Secret of Mana Remake on PS4 Next Year

  • I can't even. How did Nintendo miss out on this? How does this happen?

  • Isn't a Mana collection coming to Switch later this year?

  • @DMCMaster Huh, it is. I had not heard, but that's pretty rad too!

  • I got excited for a hot second but this honestly doesn't look all that great. I'm not a fan of the "iOS" art style, and there's nothing else of value added here.

    The voices from the trailer sound childish.
    The "newly-arranged soundtrack", wait and see, but it's perfect as it is so I'd rather not have them mess with it.

    And the only other exciting thing they can come up with is pre-order DLC costumes (and did Primm's costume have to be a minuscule bikini, really?). Meh.

  • @Axel But I want to be hyped...

  • @DMCMaster It's already out but only in Japan, they haven't announced any plans to localize it (Seiken Densetsu 3 was never localized so there's as much hope for that as for Mother 3).

  • @Sazime Sorry, I also got super hyped when I saw it but... from what I've seen I'd rather replay the original.

  • Also I find it very strange that this isn't coming to the Switch, although there is still hope since all we've had so far is an official announcement from the PlayStation blog, and they would never advertise other console versions even for multiplatform games.

    So a Switch announcement could still come later.

  • If; trailer only showed two lines of dialogue

    Your opinion on voice acting; wrong.

    A haiku if you will. That being said, the remake looks like a DS game. Almost as bad as Memories of Production Values, or whatever that $50 mobile game Tokyo RPG Factory is peddling. It sucks all of Squares remakes except Tomb Raider and FF7 look like chibi garbage.

  • @Axel Dude, that arrangement of the opening theme was pretty sick. Gave me some chills.

  • @naltmank I don't know, maybe I'm having a bitter old fart kneejerk reaction, I should feel better about all this tomorrow :D

  • @Axel To be fair, the original theme is a masterpiece that can't really be replicated by instruments. That MDI distortion is so beautifully eerie.

  • Visually it doesn't look at that appealing.
    If they increased the contrast, made it slightly darker and defined the edges of the 3D models with some dark borders it would look better though.
    Quick 5min PS job to sort of show what I mean.
    Doesn't make it feel like some iOS or my-first-Unity-game.

    The music also needs some work, or rather less of it. They shouldn't fiddle around too much with it since it's pretty much perfect the way it is. Just re-arrange it and make it sound the same.

    Cool news though and if it leads to more people playing it then I'm all for it. If it does well SE might finally have the balls to try their hand at a new Mana game (or possibly a remake of Secret of Evermore???).

    @Axel said in Secret of Mana Remake on PS4 Next Year:

    Also I find it very strange that this isn't coming to the Switch

    The Switch isn't powerful enough ;)
    But jokes aside, it might have to do with the Mana collection the Switch got. If they're releasing it in the west around the same time as this remake it would probably hurt sales, so they might eventually port the remake over after the collection has been released.

  • Wah..! I'm so torn on this! I don't understand the push towards NDS/chibi style characters either.. They're a bad middle ground between sprites and OG PlayStation era.

    The promise of something new Seiken Densetsu-wise, though..!

  • The visual style is gorgeous. Really cute.

  • When everyone else lauds Chrono Trigger as one of the best rpgs ever, I say, "Yeah, but Secret of Mana."

    Before watching this I was excited.....and now I just feel sad....Graphically, I'd say it actually looks like a downgrade in terms of detail present in the environments. There's a particular shot where in the original, the rocks in the background are all a sort of ruddish brown color, and are covered in moss, whereas this remake, they're just blocky and grey and featureless...

    Also, the voice acting is kinda weirding me out.

  • Dunno why people dislike it, I think it looks neat, my complaint is of course the digital only release, which means I won't get it before it's in a sale (or a moment of weakness). And of course I hope I can choose japanese voices.

    Also it looks like it uses the original as minimap.

  • What harm can it do you can always go back and play the OG game. I withhold judgement until it comes out.

  • @Sheria said in Secret of Mana Remake on PS4 Next Year:

    The visual style is gorgeous. Really cute.

    looks too colorful and animu.

  • looks like a DS game