Trophies & Achievements

  • @sentinel-beach Sounds like it puts the Carto before the horse....I'll make my exit.

  • Platinum #194: A Way Out. I played this with my brother. We first started on Easter five months ago and only now found the time to finish the other half of the game. Pretty much all the trophies are missable/hidden so you basically need a guide to know what to look for. They're all really simple, though. A weird game in that regard that you get the platinum way before finishing the actual story.

  • Platinum #195: The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story. A lenghty FMV game from Square Enix from this May. Things got a bit boring at times, especially the ending just kept going and going. Otherwise an okay experience, definitely something I haven't seen or played in a good while. I liked the lead actress Nanami Sakuraba the most.

  • Platinum #196: Gotham Knights. A much better game than many of the reviews had stated. It's swimming, at times even a solid 8. Trophy-wise there's a lot to do, but luckily no missable ones. Defeating a certain number of certain kind of enemies took me the longest.

  • Platinum #197: God of War Ragnarök. Lots to do, lots to kill, lots to collect.

  • Platinum #198: Saints Row. I finished most of the game already three months ago, but then some of the challenges got bugged. Now, the big November patch fixed those, so after completing the final ones and then getting help from some kind soul on YouTube comments I even got the one co-op trophy. Lots to do in this game and it even works fine finally. Give it a chance from some sale, perhaps.