My Favorite Movies: 1930/1931

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    Glad to finally see another of these lists! almost been too long!

    I find this "middlewar era" to be quite interesting in terms of film making. I feel though its almost as the russian film industry started to disappear in favour for the american industry to kinda boom, which can be kinda sad as the russians made a lot of interesting things.

    My thoughts about the films: there are many here I have completely missed, but also some really nice gems.

    The Story of the Fox: I got the pleassure of watching this one at university taking a course in animation and its history. I remember getting a few giggles from that fox, also I kept thinking what an amazing achievement this really is with the limitations in technology back then.

    All quiet on the western front: I can't not mention this film. Just wow. This anit-war film really had me shocked when I watched it and I almost feel that it should be shown in all education at one point or another. It really shows the horror and pointlessness of war. I remember how this film really stuck with me long after and how tired I felt afterwards from all the impressions given to me. Watch it!

    Earth: I feel like I need to rewatch this one! I do have a weak spot for the old russian films. I think I might of been a bit too young seeing this and therefore not fully grasping it, but by the sounds of it, the film seem truly special.

    Frankenstein: On of the biggest classics ever? It has inspired so much work since and everyone have gotten in contact with it one way or another. Also Mel brooks parody are simply amazing and also worth a watch after. Frankenstein are a cult classic that stands out and the whole style of the film are really... heartwarming.

    City Lights: I just have to say, I LOVE Chaplin. Such a great person with a body expression beyond many others. Ofcourse there are others as well that are really good, I just think that Chaplin have that little extra. His films always makes me laugh hard as well as get very emotional at times. I feel that his films got a bigger sense of depth and visual comedy which most of the time in todays film are missing. I do believe though, and this is just my opinion that sound added to film were kinda the start of Chaplins downfall. Even though this and the dictator are some of the best films ever made.

  • I haven't watched many movies from 1930 or 1931, but I will say those all look great. Frankenstein is the only one I've seen, but it's a well deserved classic.

    Otherwise, I love Animal Crackers. Not the Marx Brothers best, but I enjoy most of their movies anyway. It's perhaps been too long since I've seen it though, so it might be time for a rewatch.

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    @Inustar There are many awesome films on this list! I say give it a go! :)

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  • The Big Trail is a great example of how far some filmmakers would go back in the day. Giant sets, oodles of extras, literally dangerous stunts, attention to detail. Griffith, Keaton, and the Korda brothers are other great examples. Then stuff got relatively simplified, formulaic, and safe for a few decades until that going-the-extra-mile style made a comeback in the 80's with stuff like Ran, Fitzcarraldo, Brazil, Dune, and James Cameron.