo's people's journey. Although they were like 80 % the same.

    It's an XCOM clone covered with everything from the Netflix show. I really like Narcos and saw this on sale a while ago so I decided to give it a go despite the reviews (5/10, 6/10, in that range). Lots of repetition in the game but otherwise I enjoyed it ok. Not regretting the purchase.

  • Platinum #140: Destroy All Humans! Not recommended. Goddamn those 24 challenges! Insane requirements for some of them. Half of the races demanded simply a perfect run, one or two abductions made me curse more than a little, and one of the rampages was tough. That was a brutal trophy, "Ace of Space", get three stars on all the challenges. Otherwise really easy, even the one that demanded all the optional goals to be cleared in the main missions.

  • Platinum #10: The Last of Us Part II

    I wasn't really going to do this one at first as I had to go through more than half of the game on NG+, but I had nothing to play so I thought why not ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Also, 10th platinum!!

  • Platinum #18: A Hero and A Garden. It's this little indie visual novel & clicker game where you're forced to collect fruits by a witch because you fucked up her whole town. It's a very cute game, and it's so easy to platinum.

  • Platinum #19: Ghost of Tsushima. After playing this a bit more to platinum it and listening to the allies' spoiler mode to organize my thoughts about the game, I'm comfortable saying that this is my favorite open world game ever. Definitely worth the 6 years wait after Second Son and First Light, so excited to see what comes next from Sucker Punch.

  • Platinum #141: Days Gone. Damn, this was a long one! Do everything and even then some. Looting 541 objects from human enemies was one of the stupidest trophies in this one, luckily I was on it from the start and earned it way before the end. Getting 75 % of the collectables took a while now in the post-campaign world but it was still doable. Otherwise the game isn't that hard when it comes to the trophies, just very long.

  • Platinum #142: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Mia Fey is my waifu.

  • @sentinel-beach I've played the trilogy on the 3DS. I wonder how trophies work here. Is it just regular progression for the platinum?

  • @demonpirate Unfortunately no. There are a bunch of pretty specific ones on the way that require you choosing a weird dialogue options here and there, for instance. One trophy runs through all three games, too, so this demands a guide. I pretty much played the trilogy like a visual novel. Enjoyed the journey a lot!

  • @sentinel-beach said in Trophies & Achievements:

    weird dialogue options here and there, for instance. One trophy runs through all three games, too,

    Wait a second... does it involve a step-ladder?

  • Platinum #143: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Basically just finish the game with S ranks and all the objectives done in the Destruction mode. Plus unlock and/or upgrade all the Sentinel powers etc.

  • Platinum #144: Lost Ember. A great amount of collectibles in this one, so a guide is highly recommended. A really neat trophy card here, I feel, but the platinum trophy itself looks ugly af: a horrible hand-drawn picture of Keanu and the name was "You're Breathtaking!". Uuufff.

  • @sentinel-beach that Keanu picture looks so out of place! That's pretty ridiculous.

  • Platinum #145: Telling Lies. Man, I'm kinda disappointed in myself with this one. I thougth I'd like this more, but the whole process seemed super long when I started to realize how the game works. One huuuuge jigsaw puzzle, this one. Didn't like the nature of this, in the end, so I went for the guide and got at least the platinum out of this.

  • @sentinel-beach You make it seem easy.

  • might not be the typical achievement, but it feels like one to me!

  • I've noticed that since the recent trophy system update for PlayStation, I'm actually more excited to play older games since I get to boost my level for a bit, and simultaneously I feel way less pressure to try and get the harder trophies because collecting a few bronze and silvers will suffice for leveling up. Anyone else had similar experiences?