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  • So love trophies and 100% completion, but I'm just now going back to do some platinum cleanup for some games. I only started trophies on the PS4, so I don't have a ton of platinums yet, but here's what I got:

    #1: inFAMOUS Second Son
    #2: Rocket League
    #3: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
    #4: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
    #5: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
    #6: Telltale's Batman Season 1

    I'm going back to finish up Final Fantasy XV among other things. I was super close to getting the Platinum Trophy for Destiny 1, but I could never get a group for Flawless Raider. Scars me to this day.

  • Just Cause 3 moves forward: I managed to get all the vehicles (took an hour for the final bus to spawn anywhere, uhh) and the one million chaos points trophy. Which was a little glitched, as was warned, but luckily I only had to earn 21 000 extra for that one to pop.

    Now, there are the five star challenges left. One by one, I guess.

  • As I have the platinum trophy from The New Order, I decided to check how it looks like in The New Colossus. Well, dear platinum hunters, this one I'll pass (trophy-wise, that is). Please look out for your sanity, anyone who decides to go after this one:

  • I'm considering getting the Persona 5 and Nier Automata platinum trophies, but it will literally take me a year I think.

    I LOVE getting the most out of my games and challenging myself, but I also gotta live life. I'm proud of my 7 or 8 Platinum trophies and nobody on my friends list has any more than 10 Platinum's so I am amazed by the idea of 77 Platinum trophies.

  • does anyone check out trophies before playing the game`?

  • all the time

  • Just fun went back to Final Fantasy XV and decided to veg out for 3 hours and grind out my fishing skill for my final trophy to get the Platinum! Now Im onto Jak 1 for a nice little plat!

  • Quick question. I generally like collecting trophies so I buy most games on PS4 instead of my PC but has anybody played Life Is Strange? I am intrigued but if it is significantly better on PC because it is like a point-and-click adventure game, then I'll go that route.

    Is it good on PS4 so I can get those trophies going?

  • @DIPSET from what I remember the Platinum was very attainable, ya might have to replay some episodes for collectables but nothing you couldn't do while listening to a podcast or whatever.

  • @JamboHyland95 said in Trophies & Achievements:

    @DIPSET from what I remember the Platinum was very attainable, ya might have to replay some episodes for collectables but nothing you couldn't do while listening to a podcast or whatever.

    Yeah I'll probably get it on PS4 then. I just watched an old review and it seems like I personally would probably want thumb sticks for the camera anyways.

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    @DIPSET YES! Its a quite easy platinum, took me 2 playthroughs but its possible on your first. Not only that but the game is AMAZING. I dont know if you watched the community comments send off, but I said that its a game that affected me a lot emotionally and its a game worth playing through anyway. I got it when it was free on PS+ and I havent had any issues with it.

  • @ib0show i only do it with some of them

  • @Lotias

    I've very excited. Idk how I feel about the time travel mechanic but I haven't played yet. The sequel sounds awesome too. I wasn't in it FOR the trophies but why not go for the Platinum?!

  • Achieved my first platinum this year with Bloodborne. Then followed it up with the Witness. In the future I plan on doing Persona 5 (70% currently) and whatever else seems do-able. Maybe Nier Automata and Hellblade.

    I hate online-only/ multiplayer trophies. Also some games just have better trophies than others. I despise the type of trophies that are in games like Uncharted where you have to do some stupid stuff like kill 4 enemies using different methods within 20 seconds. Achievements should always be related to the game directly (finding all collectibles, getting all endings, finding a secret room, etc). I hate achievements that are more "challenge room" type stuff.

  • When I finish a game, I'm usually done with it and ready to move on. Not really all that concerned with trophies, so the only platinum I have is the one I "bought" from Nier Automata, lol.

  • I don't usually go into any game with the intention to 100% it... if I really like it, and getting all the achievements isn't too daunting, then I might do it. I won't usually look at the trophies or achievements until I've played through once or played a good chunk of a longer or open ended game.

    I actually have done a lot more completions this year than usual. Oxenfree, What Remains of Edith Finch, and a couple short indie games. Oh and I went back and replayed Long Live the Queen specifically to 100% it back in January.

    My rarest Achievements are displayed on my Steam profile though, so I guess I care about it at least a little bit, haha.

  • Huh, this site is neat.
    alt text

    Shame my rarest trophy was a glitch.

    No platinums in my future. I am much too lazy.

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  • @parasitepaladin alt text nice one

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    I realised that I dont have any Vita paltinum yet, think its time to change that, any tips on vita games that doesnt take 100+ hours to platinum?