Trophies & Achievements

  • Platinum #50: Resident Evil 2

    This was sort of planned to get this game as my 50th platinum, couldn't think of a better milestone!

  • Platinum #68 : Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • Platinum #69 - Dragon quest 11.

  • Platinum #2 - Resident Evil 2
    Guess I only plat the REmakes lol.
    Now just waiting for REmake 3 to complete the hat trick.

  • Finally got my PSN profile card working right. I'm planning to platinum Uncharted Golden Abyss soon, since it's portable i can just work it out little by little anywhere. Also Life is Strange before or after that, since it's so easy. Aiming to do Ace Combat 7 after those two, been nailing the missions on Hard, so I'm confident about the Ace difficulty trophy.

    Edit: Welp, my Golden Abyss save data got deleted. Got to remember to do the PS+ save data uploads next time.

  • @bam541 Any chance you could change that further still into that smaller version you see a bunch of here with people? I know I'm not in a good position to complain, having a card myself here as well that can annoy some maybe, but that bigger one with constantly changing graphics keeps me distracted whenever I see it. Just a suggestion, L&R

  • @sentinel-beach Thanks for the suggestion, I already changed it. I had a feeling that it's a bit too flashy anyway.

  • Platinum #16 - Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Finally, my Uncharted platinum trophy collection is complete. There's so many gimmick collectibles, and the bounty trophies remind me so much of the Destiny strike grinding sessions I used to do.

  • Platinum #102: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. What a lengthy mission to 100 % this one! Easy as ever per se, like is the trend with Lego games, but the amount of unlockables was really staggering this time around. The characters alone amounted to 236. Chronopolis is a cool place with all the different times and areas melted into tight neighbours one next to another.

    I bought the season pass from a sale beforehand this year for only six euros, so those new levels are my immediate next goals. There's even a mission with Thanos and his Children attacking Attilan where you get to be the bad guys, neat!

  • Platinum #103: Yoku's Island Express. This was a cool idea and concept that worked well, too. Pinball paired up with a metroidvania. Lots of collectables and right places to find when it comes to the trophies, and after the story was done I had to look up for help in order to get to certain things. Thankfully there's also in-game help as you can find and buy objects that then reveal collectables on the game-world's map.

  • Platinum #104: 11-11: Memories Retold. This was a good game. Really simple when it comes to the game mechanics, sure, but the WW1 story and the absolutely distinct art style made it a pretty great experience. Especially towards the end the story got emotional. If you liked Valiant Hearts: The Great War, you'll propably enjoy this as well. Even had the same system where the collectables revealed real facts about the war.

    Trophy-wise this had seven different endings you needed to witness all. The collectables also seemed to have a couple ones in every chapter that I would miss. And then there were lots of specific "do this thing here" trophies, which you could earn like 2/3 of them pretty naturally. Luckily the chapter select helped a lot after finishing the well-written story.

  • Platinum #8: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    This wasn't a game I was initially planning on getting a platinum on, but I had so much fun exploring the open world with my girlfriend that I decided to give it a shot. She helped me for a majority of it but the last 25% or so (replaying levels and most of the flying races) were tackled on my own. A few races took about ten tries or so but the rest of it was fairly easy, there was just a lot to do!

  • Platinum #105: Middle-earth: Shadow of War. It took about 30 hrs to platinum this, I was on lvl 55 by the end. The trophy list was quite diverse, lots of everything on there. Basically three missables which you need to earn on Act II with the fortresses. The Nemesis system is still cool as hell, lots of unexpected events with the orcs.

  • Bless me Sony, for I have sinned.

    Platinum #106: Storm Boy
    Platinum #107: Super Destronaut DX
    Platinum #108: Midnight Deluxe

    I saw this one sale category on Store, games under 5 €, and this time I wasn't strong enough anymore. I bought three games, about two euros a piece, because I heard the song of those dirty plats. Those super easy dirty plats. And now I have them. And I don't feel any better. Maybe even a bit worse.

    Storm Boy is ridiculously easy and short. I drew a dick on the sand for the "Artist" trophy. I laughed when it was immortalized in the trophy photo.

    Super Destronaut DX made my thumb hurt a bit from hitting X so much and with such a speed. This is just Space Invaders. A few of the challenges gave me a hint of a feeling for a second.

    Midnight Deluxe made me "golf" with a square block through some obstacles. This lasted the longest - an hour - to platinum. Even made me curse a few times. Still way too simple.

    I'm not up to this, gaining platinums this way. No challenge or sense whatsoever after experiencing hundreds of hours of Assassin's Creeds, for example, to get their brightest trophies.

  • @sentinel-beach Ah, another victim of the devil hair noodles. Forever tainted, your soul today.

  • Platinum #109: A Plague Tale: Innocence. What a beautiful game in many regards, I've praised it more in its thread. The platinum was pretty simple to get, as it was mainly just about collectables and a few chapter specific things to accomplish. I found about 70-75 % of everything on my playthrough, the rest I now looked out from a guide. I always appreciate when the collectables are like part of the world itself, meaning they fit the environment and the characters even comment on them with a few phrases of dialogue. That makes a lot in my book. And all of the flower gathering scenes between Amicia and Hugo were even better still. Plus the pretty flowers always remain in Amicia's hair throughout the rest of the chapter. :)

  • Platinum #110: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. A really powerful game, this one. Damn this hit hard, there was this sort of uneasiness in my stomach basically throughout Senua's whole journey. Audiovisually exceptional, even unmatched with the sound design, I think. And Melina Juergens's performance was definitely worth the awards she achieved, what a role.

    When it comes to the trophies there's only one missable with the runestone collectibles, so I had a (non-spoilery) guide that I followed and managed to get everything on one go.

  • Platinum #60: Judgment
    I decided to go for platinum and man it was a drag and some of the requirements were harder than I imagined, so I feel relieved to get the platinum. Great milestone for a great game!

  • Wow You guys are nuts i have 8 platinums and 3 of them are tell tale

  • @hidz Wow, that is impressive, congrats! Please elaborate some more, as I also had the plan to try and reach 100 % on my first playthrough. But I've heard some horrible stories about Puyo-Puyo in this, for example. What were the roughest obstacles in your opinion?