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  • Platinum #84: Lara Croft Go. I found this better than the Hitman Go. A good learning curve and good puzzles. What I didn't appreciate, however, were the two DLC adventures. The difficulty spiked up really significantly on both of those, playing wasn't fun anymore. Way too long levels with way too many pressure plates etc., hnngh. Also the collectables, the vases in every level, were often too well hidden. You could only see a pixel or two of them in worst case scenarios, so I needed some help with those.

    The main game was anyway really enjoyable, and the whole thing cost just 2,5 € so I'm pleased with this.

  • I would just like to say that I accidentally got a couple platinums now, Telltale Platinums are just like "finish the story". So I got one from Batman and one from Tales from the Borderlands.

    So now I have 2. I have still attempted zero though.

  • Platinum #85: God of War. Just do everything. I really like these kind of platinums. The bottom three gold trophies on the game's trophy list were pretty b*tch-y, though. Either very hard or took a long time.

    And with this, I'm now on trophy lvl 30. \o/

  • @sentinel-beach said in Trophies & Achievements:

    Platinum #85: God of War. Just do everything. I really like these kind of platinums. The bottom three gold trophies on the game's trophy list were pretty b*tch-y, though. Either very hard or took a long time.

    And with this, I'm now on trophy lvl 30. \o/

    I feel it needed a trophy for the hardest difficulty. I can't support this Platinum though simply because of the birds.

  • Yeah, the ravens were pretty smartly hidden. I wouldn't have found them all without a guide, that's for sure.

  • I didn't find the ravens that bad or hard to find. You can hear them when searching for other collectibles

  • Platinum #86: Watch Dogs 2. This... is an excellent game. Please give it a chance if possible, it should be pretty cheap nowadays. If there's one word to describe the game, I'd say "fresh". That goes for both the game world in SF area and the hacker group itself and their friendships. Very good missions throughout the game, and the plot in general just felt right all the time. Fighting for your privacy and rights against the faceless corporations, one step at a time. I was extremely invested, things felt good to achieve.

    A pretty easy platinum trophy, only the few online ones took a little time, but nothing too hard. A good number of silly ones, too, like "buy a certain t-shirt" or "get photobombed on your selfie". :)

    Youtube Video

  • @sentinel-beach Not to mention that it's very unique compared to other open-world Ubisoft games. No radio towers, no outposts, it's just a really cool city with tons of well-hidden secrets. WD2 is top notch!

  • Should have mentioned I got that God of War platinum and while I wouldn't say it's the best trophy list out there, I enjoyed every minute.

  • Finally got the Uncharted The Lost Legacy platinum (my 12th platinum)! Took me way longer since i made a lot of time consuming mistakes. With this complete, now i have fully completed all the Uncharted games available on PS4. I hope one day Golden Abyss comes to PS4 so i can platinum that too.

  • My most recent platinums were for Ni No Kuni II, Yakuza 6 and Cyberdimension Neptunia.
    All fairly doable, Yakuza 6 easiest in the history of Yakuza for sure, NNK2 was less ridiculous than the one for NNK1 (which I also got) and Neptunia didn't require a 2nd playthrough for a change.

  • Decided to go for the platinum in Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and man, that become a lengthy process. Luckily though, I just finally finished the game with everything collected, seen and experienced on one playthrough! Now all I still need to do is to finish the game again on NG+ at some point, but I'm definitely taking a break now. But yeah, that second run should be dozens of hours shorter.

    The couple of the harder trophies (or more boring) needed me to go through those dungeons again and again hoping that certain lore scrolls and/or rare monsters would've been spawned in there that time around. The dungeons are randomly generated, you see, so it's up to luck what you see in there each time. But now the bestiary is at 100 % as is my library. :)

  • Currently working on a number of platinums, but primarily I have been focusing on the (insanely) long process that is the Divinity: Original Sin completion and the difficult Devil May Cry Dante Must Die mode. Thankfully the latter is quick enough to rush through the game in about 3-4 hours.

  • How does one get that PSN card to work as a signature? I tried a couple of ways, but only got a link as a text showing.

    At least @iboshow @Lotias @Sheria in this thread have it working.

  • @sentinel-beach ![alt text](image url)
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    @sentinel-beach Glad you got it working! it is a little faffle, but looks good when its working! :D

  • Platinum #87: Doom. Doom! DOOM! Balls to the wall action, goddamn that was entertaining. Super shotgun for life. A few of the weapon mod challenges as well as the rune upgrades took a while to fill their bars for those trophies, but luckily the game works nicely so that you can grind and restart a checkpoint and your stats still grow.

  • Platinum #59: Dark souls remastered, great game but sadly playing 3 before it made ot alot easier.

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    Some people platinum count has me in awe! Do you go in for platinum every game you play?

    My general rule is that I only platinum games that I really enjoy. I got 12 Platinums that I got synced up to my account, another 2 on my old PS3 which I cant sync up due to borked internet connection. My next 2 Platinum in sight though are Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Zone of the Enders 2: MARS when it comes out in September.

  • I tend to check the trophy lists and guides for most of the games I get, but I don't necessarily go after the platinum in each. Like now I started to play AC Chronicles, and its demands look too frustrating for me, so I'll just finish it normally. A lot of my platinums are from all kinds of sandbox games, mostly. And Naughty Dog, of course. But for something like the Arkham series, for example, I came to realize already in Asylum that my skills just aren't enough for those battle trophies, so I didn't bang my head against the wall in any of those. I know my limits.