Everybody's Golf (PS4)

  • I'm looking forward to getting into this tonight. Anyone else picking it up?

    We gonna have an EZA review or anything?

    Youtube Video

  • Technically I'm interested, I havn't played a Golf game for a long time but I always enjoyed those I played, but the timing is just bad, the list of games coming out in the coming weeks and months that have a higher priority is very long, I'm actually glad that Ni No Kuni II, Dragonball FightersZ and Ace Combat 7 are 2018 games.

  • @TokyoSlim There was another topic for this but since it didn't have any posts, I've made this the new 'general topic'

    Really not sure if we'll get a review of this from the guys, just due to the other games out this week.

    And for me, it's the same issue. There are just so many other games that this isn't on my radar at all but it looks good. I've only played the Vita game which I played here and there without really getting into it.

  • @tokeeffe9 sorry, I looked. Must have missed it!

  • Just tweeted Blood and he said Huber is gonna try and fit a review in. Hype train!

  • @TokyoSlim I'm interested since I did like Hot Shots, but I probably will have to wait a bit, not to mention I wanna see reviews first.

  • I have to wait a week or two do to finances, but I'm so in. I loved the originals on PS1 and all the multi-player stuff added into this one seems great. It'll be nice to tee up a few holes of golf in between some of the heavier titles out there.

  • Liking it so far. I think the concern over balance seems overblown unless you're ultra competitive and need to be the best right away. Yeah, some people have better clubs and stats than you, it's still all about making the shots though. Three click can be jolly, but can also turn on you quickly. :)

    The grind is more or less real though. This isn't particularly new to HSG, but I played for 3 hours last night (Including char creation and exploring & etc. Haven't even unlocked the 2nd course yet. Still playing the city course. :)

    Leveled up clubs a lot, got some new ones. Got a hole in one. Beat a few challenges in single player, would have got in the top 100 leaderboard in multi severely undeleveled had I not triple bogeyed last hole. shrug Golf.

  • I think I need to pick this up as something my wife and I can play together. :)

  • Me and Shu hangin out
    alt text

    I hit a bomb
    alt text

    Woop woop
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  • This may be one of the best golf games ever.

  • Finally got a chance to play last night. Went from getting +6 or something on my first course to a 0 (would have been -2 but I got really sloppy on the last hole since I had such a lead) since I got a basic grip on how everything works. Pretty fun, good times.

  • When your paycheck comes in at 2 AM, ends up being $50 higher than what you were expecting, you contemplate buying a new hoodie, and then suddenly remember you need to golf. Purchased! Haven't had a chance to try it out yet though.

  • Welp.... I haven't played a Hot Shots game in about a decade, so I was a little worried.

    First course.... -5, finishing things with a hole in one. Thanks tornado cup!

    I can already tell I'm gonna love this game.

  • I just unlocked the third course tonight. I feel like the game mixes up the rules enough to keep from stagnating, but that first course is a grind. 2 to three went pretty fast though.

  • Also, I still haven't unlocked fishing.

  • @TokyoSlim Fishing needs to be... unlocked? That's super strange. I think it'll be awhile before I try out the online stuff, I need to perfect my swing first... and my outfit.

  • @SabotageTheTruth literally everything I this game is unlocked through single player tournament mode and defeating challengers. I think i heard fishing is unlocked after 50 birdies, but i swear I should have that already. You can fish in your home area btw.

    Cart driving is unlocked via a challenge you get at level 3.

    Different camera angles are unlocked by taking the golf trivia quizzes, which are level locked.

    New clothes are unlocked by defeating challengers and winning tournaments.


  • This was an easy day one for me, so far only made my character and played a solo 9 holes. All the classic hot shots mechanics are there plus lite rpg elements for stat/club, making each shot an opportunity to gain some exp. I dig it so far, I don't really mind what might be an uneven playing field online cuz I personally don't take this game that seriously. I kinda miss the crazy characters but im 100% cool with making my own character, I also enjoy that this game is mostly about unlocking new items and stuff, that aspect will keep me coming back for a while.

  • So, one thing I noticed if anyone is feeling the grind too much on the first course, is that there are already two courses available as DLC. I admittedly... feel a little strange about DLC coming out the same week as a game. Purchasing those two courses would bring the game close to full price, which honestly it's worth, but it still feels a little dirty, for whatever reason. I'll still probably pick them up - just once I finish exploring the other courses fully.

    Can confirm, you can't run over other players while in your golf cart. Damn.

    Also, @TokyoSlim, Kato is the second VS character in Rank 4 and defeating him will allow you to start fishing and collecting some of the 68 species of fish in the game.

    I haven't gotten there yet, but I'm not toooo far off. Getting ready for the second VS character in rank 3.