Trophies & Achievements

  • @Sentinel-Beach I have to say, I am absolutely fascinated by you lol. I consider myself a pretty avid gamer but have maybe 8 platinums to my name. I generally only go for platinums in games I deeply love or care about. For a while now I have just been impressed with the effort you put in! And the time!

  • @ozymandsss Heh, well thank you very much! :) This was a really nice surprise waiting here.

    I tend to be a bit perfectionist in certain matters and games easily fall under that trait. The trophy lists can bug me a bit if there are unearned ones still left. I like taking a peek at trophy guides of the games I know I'm getting and then weigh in the pros and cons of going for the platinum.

    Often when there are multiple playthroughs needed I give up and won't do it, like Lost Judgment just a month ago. No way I was gonna beat that long game twice. But for instance now I have Psychonauts 2 and Far Cry 6 in the "platinum process", it just takes time with them. I'll get there eventually. And Deathloop I've finished, but its remaining trophies seem easy enough to earn. At some point.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thanks for the explanation! I also have Psychonauts 2 in progress and that may be the next game I care enough about to go for. But with so many collectables and so little time, not to mention so much else on my backlog, it may not happen. I am playing through Life is Strange True Colors and I imagine that one will be nigh-automatic, as these games tend to be. I look forward to following your future endeavors!

  • Platinum #164: Psychonauts 2. This one took a long time. The game itself is a long one, meaning the plot and the levels, and then after that there's a big number of collectibles that you've propably missed plenty of during the initial playthrough. Thankfully there were a couple of helping items/additions that eased it a bit to track down everything. And only two (or three) missable trophies in general, be sure to check those before starting if the platinum is your aim.

  • Platinum #165: Heal. A small one man's indie puzzle game by Finnish Jesse Makkonen.

  • Platinum #166: Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Looooots of collectables in this one. Luckily there are some pretty good maps online and the game itself has a hint system for various collectable items, but that was still a big chore. End-game stuff in any case, you get to freely explore the game world after finishing the story. Nothing's missable.

  • Platinum #167: I Am Dead. This was a soothing game, liked it quite a lot. The art style and all. The trophies dealt mostly with finding different objects from the environments. Had to use a guide with the riddles, those would've been ridiculous otherwise.

  • Platinum #168: Death's Door. A good game but also a pretty complicated one when it comes to its trophies. I used a guide a bunch. Still, even without one the longest and most demanding trophy was to finish the game using only an umbrella as your melee weapon. Which honestly did nothing, so your playthrough becomes a ranged damage one. Luckily it sort of gets easier as it goes along, except that it doesn't. I don't know. This was a challenging game through the whole journey but never impossible by no means.

  • @sentinel-beach If you haven't already I recommend Toem for a straightforward platinum.

  • @jdincinerator Did it in October, my #162. Thanks for the idea anyway! :)

  • Platinum #169: Far Cry 6. This was a long project, took a while. Looooots of trophies and a good bunch of them collecting some stuff around the game-world or capturing enemy bases etc. A couple missable ones, too, when it came to those bases (had to do one stealthy, one in co-op, and one in which you sabotaged a junction box of sorts).