Everybody's Golf (PS4)

  • @SabotageTheTruth I'm pretty sure one of those courses is a pre-order bonus. It was on amazon (where I got my copy) anyway.

  • @DeweyDTruman Yep, I heard both of them are... guess I missed the boat.

  • I have a DLC course, but it doesn't show up in single player tournament, so it didn't really help with the grind.

    Honestly the grind doesn't seem to be as bad once you pass level 3. The main deal is to get from level 1 to level 3, you have to beat like 6 (I think) challengers before you get a new course. Even with serious mode getting your extra XP, that's like 15-18 matches on the same set of holes before you unlock the next course. Once you hit that stage though, I think the courses seem to be unlocking faster. So, Level 1-3 first course, at 3 you get the second course, at 4 your get the third course...etc.

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah, I didn't mind the grind but it seems to be the main complaint I've read online so far.

  • I don't have any issues with the grind but then I'm the kind of person that loves replaying levels (or entire games) over and over again to see my personal progression in skill or see how much higher I can get that high score/lower I can get that time attack timer so replaying 18 holes a million times in a row to see how much lower my score can get feels good.

  • @DeweyDTruman Yep! I ended up playing one hole several times last night in an attempt to get a birdie and extra coinage for it.

    Hopefully I'll unlock fishing tonight, but I've got like 5 more challengers to take down first.

  • Tried out Turf War last night. It's frantic fun (especially with larger groups) and really does have you planning out things differently - where holes end and others begin, or what holes you know you can do well in. The only bummer is that it takes at least 10 minutes and even if you win, you get absolutely nothing from what I can tell.

    There is a challenge that unlocks once you get 50 birdies (from official holes only). Once you complete that challenge, you are rewarded with a laughably bad unlock. Not really worth the effort but hey, new stuff is new stuff.

    I'm really jonesin' for online tournaments. I know they're working on them, I just hope they're added sooner rather than later. Who knew I'd drop Yakuza Kiwami temporarily to sink myself into the world of golf. That just speaks to how much fun this damn game is and how easy it is to fall into the "just one more round" mindset... for hours and hours.

  • I unlocked the 50 birdies thing, which is... swimming.... ?

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah..... Seemed kinda pointless. Looks as though there's a lot more secret VS characters to find though, so hopefully the rewards are a little more substantial.

  • Also, this is a hilarious read. I'd almost think it's satire but nope...


    I was reeled in by the click-bait title and thought maybe there was some game breaking bug, some bad experience, something justifiable... But instead, it's written by someone that says they understand the series because they played a few holes of the demo of the first Hot Shots Golf.

    This question is comedy gold - "Oh, the hole is 534 yards away? Cool. And that means I should hit the ball how hard? Ah, I have no clue. Got it."

    Complaining that a game doesn't explicitly tell you to hit the ball hard when the hole is considerably far away makes me really worry for this guy's level of common sense. But hey, at least it gave me a laugh and now I'm being a jerk and sharing that laugh with you all.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Eh, the article wasn't that bad. At least he didn't say the game sucked because of his problems with it.
    Though yeah, maybe don't start your article talking about how you know a game series based on a demo. Though I at least admire the honesty.

  • unlocked fishing... and no comment on people "knowing" about games they never played. I have given up having discussions on that topic. :p

  • @Inustar I dunno, my problem mostly stemmed from the problems they had with it. There is a lot of information on the screen, that is true, but it does a pretty decent job of slowly explaining what everything means. I much prefer that to, "Okay, sit down for an hour while we explain every aspect of golf to you." His complaints felt akin to someone blaming an RPG that doesn't explicitly tell you running out of HP is a bad thing.

    Plus, I just don't think Forbes should be covering games.

  • Youtube Video

    Huber's streams of the game have been pretty great as well.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Well one thing I shall say on Forbes is that I hate their website, always loads super slow for me.

    Otherwise I haven't played this yet, but I wil admit to being a little turned off by the amount of stuff on the screen though it might make sense once playing, I do prefer a cleaner UI.

  • Close to hitting rank 6, I just need to gain a bit more exp and beat the next VS. match.

    I was going to post about how Vortex Valley is basically the golfer's equivalent of hell, but I got a -9 on it (with mega cups) before writing this... so maybe it's not so bad.

    Unlocked another secret VS. character, destroyed them by 6 strokes and unlocked.... nothing! Pride isn't too bad of a prize though.

  • That difficulty spike once you get the third course is intense. Or maybe it's just me and my reckless nature. Definitely getting waaaaaaay more bunker hits and OBs.

  • Y'know, this game has felt pretty fair up until the first Vs match of Rank 6. This guy is getting birdies almost every hole which I'm keeping up with, but he'll randomly just get eagles from chipping it in over 80 yards away. He'll completely botch the timing and boom, right in the hole. Maybe he just had some really lucky rounds, guess we'll see.

  • @SabotageTheTruth is that the same one from the Huber stream?

  • @TokyoSlim Yeah, at the very beginning he said he was having a lot of problems with him but managed to defeat him on the first try on the stream.

    I just beat him after a second attempt. He hit two eagle chip-ins in a row - one from 30 yards away, the other from 110 yards away. Luckily he fell apart after that but damn... those super long range chip-ins feel bad to watch.