Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #156: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. An easy-breezy platinum. In a way even too easy? Didn't even have to collect many of the things (which I still did, of course). In any case a very entertaining game. This had pretty much all the best parts of a Ratchet game one would love to see.

  • Platinum #157: A Plague Tale: Innocence. The PS5 version made it possible to platinum this again, so of course I did it. I really enjoy and appreciate the game and love that it's getting a surprise sequel!

  • Platinum #22: Carto. Easy breezy platinum. Outside of finishing the game, I just need to get 6 secret collectibles which unlocks a cool bonus at the end, and complete a Tower of Hanoi challenge. Very lovely game.

  • @bam541 Does it put the Carto before the horse?

  • Platinum #158: Wreckfest. I already finished the campaign in May with all the other trophies, but only now found the time to have a boost session with my brother for the only online trophy. I have the PS5 version and he the PS4 version, so the glorious cross-play worked! Had to win 20 times in an online race. A really nice game in any case, the touch of driving feels good.

  • Platinum #159: Hidden Through Time. Basically Where's Waldo?, so you search for a number of more or less tiny objects out of a more or less big area full of details. Bought it from a sale for a few euros, pretty good for zoning out.

  • Platinum #160: Psychonauts. The hype around Psychonauts 2 just got so big that it won me over as well. But first I needed to play the original which I neved had. And now I did. And I collected all of those damn figments and sorts. With a guide, for sure, but still.

    Anyway, a really unique game that I'm glad I finally took the time to play through. A bunch of weird and highly missable trophies in there as well, so be warned.

  • Platinum #161: Life Is Strange: True Colors. You basically only need the five collectibles per chapter plus a few short "side quests". So a really easy platinum with a great feature that lets you back in the right spot if needed super quickly.

    Alex Chen <3

  • Platinum #162: TOEM. Jones reviewed this a little while ago and the game got my attention. I enjoyed it! A very cute little game where you basically only interact with your camera and photos with everything. Took me 4 h 15 min to platinum, though I did end up checking a guide for a couple of obtuse quests. Still, a really easy and relaxing game.

  • Platinum #24: JETT: The Far Shore. This is one of those platinums where doing it made me like the game more. Really fun platinum, basically it's just completing the game, exploring all over the place, and doing some cool challenges.

    Also I just noticed that my last post was Platinum #22. Wonder where the #23 came from...

  • Platinum #25: TLOU Part II. Now the only post-PS2 ND game I haven't got the plat yet is TLOU. This was a really fun plat, it's such a big game and there's so much that I missed the first time around.

  • Platinum #12: TOEM

    I got this about a month back but forgot to write something.
    I think a lot of people on this forum would appreciate the type of game that TOEM is. I have played barely anything this year, but I have a feeling even if I have, this would've been pretty high up there as well.

    Kyle did a full playthrough if you're interested.
    Youtube Video