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    @DIPSET from what I remember the Platinum was very attainable, ya might have to replay some episodes for collectables but nothing you couldn't do while listening to a podcast or whatever.

    Yeah I'll probably get it on PS4 then. I just watched an old review and it seems like I personally would probably want thumb sticks for the camera anyways.

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    @DIPSET YES! Its a quite easy platinum, took me 2 playthroughs but its possible on your first. Not only that but the game is AMAZING. I dont know if you watched the community comments send off, but I said that its a game that affected me a lot emotionally and its a game worth playing through anyway. I got it when it was free on PS+ and I havent had any issues with it.

  • @ib0show i only do it with some of them

  • @Lotias

    I've very excited. Idk how I feel about the time travel mechanic but I haven't played yet. The sequel sounds awesome too. I wasn't in it FOR the trophies but why not go for the Platinum?!

  • Achieved my first platinum this year with Bloodborne. Then followed it up with the Witness. In the future I plan on doing Persona 5 (70% currently) and whatever else seems do-able. Maybe Nier Automata and Hellblade.

    I hate online-only/ multiplayer trophies. Also some games just have better trophies than others. I despise the type of trophies that are in games like Uncharted where you have to do some stupid stuff like kill 4 enemies using different methods within 20 seconds. Achievements should always be related to the game directly (finding all collectibles, getting all endings, finding a secret room, etc). I hate achievements that are more "challenge room" type stuff.

  • When I finish a game, I'm usually done with it and ready to move on. Not really all that concerned with trophies, so the only platinum I have is the one I "bought" from Nier Automata, lol.

  • I don't usually go into any game with the intention to 100% it... if I really like it, and getting all the achievements isn't too daunting, then I might do it. I won't usually look at the trophies or achievements until I've played through once or played a good chunk of a longer or open ended game.

    I actually have done a lot more completions this year than usual. Oxenfree, What Remains of Edith Finch, and a couple short indie games. Oh and I went back and replayed Long Live the Queen specifically to 100% it back in January.

    My rarest Achievements are displayed on my Steam profile though, so I guess I care about it at least a little bit, haha.

  • Huh, this site is neat.
    alt text

    Shame my rarest trophy was a glitch.

    No platinums in my future. I am much too lazy.

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  • @parasitepaladin alt text nice one

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    I realised that I dont have any Vita paltinum yet, think its time to change that, any tips on vita games that doesnt take 100+ hours to platinum?

  • @Lotias Virtue's Last Reward, great game (very text heavy), platinum is basically beating the game, takes around 30 h

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    @bard91 awesome! deffo gonna check that out

  • @Lotias Ya, VLR is a great pick.

    There is Downwell. Like.. it's a tough one as it is very much a skilled based platinum but you should have so much fun that you want to get it! :)

    Hitman Go is a super easy platinum to get.

    And two other ones I have that I think are pretty doable, mostly for completing the game 100% - Volume and Severed.

    All suggestions are really good games too.

  • @Lotias i can't think of one. Maybe Jak and Daxter?

  • @Lotias any Telltale game or Soundshapes.

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    Thanks for all the tips! I deffo will have a look around! For some reason Im really excited about the idea of getting YS: Memories of Celceta for some reason, even though Ive never played any games in the YS series

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    Ended up Just finishing Horizon Zero Dawn. My Platinum #10! I looooved this game so much! took me 58 hours (a couple of those hours being AFK in Meridian).

    This world were so well crafted and you could tell that they have put down so much love and pasion into this world. I now feel like I need to get the DLC and play that through as well, I just cant get enough!

  • @binarymelon Need for Speed and Dragonball Z Budokai HD are also a very simple Platinum

  • Platinum #80: South Park: The Fractured But Whole, I got that late last night. I really enjoyed this game, had so much fun with it. The trophies were neat, too. All you had to take care of was to start the game on Mastermind difficulty (which really wasn't too bad) and play as a black character the whole story. Otherwise there were no missable trophies, you could get them along the journey and then the rest in post-game around the city.