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  • How does one get that PSN card to work as a signature? I tried a couple of ways, but only got a link as a text showing.

    At least @iboshow @Lotias @Sheria in this thread have it working.

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    @sentinel-beach Glad you got it working! it is a little faffle, but looks good when its working! :D

  • Platinum #87: Doom. Doom! DOOM! Balls to the wall action, goddamn that was entertaining. Super shotgun for life. A few of the weapon mod challenges as well as the rune upgrades took a while to fill their bars for those trophies, but luckily the game works nicely so that you can grind and restart a checkpoint and your stats still grow.

  • Platinum #59: Dark souls remastered, great game but sadly playing 3 before it made ot alot easier.

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    Some people platinum count has me in awe! Do you go in for platinum every game you play?

    My general rule is that I only platinum games that I really enjoy. I got 12 Platinums that I got synced up to my account, another 2 on my old PS3 which I cant sync up due to borked internet connection. My next 2 Platinum in sight though are Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Zone of the Enders 2: MARS when it comes out in September.

  • I tend to check the trophy lists and guides for most of the games I get, but I don't necessarily go after the platinum in each. Like now I started to play AC Chronicles, and its demands look too frustrating for me, so I'll just finish it normally. A lot of my platinums are from all kinds of sandbox games, mostly. And Naughty Dog, of course. But for something like the Arkham series, for example, I came to realize already in Asylum that my skills just aren't enough for those battle trophies, so I didn't bang my head against the wall in any of those. I know my limits.

  • I am so close yet so far from the Battlefront 2 Plat

  • @lotias i usually check guides first, ( is a great site for trophy hunters, after that i decide if its wirth it or not, most of my platinums are open world game.

  • I am one platinum off 50 now and thought about trying to get something good for the milestone. I still have Persona 5 ng+ to finish but it's so darn long lol. If I had a hyperbolic time chamber that would be the one. Otherwise Detroit Become Human would probably be the quickest having already got 75% of them.
    Failing that hopefully Spiderman has a fun trophy list. Still a ways off though.

  • Platinum #88: Old Man's Journey. A pretty little indie game about an old man receiving a letter, heading for a journey and reminisning his life and choices he had made. I like old men in stories like this, it's this certain kind of sadness that hangs above everything.

    Trophy-wise this was easy, except for a "Smooth Ride" that took me an hour to finally get it. You wouldn't find the trophies without a guide, they're pretty obscure some of them, but for one playthrough they felt like an obvious choice to collect while going through the game. It's only maybe 1,5 to three hours long, depending on your train skills for that one trophy.

  • Platinum #40: Persona 4 Golden. I decided to get the 40th platinum on Persona 4 Golden, just because I wanted to make it a special milestone + I already have Persona 5 as my 20th platinum. Pretty easy platinum, but it was a bit pain to get compared to Persona 5, just because of one trophy.

    The Harcore Risette Fan trophy, you need to grind 250 specific lines and it was way worse in this game compared to P5.

  • Platinum #89: Late Shift. A shape-your-own-story kind of movie game. You just choose the path and watch the scenes unfold. I bought this from a sale for 5 € a few months back out of curiosity. Turned out one playthrough was enough for me: it's not too bad or especially good, just a neat little experience, a peculiar one. So after that playthrough I played it again with a guide to find the other endings, it took only two hours or so.

  • Just got my 13th platinum: Jak 3. Who would have known that collecting 600 precursor orbs would be a tedious, life-sucking task? Thank god they didn't fix the orb glitch.

  • @bam541 Damn, that's impressive. I remember some of those being ridiculously hard to get and/or collect, and thus never gathered them all. Didn't know about a glitch, though.

  • @sentinel-beach it's this one.

    Youtube Video

    After collecting around 450 of em i just gave up and used that glitch instead, it's crazy how many of them are scattered around in weird places.

  • @bam541 i remember giving up on this game because of this stupid trophy, now i want to buy Jak 1 on ps4 for the platinum.

  • @a7x458 Jak 1's platinum seems pretty easy, i already got the digital copy but i'm saving it for another time.

  • @bam541 It is really easy. And fun and quick, too. You just need to do everything in the game, 100 % it. That's basically what I did every time I played it on PS2 back then. And now much later I have two platinums for it on both PS3 and PS4. :)

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    FYI the debug code works on PS4 version of Jak games so you can platinum the games in literal minutes.