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  • @Lotias Virtue's Last Reward, great game (very text heavy), platinum is basically beating the game, takes around 30 h

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    @bard91 awesome! deffo gonna check that out

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    @Lotias Ya, VLR is a great pick.

    There is Downwell. Like.. it's a tough one as it is very much a skilled based platinum but you should have so much fun that you want to get it! :)

    Hitman Go is a super easy platinum to get.

    And two other ones I have that I think are pretty doable, mostly for completing the game 100% - Volume and Severed.

    All suggestions are really good games too.

  • @Lotias i can't think of one. Maybe Jak and Daxter?

  • @Lotias any Telltale game or Soundshapes.

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    Thanks for all the tips! I deffo will have a look around! For some reason Im really excited about the idea of getting YS: Memories of Celceta for some reason, even though Ive never played any games in the YS series

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    Ended up Just finishing Horizon Zero Dawn. My Platinum #10! I looooved this game so much! took me 58 hours (a couple of those hours being AFK in Meridian).

    This world were so well crafted and you could tell that they have put down so much love and pasion into this world. I now feel like I need to get the DLC and play that through as well, I just cant get enough!

  • @binarymelon Need for Speed and Dragonball Z Budokai HD are also a very simple Platinum

  • Platinum #80: South Park: The Fractured But Whole, I got that late last night. I really enjoyed this game, had so much fun with it. The trophies were neat, too. All you had to take care of was to start the game on Mastermind difficulty (which really wasn't too bad) and play as a black character the whole story. Otherwise there were no missable trophies, you could get them along the journey and then the rest in post-game around the city.

  • Platinum #81: Assassin's Creed Origins. My new favourite in the series, this one had it all for me. I've written more about it in the game's own thread. I've now played it for 79 hours, and there are still sidequests left around the map. Gotta still witness those stories, too. :)

  • My favourite platinum is 'Catherine'; my least favourite is '[Prototype]'. Favourite series of Plats goes to 'Soulsborne', followed by 'Dead space'.

  • Platinum #82: Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. It was wonderful to return to Arcadia Bay, I love that world and those characters. Seeing Chloe and Rachel's story like this was better than I initially dared to hope from a prequel. All that love. ...and the sadness, too, knowing everything.

  • Platinum #83: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. I love this game. It combined my favourite Telltale game (Tales from the Borderlands) with my favourite MCU film (the first Guardians), and sent me on a journey that made me both smile and laugh, sad and proud, and just appreciate every person in the group even more than I already did. A wonderfully done game. That's my favourite mix in stories and drama: when comedy and tragedy work together as beautifully as here, balancing each other perfectly.

    And that soundtrack is just as good as in the movies. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the actions scenes when a song would start and then it's go time. Awesomeness in so many ways. And especially in that fifth and final episode. I couldn't stop smiling through the whole song and the scene, it was incredible. I had tears of joy in my eyes, pure euphoria for me.

    What a fantastic surprise this turned out to be. :')

  • I have 79 Platinums at the moment and I'm saving #80 for God of War

  • Platinum #84: Lara Croft Go. I found this better than the Hitman Go. A good learning curve and good puzzles. What I didn't appreciate, however, were the two DLC adventures. The difficulty spiked up really significantly on both of those, playing wasn't fun anymore. Way too long levels with way too many pressure plates etc., hnngh. Also the collectables, the vases in every level, were often too well hidden. You could only see a pixel or two of them in worst case scenarios, so I needed some help with those.

    The main game was anyway really enjoyable, and the whole thing cost just 2,5 € so I'm pleased with this.

  • I would just like to say that I accidentally got a couple platinums now, Telltale Platinums are just like "finish the story". So I got one from Batman and one from Tales from the Borderlands.

    So now I have 2. I have still attempted zero though.

  • Platinum #85: God of War. Just do everything. I really like these kind of platinums. The bottom three gold trophies on the game's trophy list were pretty b*tch-y, though. Either very hard or took a long time.

    And with this, I'm now on trophy lvl 30. \o/

  • @sentinel-beach said in Trophies & Achievements:

    Platinum #85: God of War. Just do everything. I really like these kind of platinums. The bottom three gold trophies on the game's trophy list were pretty b*tch-y, though. Either very hard or took a long time.

    And with this, I'm now on trophy lvl 30. \o/

    I feel it needed a trophy for the hardest difficulty. I can't support this Platinum though simply because of the birds.

  • Yeah, the ravens were pretty smartly hidden. I wouldn't have found them all without a guide, that's for sure.

  • I didn't find the ravens that bad or hard to find. You can hear them when searching for other collectibles