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  • That card site is pretty cool. Here's mine

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    I only go for easy platinums haha. I think my 8 are from Jak and Daxter, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, Life is Strange, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Far Cry 4, and Fallout 4

  • I just got the Wipeout Omega Collection platinum and the Beat Zico HD trophy. Pretty pleased since I tried to do it on the PS3 version about 10 years ago and never came close

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    I mostly played on 360 last generation, so I look like a scrub compared to some of you. My only platinums are FF7, Rocket League, and Jazzpunk, although I'm getting pretty close with Persona 5. I just need to clear up the back half of the game and it's mine!

  • Got the platinum in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (#78). That one had a cool list, there were for instance a bunch of things you had to do differently in the story in certain scenarios. Propably the nastiest one on the list was "The Way of the Warrior" which meant that you had to get to the beginning of Chapter 5 without even once firing you're gun or using explosives. Had to keep my index finger in check for an hour or so (speedrunning), away from R2 & R1.

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    Figured I'd join the cool kids and make a card. Pretty awesome. I'm in the same boat as @SabotageTheTruth... I owned a 360 last gen, so I have some catching up to do.

  • My only platinum is Final Fantasy XV, and only because after playing the game to my hearts content I only need to fish a little more and run in circles for a couple minutes. Figured I might as well to get 1.

  • binarymellon

  • Just finished Just Cause 3's story. All the areas are 100 % and I've collected all the collectables. What still stand between me and my platinum are two of the toughest obstacles in the game: collect all the vehicles (doable), and get 5 stars in every freaking challenge the game has. There's a lot of those and they're pretty difficult. Man, I'm open for a challenge, but this might beat me. We'll see. I'll approach this as a long-term project.

  • I have never Platinumed a game, I do have a few 1000/1000 360 games.

    I just don't like Trophies as much, not as neat as a gamer score IMO, plus I don't now have the time to do it.

    I would have tried and platinumed Ratchet and Clank, but there are a couple time related achievements, that I know I'll never get


  • I platinumed The Sexy Brutale over the weekend. Not a particularly difficult one to get but can be annoying as you have to collect 52 cards and bar a handful, you don't know what ones you missed.

    Also a little weird, played through the Dark Souls 3 dlc and found it super odd that there were no trophies.

  • @tokeeffe9 never been any trophy's with any dark souls dlc

  • @FF7Cloud Interesting, didn't realise that. I guess I just remember The Old Hunter's dlc for Bloodborne having trophies.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Old hunters did but DAS 1-3 dlc didnt

  • Platinum #79: Finished The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. That's all it took, Telltale's games are nice that way. (Except for Wolf Among Us, where you had to fill up those character entries to that book. Great game, anyway.)

  • So love trophies and 100% completion, but I'm just now going back to do some platinum cleanup for some games. I only started trophies on the PS4, so I don't have a ton of platinums yet, but here's what I got:

    #1: inFAMOUS Second Son
    #2: Rocket League
    #3: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
    #4: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
    #5: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
    #6: Telltale's Batman Season 1

    I'm going back to finish up Final Fantasy XV among other things. I was super close to getting the Platinum Trophy for Destiny 1, but I could never get a group for Flawless Raider. Scars me to this day.

  • Just Cause 3 moves forward: I managed to get all the vehicles (took an hour for the final bus to spawn anywhere, uhh) and the one million chaos points trophy. Which was a little glitched, as was warned, but luckily I only had to earn 21 000 extra for that one to pop.

    Now, there are the five star challenges left. One by one, I guess.

  • As I have the platinum trophy from The New Order, I decided to check how it looks like in The New Colossus. Well, dear platinum hunters, this one I'll pass (trophy-wise, that is). Please look out for your sanity, anyone who decides to go after this one:

  • I'm considering getting the Persona 5 and Nier Automata platinum trophies, but it will literally take me a year I think.

    I LOVE getting the most out of my games and challenging myself, but I also gotta live life. I'm proud of my 7 or 8 Platinum trophies and nobody on my friends list has any more than 10 Platinum's so I am amazed by the idea of 77 Platinum trophies.