Destiny 2 EZA Clan

  • Submitted mine as well, troubling that it doesn't count the amount of members in the clan by what platform they are on since there's a great deal of Xbox and blizzard tags along with PS4, cause that would've made it much easier for everyone to get in.

  • Dang, guess I was too late. It says its full when I try to join on

  • Will there be more than one EZA clan? was hoping to join on PC but I guess I just missed out.

  • @JO5HY910 said in Destiny 2 EZA Clan:

    Will there be more than one EZA clan? was hoping to join on PC but I guess I just missed out.

    If it ends up being like how Injustice 2 turned out one of the other mods might start one up, or just about anyone else I'm sure might.

    I just don't get why they capped it at 100 and allowed multiple platforms to count under the same number, it should've been a much higher cap than this.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Well they have said they wanted clans to be more like families, so they kept it capped at 100, so you are supposed to know the people in your clan, which they think is u likely if you have hundreds of people in a clan, or maybe even more.
    While I appreciate that idea, maybe they should have left that up to the players, if that was important to them then an individal clan could limit. Otherwise they should have at least seperated platforms, it seems silly to let PC players and PS4 or Xbox players into the same clan, what if there are only 5 PC players? Then they have no one to play with.

  • @Inustar Yeah I agree, looking at the EZA clan there is roughly 10 players in there that are on PC and the rest is primarily PS4. I understand the goal of having a clan where everyone knows everyone but when there are only 9 other players on the same platform it kind of negates the point of the clan in my opinion.

  • @JO5HY910 Well, maybe EZA will make a second clan just for PC players. That would make the most sense.

  • Is anyone planning to create a second Destiny 2 EZA clan?
    I'm on the fence whether or not to buy the game, but I'd probably jump in on PS4 if I could play with some Allies.

  • Should be an EZA Forum clan. From my understanding the forums only make up a small amount of the following of EZA.

  • @CGamor7 Restrict it to forum members you mean? I think that'd be a pretty small clan, especially if you consider that many would be on different platforms...

  • @Stellaire yeah maybe, but it would be a way for the community that spends a lot of time on the forums to create a group and play together. Wouldn't have to be exclusive, but start from the ppl here.

  • @CGamor7 Sure, works for me. If there's no new EZA clan by tomorrow, I'll just go ahead and create one.

    I wonder if it's best to make it platform specific though. Judging by the comments above, there's no point in mixing players from PS4, PC, and Xbox.

  • @Stellaire if it's forum based maybe allow for any platform. But i guess thats for the community to decide and seeing how theres no cross play... But we can always have a poll? See how many ppl are interested in a forum clan.

  • Hey everybody, I made a secondary EZA clan if anyone wants to join.

    I'm on PS4, anyone can join if you want, but players on other platforms may want to simply make their own clan so they have people to play with. Up to you though! Membership is open so feel free to join

    Gonna tweet this at the allies to hopefully get more ppl to join too

  • Well, I guess that's settled then. :D

  • seems to be having some issues at the moment, if the page doesn't work for you, please try again later.

  • @ObsidianBlood said in Destiny 2 EZA Clan: seems to be having some issues at the moment, if the page doesn't work for you, please try again later.

    I wouldn't worry too much either, many of the clan features won't be active at launch anyway. They haven't said WHAT won't be working, but we'll know in a few hours I suppose.

  • Why is joining a clan such a cluster F*ck !? I cant find V3 I couldnt make a V3. Why put a cap on it, so stupid

  • @Skippa also if anyone has an open clan slot im Skippa281 on psn

  • @Skippa I think there needs to be a cap for balancing reasons. Members contribute collectively to Clan Level, having an infinite number of people in any given clan would totally trivialize the process of leveling up. I mean, I guess they could make the contribution per level scale with clan population, I don't know why they didn't do that, but the decision to use a cap makes sense.

    That aside, anyone know if we've got a third clan going somewhere? Would love to join one.