Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #162: TOEM. Jones reviewed this a little while ago and the game got my attention. I enjoyed it! A very cute little game where you basically only interact with your camera and photos with everything. Took me 4 h 15 min to platinum, though I did end up checking a guide for a couple of obtuse quests. Still, a really easy and relaxing game.

  • Platinum #24: JETT: The Far Shore. This is one of those platinums where doing it made me like the game more. Really fun platinum, basically it's just completing the game, exploring all over the place, and doing some cool challenges.

    Also I just noticed that my last post was Platinum #22. Wonder where the #23 came from...

  • Platinum #25: TLOU Part II. Now the only post-PS2 ND game I haven't got the plat yet is TLOU. This was a really fun plat, it's such a big game and there's so much that I missed the first time around.

  • Platinum #12: TOEM

    I got this about a month back but forgot to write something.
    I think a lot of people on this forum would appreciate the type of game that TOEM is. I have played barely anything this year, but I have a feeling even if I have, this would've been pretty high up there as well.

    Kyle did a full playthrough if you're interested.
    Youtube Video

  • Platinum #26: Gleylancer

    The easiest and quickest plat I ever got. Just beat it in one hour and I accidentally got it, lol. The game's great, it's a shoot'em up from the 90s with retro anime cutscenes.

  • Platinum #163: Guardians of the Galaxy. What a game! Honestly, I think this just became my GOTY. I don't remember when I've played through a game with a smile on face pretty much constantly. I simply love that group. <3 So much dialogue and story between and behind them all.

    When it comes to the trophies they were a bit tricky because chapter select wouldn't cut it if you missed a collectable but instead you had to get them in one run. Therefore I used a guide carefully.

  • Platinum #13: Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars
    If Yoko Taro's name was not associated with this, I'm not sure if I would have picked it up. The story and characters are fun. I was afraid it would overstay its welcome, but it has the perfect length. The soundtrack is your usual Kiiechi Okabe fair, nothing special honestly. The art might be my favorite bit though; Kimihiko Fujisaka is extremely talented.

    As for the trophies, platinum is straightforward enough. Nothing difficult (the game itself is overall quite easy) or time-consuming. Although you are at the mercy of RNG with one annoying trophy.

    Would definitely recommend it to anyone mildly interested.

  • Platinum #27: Astro's Playroom
    Nothing much to say other than it's one heck of a free game. Very imaginative and charming. Definitely one of my favorite platformers in recent years.

  • Platinum #28: Nostalgic Train
    It's a self-described walking simulator and also has a novel-length worth of text for the story. It's literally all text, lol. I had a good time though, it's quite beautiful and the story is more interesting than I first thought. Got this plat in like 3 hours.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I have to say, I am absolutely fascinated by you lol. I consider myself a pretty avid gamer but have maybe 8 platinums to my name. I generally only go for platinums in games I deeply love or care about. For a while now I have just been impressed with the effort you put in! And the time!

  • @ozymandsss Heh, well thank you very much! :) This was a really nice surprise waiting here.

    I tend to be a bit perfectionist in certain matters and games easily fall under that trait. The trophy lists can bug me a bit if there are unearned ones still left. I like taking a peek at trophy guides of the games I know I'm getting and then weigh in the pros and cons of going for the platinum.

    Often when there are multiple playthroughs needed I give up and won't do it, like Lost Judgment just a month ago. No way I was gonna beat that long game twice. But for instance now I have Psychonauts 2 and Far Cry 6 in the "platinum process", it just takes time with them. I'll get there eventually. And Deathloop I've finished, but its remaining trophies seem easy enough to earn. At some point.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thanks for the explanation! I also have Psychonauts 2 in progress and that may be the next game I care enough about to go for. But with so many collectables and so little time, not to mention so much else on my backlog, it may not happen. I am playing through Life is Strange True Colors and I imagine that one will be nigh-automatic, as these games tend to be. I look forward to following your future endeavors!

  • Platinum #164: Psychonauts 2. This one took a long time. The game itself is a long one, meaning the plot and the levels, and then after that there's a big number of collectibles that you've propably missed plenty of during the initial playthrough. Thankfully there were a couple of helping items/additions that eased it a bit to track down everything. And only two (or three) missable trophies in general, be sure to check those before starting if the platinum is your aim.

  • Platinum #165: Heal. A small one man's indie puzzle game by Finnish Jesse Makkonen.

  • Platinum #166: Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Looooots of collectables in this one. Luckily there are some pretty good maps online and the game itself has a hint system for various collectable items, but that was still a big chore. End-game stuff in any case, you get to freely explore the game world after finishing the story. Nothing's missable.

  • Platinum #167: I Am Dead. This was a soothing game, liked it quite a lot. The art style and all. The trophies dealt mostly with finding different objects from the environments. Had to use a guide with the riddles, those would've been ridiculous otherwise.

  • Platinum #168: Death's Door. A good game but also a pretty complicated one when it comes to its trophies. I used a guide a bunch. Still, even without one the longest and most demanding trophy was to finish the game using only an umbrella as your melee weapon. Which honestly did nothing, so your playthrough becomes a ranged damage one. Luckily it sort of gets easier as it goes along, except that it doesn't. I don't know. This was a challenging game through the whole journey but never impossible by no means.

  • @sentinel-beach If you haven't already I recommend Toem for a straightforward platinum.

  • @jdincinerator Did it in October, my #162. Thanks for the idea anyway! :)

  • Platinum #169: Far Cry 6. This was a long project, took a while. Looooots of trophies and a good bunch of them collecting some stuff around the game-world or capturing enemy bases etc. A couple missable ones, too, when it came to those bases (had to do one stealthy, one in co-op, and one in which you sabotaged a junction box of sorts).