Everybody's Golf (PS4)

  • @SabotageTheTruth Again, there's 1 or 2 on every online course per day. you just didn't find them. I haven't even been looking specifically for them, and I've only been picking up the ones on the bonus course. I'm at level 5 and have 28 something gems, they aren't that hard to get. You don't even have to play tournaments to get them, just visit the course and pick em up.

  • From reddit:

    "For now, there is a pattern to what holes get the gems/coins/items on the open courses. All you need to do is go to Eagle OUT and find it there. Once you know that you can figure out where it will be on each other course. With this you should get enough gems for a full set of custom clubs in 4 days just from the free ones not even including any you get from playing tournaments. The reason is there are 2 gems icons on each hole that has items and there is a chance the the icon will give 2 gems
    If you just add 10 holes to where it is on the Eagle OUT that is where it will be on the IN. If you add 2 holes that is where it will be on the next (Alpine) OUT. You then add 10 to that OUT to get the Alpine in.
    For example today on Eagle OUT the items are on hole 6. That means on Eagle IN they are on hole 16. (6+10)
    For Alpine OUT you the add 2 to hole 6 and the items are on hole 8. Add 10 to the 8 to get 18 for the Alpine IN.
    For the Beach OUT you add 2 to the 8 from Alpine and get 1. OK this I will explain. If you add 2 to 8 you obviously get 10 but since there is only 9 holes on OUT it rolls over to 1. Add 10 to Beach OUT and the items are on hole 11 for Beach IN.
    Going from there the items on the rest are Vortex OUT - 3 Vortex IN- 13
    Imperial OUT - 5 Imperial IN - 15
    Green OUT -7 Green IN - 17
    I don't have Balata yet to verify but I would get they are on Balata OUT - 9 Balata IN - 10 (9+10 is 19 but again rolls over to 10 since 18 is max hole)"


    Hope this helps.

  • @TokyoSlim That's the thing though, everything described there sounds like a pain. I do spend time on the open courses (which is where I've found the other gems) but I get severe slowdown so generally just do the bonus round for the day, cart around a bit, maybe fish.

    It just feels scummy to me because now I either grind these gems over a period of days or pay cash. Sure, yes, I could spend time carting around courses to eventually have enough for free, but I have fun playing golf moreso than the other activities in the game. Maybe the computer was on fire during those 18 holes and I don't even need to upgrade clubs at all (which I truly hope is the case) but if I do need to grind out gems for the upgrade, it just feels bad driving a golf cart around hoping to find gems. It would be like if in Destiny you couldn't harm enemies in a raid unless you spent several days playing a very specific PVP mode you don't enjoy - or you could pay money and skip all of that.

    Exploring the courses was supposed to be a fun side thing, but now it almost feels required and that's a problem for me. I'll probably try a tournament again in a few days, so hopefully I won't need outrageous scores to even place and it was all some weird fluke.

  • Yeah, I mean, I don't like micro-transactions either. I'm just pointing out that you don't have to, nor should you spend a month or play 96 tournaments or whatever to hope for RNG gems. That's not a good way to get gems. :)

    I have only played bonus rounds plus maybe one extra course just for the hell of it, gems are just laying on the ground for free!

  • @TokyoSlim Will you be my gem daddy?

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'll be your Mr Shakedown.

  • @TokyoSlim @SabotageTheTruth you know, if I didn't know Yakuza this would sound rather odd...

    The more I've seen of this game, the more I'm certain I won't like it too much, at least enough to buy without a sale. Just not into the setup here.

  • @Inustar Have you watched Huber's streams? Probably the best way to get a feel for it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh, yeah. That's when I finally decided it wasn't really for me.

  • @Inustar And here I thought you were going to say Ben's created character, Xort, is the one who scared you away.