Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #142: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Mia Fey is my waifu.

  • @sentinel-beach I've played the trilogy on the 3DS. I wonder how trophies work here. Is it just regular progression for the platinum?

  • @demonpirate Unfortunately no. There are a bunch of pretty specific ones on the way that require you choosing a weird dialogue options here and there, for instance. One trophy runs through all three games, too, so this demands a guide. I pretty much played the trilogy like a visual novel. Enjoyed the journey a lot!

  • @sentinel-beach said in Trophies & Achievements:

    weird dialogue options here and there, for instance. One trophy runs through all three games, too,

    Wait a second... does it involve a step-ladder?

  • Platinum #143: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Basically just finish the game with S ranks and all the objectives done in the Destruction mode. Plus unlock and/or upgrade all the Sentinel powers etc.

  • Platinum #144: Lost Ember. A great amount of collectibles in this one, so a guide is highly recommended. A really neat trophy card here, I feel, but the platinum trophy itself looks ugly af: a horrible hand-drawn picture of Keanu and the name was "You're Breathtaking!". Uuufff.

  • @sentinel-beach that Keanu picture looks so out of place! That's pretty ridiculous.

  • Platinum #145: Telling Lies. Man, I'm kinda disappointed in myself with this one. I thougth I'd like this more, but the whole process seemed super long when I started to realize how the game works. One huuuuge jigsaw puzzle, this one. Didn't like the nature of this, in the end, so I went for the guide and got at least the platinum out of this.

  • @sentinel-beach You make it seem easy.

  • might not be the typical achievement, but it feels like one to me!

  • I've noticed that since the recent trophy system update for PlayStation, I'm actually more excited to play older games since I get to boost my level for a bit, and simultaneously I feel way less pressure to try and get the harder trophies because collecting a few bronze and silvers will suffice for leveling up. Anyone else had similar experiences?

  • Platinum trophy #20: The Pathless

    Very easy and fun platinum to get, since it just requires me to explore the world thoroughly, and it's not a really big game to begin with.

  • Platinum #11: Astro's Playroom

    SIE Japan Studio / ASOBI Team knocked it out of the park. This is the perfect way to start off a new generation.
    Short, cute, sweet, fun, creative, and filled with PS lore/history. It's also really good at selling you on the DualSense.

  • Alright, it's been a while and I've got a lot of catching up to do:

    Platinum #23: Ghost of Tsushima. Pretty standard open world trophy list, felt really good to just check everything off. Still need to go back for the Legends trophies they added.

    Platinum #24: Wolfenstein: The New Order. This was a clean-up time for me, just had to finish collectibles and beat the last mission on the hardest difficulty.

    Platinum #25: Final Fantasy XV. More clean-up, basically just had to grind out the fishing/cooking/survival trophies.

    Platinum #26: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Really loved this game, it was a great first PS5 experience. I wasn't even that bothered by having to do a new game plus trophy off the bat, it was just a good excuse to keep playing.

    Platinum #27: Astro's Playroom. Such a joy to go through, the dictionary definition of jolly.

    Platinum #28: Hollow Knight. I already got 100%+ in the Switch version of this game, ut I was more than happy to go through this game again. The main thing is that the colosseum stuff added in the DLC is absolutely brutal, but there's a glitch you can perform that makes you invincible. I felt super duty using that trick, but I justified it by telling myself that it was okay since I already did almost everything in the Switch version.

    Platinum #29: Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. Transferring my old save and seeing ~70 trophies pop back to back was super satisfying.

    Platinum #30: Bugsnax. What a weird, fun, creative game. Pretty easy list, I was just paranoid going through it cause there were a couple Bugsnax that were missable, but I think they have since patched the game to make them not missable (not positive on that though).

    Platinum #31: Ratchet and Clank. I was only missing two trophies, so I just redownloaded with the PS Plus Collection to grind them out. Feels good to finally have this one all done.

    Platinum #32: Final Fantasy VIII. I'd never played this one before. Definitely some interesting stuff going on, but I feel like the Junction combat system is too complex for it's own good, or at least they don't explain it well enough. I also missed being able to overlevel, having everything scale with you was kind of a bummer. But I still like the game, it'll never happen but I think a remake of this game could have a lot of potential.

    That's it. It felt real good to be able to get through all these the past few months. I think the launch of the PS5 especially got me in the mood to go back and wrap up some of the easier platinums I was missing.

  • Platinum #146: Spider-Man Remastered. I had really good time replaying this now after two years, and of course I went for the platinum in the process as well. Revisiting this before Miles Morales felt like a good decision and an excuse to finally replay this. And now during the Christmas time I'll jump into Miles's shoes next!