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  • I platinumed The Sexy Brutale over the weekend. Not a particularly difficult one to get but can be annoying as you have to collect 52 cards and bar a handful, you don't know what ones you missed.

    Also a little weird, played through the Dark Souls 3 dlc and found it super odd that there were no trophies.

  • @tokeeffe9 never been any trophy's with any dark souls dlc

  • @FF7Cloud Interesting, didn't realise that. I guess I just remember The Old Hunter's dlc for Bloodborne having trophies.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Old hunters did but DAS 1-3 dlc didnt

  • Platinum #79: Finished The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. That's all it took, Telltale's games are nice that way. (Except for Wolf Among Us, where you had to fill up those character entries to that book. Great game, anyway.)

  • So love trophies and 100% completion, but I'm just now going back to do some platinum cleanup for some games. I only started trophies on the PS4, so I don't have a ton of platinums yet, but here's what I got:

    #1: inFAMOUS Second Son
    #2: Rocket League
    #3: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
    #4: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
    #5: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
    #6: Telltale's Batman Season 1

    I'm going back to finish up Final Fantasy XV among other things. I was super close to getting the Platinum Trophy for Destiny 1, but I could never get a group for Flawless Raider. Scars me to this day.

  • Just Cause 3 moves forward: I managed to get all the vehicles (took an hour for the final bus to spawn anywhere, uhh) and the one million chaos points trophy. Which was a little glitched, as was warned, but luckily I only had to earn 21 000 extra for that one to pop.

    Now, there are the five star challenges left. One by one, I guess.

  • As I have the platinum trophy from The New Order, I decided to check how it looks like in The New Colossus. Well, dear platinum hunters, this one I'll pass (trophy-wise, that is). Please look out for your sanity, anyone who decides to go after this one:

  • I'm considering getting the Persona 5 and Nier Automata platinum trophies, but it will literally take me a year I think.

    I LOVE getting the most out of my games and challenging myself, but I also gotta live life. I'm proud of my 7 or 8 Platinum trophies and nobody on my friends list has any more than 10 Platinum's so I am amazed by the idea of 77 Platinum trophies.

  • does anyone check out trophies before playing the game`?

  • all the time

  • Just fun went back to Final Fantasy XV and decided to veg out for 3 hours and grind out my fishing skill for my final trophy to get the Platinum! Now Im onto Jak 1 for a nice little plat!

  • Quick question. I generally like collecting trophies so I buy most games on PS4 instead of my PC but has anybody played Life Is Strange? I am intrigued but if it is significantly better on PC because it is like a point-and-click adventure game, then I'll go that route.

    Is it good on PS4 so I can get those trophies going?

  • @DIPSET from what I remember the Platinum was very attainable, ya might have to replay some episodes for collectables but nothing you couldn't do while listening to a podcast or whatever.

  • @JamboHyland95 said in Trophies & Achievements:

    @DIPSET from what I remember the Platinum was very attainable, ya might have to replay some episodes for collectables but nothing you couldn't do while listening to a podcast or whatever.

    Yeah I'll probably get it on PS4 then. I just watched an old review and it seems like I personally would probably want thumb sticks for the camera anyways.

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    @DIPSET YES! Its a quite easy platinum, took me 2 playthroughs but its possible on your first. Not only that but the game is AMAZING. I dont know if you watched the community comments send off, but I said that its a game that affected me a lot emotionally and its a game worth playing through anyway. I got it when it was free on PS+ and I havent had any issues with it.

  • @ib0show i only do it with some of them

  • @Lotias

    I've very excited. Idk how I feel about the time travel mechanic but I haven't played yet. The sequel sounds awesome too. I wasn't in it FOR the trophies but why not go for the Platinum?!

  • Achieved my first platinum this year with Bloodborne. Then followed it up with the Witness. In the future I plan on doing Persona 5 (70% currently) and whatever else seems do-able. Maybe Nier Automata and Hellblade.

    I hate online-only/ multiplayer trophies. Also some games just have better trophies than others. I despise the type of trophies that are in games like Uncharted where you have to do some stupid stuff like kill 4 enemies using different methods within 20 seconds. Achievements should always be related to the game directly (finding all collectibles, getting all endings, finding a secret room, etc). I hate achievements that are more "challenge room" type stuff.

  • When I finish a game, I'm usually done with it and ready to move on. Not really all that concerned with trophies, so the only platinum I have is the one I "bought" from Nier Automata, lol.