Anyone else enjoying this massive dumpster fire that is Ark's official launch?

  • I've been apart of some real bad launches. But this one is one for the ages.

    I hear steam is allowing refunds despite thousands of early access hours. its honestly tempting right now.

  • I've always found it to be a subpar game jumping on the "Survival" bandwagon anyway, the fact it made it to launch at all is surprising.

    But no, I wouldn't say I quite enjoy it. Sucks for whoever actually did buy it.

  • Yep been waiting all day, there are still only like 13 NA-Rag servers open. It's awful

  • From ARK's reddit:

    "Including all legacy servers/non-fresh/all regions,
    103 official servers are live
    Of these 103 official servers,
    22 are fresh
    Of these 22, all of them are full capacity, while the rest are below 10 players out of 70 capacity. (due to niche server type/map)
    What does this mean?
    22 Fresh servers (All Regions) have been launched today, All of which were launched at the same time around 12pm EST. It is now 7:51pm EST and we have seen no increase in servers in 7 hours and 51 minutes
    22 * 70 = 1540 capacity for the fresh servers (most demanded)
    According to SteamSpy, 5.4 million people own the game on steam.
    So we have 1,540 players able to play on the fresh official servers concurrently out of 5.4 million potential players.
    The developers have also kept us in the dark for 8 hours. It has been 8 hours since Jen (Community Manager) announced the PC servers would be launching shortly (which they did).
    Since then we have heard nothing regarding an increase in official fresh servers."

    This is an absolute disaster.

  • I miss private servers that you can host on your own machine with your friends...

  • I got bored of this game like 2 years ago.

  • @Sazime You can host your own ARK Server.

    Seems like shame it's going so badly. My friend JayEx23 has a YT channel that primarily covers ARK and he's been up all night waiting for Ragnarok (new map and animals) to go online so it's really frustrating for him.

    However, this is Wildcards fault, they've been shown time and time again that they prefer working on new content that they can sell to players on top of the POS cost rather than working on optimisation and maintenance.

    And I'm tired of being told by ARK fanatics that "They can't optimise it any more, it's as optimised as it's going to get." Well then they've failed, because the game runs terribly as soon as you get a large amount of buildings and dinos in one place (like, I don't know, your base?). The game is great, the concept is great, it's super addictive and reminds me a lot of my childhood years playing the shit out of Runescape.

    But ARK is epitomised by the phrase, "But the execution was terrible."

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    thats kinda shame, I remember watching stuff for this game a few years ago and thought it looks really cool and had potential. Bad launches like this really hurts games though in many ways. Sad to hear

  • @Sepulchre When ever you hear steam is allowing refunds when people played more than 2 hours that is a lie. That rumour is always around when shit hits the fan.

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    @ib0show However it WILL extend refund time when a game transitions from early access to release.


    Anyone was able to get a refund beforehand it looks like, and this has recently been changed. Back to the normal policy.

  • @SabotageTheTruth so it was an error. Steam probably wasn't calculating the launch hours.

  • @Hazz3r Oh man, I'm so used to not seeing that being the case, I always assume you have to pay for special hosting somewhere.