Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #147: Astro's Playroom. Finally returned to this after a few months and earned the rest of the trophies. A few collectables and then a bigger bunch of all sorts of unique things to do were all pretty quickly found and done. A really fun little game to play and platinum, easy to recommend for all the PS5 owners, because, you know, it's free and all, you already have it there. :) Oh and I did the speed run one, too, which isn't mandatory.

  • Platinum #148: Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I finished the first playthrough in late December with 100 % and everything, and now last night I had my NG+ round in one sitting. So that's a wrap. A super good game!

  • Platinum #149: Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Finally finished the trophy clean-up after my December's story playthrough. A bunch of random ones were left ("Overdesign II", wtf?) and then catching all the fish and beating all the Orlog players. 118 hrs on the clock now, it seemed. The DLCs may arrive!

  • Platinum #21: AER: Memories of Old

    Super easy platinum. I just needed to find a few more things in the open world, which I think added only 30-40 minutes into my total playtime, which is like 4 hours.

  • Platinum #150: Five Dates. I think this one's my favourite out of the number of FMVs Wales Interactive has developed & published during the last few years. Our man Vinny is looking for love and he has five candidates to digitally date during this lockdown. Some really genuine feelings and performances here. A sweet rom-com to navigate through. I had a lot of fun. :)

  • Platinum #151: The Sexy Brutale. This was on sale for five euros, so I gave it a go. Turned out this was much trickier and more arduous than I anticipated so I ended up playing with a guide. I would've been so frustrated at many points on my own with this game, some of those solutions would'be demanded so much back-and-forth running, ugh.

  • Platinum #152: Trover Saves the Universe. Fucking shitballs, fuck! This was a fun game. :) I mean it's basically a Rick & Morty game with Roiland's familiar voice all over the place with nonstop absurdity and cursing. Loved it, so stupid. The green power babies were the big collectable in the game when it comes to trophies, I used a guide for that. No shame, as it was the humor that I was after here and I have been pleased in that regard. Lick my tiny baaaaalls!

  • Platinum #153: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. Two years after my initial playthrough I now played this again, because I had missed one single trophy: finding all Meve's weapons, i.e., leader abilities. Well I did it now! I love the game itself still, such a great and gripping story with those characters. And the voice actors are excellent, especially Meve herself and the storyteller.

  • Platinum #154: Watch Dogs: Legion. Except for the collectables - which there were too plenty of - this one had a diverse and pretty neat trophy list. You had to recruit and use many different kinds of people, some of which were pretty hard to even find. All in all this was one of the longer platinum processes.

  • Platinum #155: Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry. I saw this on sale and something clicked in this current heatwave. I'd never played a Larry game before and I kinda wanted something lewd. :D

    Well. This was it. Sort of. Pretty tame (except for the butt plug maybe), but the game had its moments. I did play with a guide and I'm glad I did, because the puzzles were often preeetty far-fetched. An easy platinum that way, goes without saying. And I might actually want to check out the sequel some day!

  • Platinum #156: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. An easy-breezy platinum. In a way even too easy? Didn't even have to collect many of the things (which I still did, of course). In any case a very entertaining game. This had pretty much all the best parts of a Ratchet game one would love to see.