Hitman (2016) the best stealth game in last 10 years?

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    so my dear friends, in this thread we talk about rise, fall, decline and comeback of stealth games. in early 00s, stealth games were pure stealth games. and were absolutely amazing back then. when games like thief, splinter cell (early) and Hitman. then we see developers replacing them with action games as a result all these franchise ruined and dumbed down. first splinter cell was ruined when double agent released which was fall of franchise then conviction and blacklist were action games. and not like how amazing chaos theory was.

    then we see Hitman ruined when absolution was released. the hitman which known for having large level design, disguises, big maps, silent assassination turn into action game with see through walls, cinematic, cutscenes driven, cutscene assassination etc. by far worst game in series. some hybrid games were good like dishonored and Deus Ex but they were not pure stealth games.

    fast forward Hitman 2016 was announced as game back to its roots.

    however they released episodic model which failed and many people didnot bought it and and me included but i get this once full game release. and then i see YES. the game indeed back to its roots. this is exactly what hitman is all about. by playing this game i feel like how i missed stealth games in last 10 years as last generation ruined stealth genre for me. but this game? its masterpiece and one of the best game of this generation. it has largest maps in hitman game ever, gameplay and AI heavily improve from previous games. especially how bad absolution was. this game just save the franchise.

    So I believe this is the best stealth game since splinter cell chaos theory and Hitman blood money which were released in 2005/06,

    So what do you think? discuss

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    My vote goes to MGSV.
    Absolutely dreadful Metal Gear game, but probably one of the best stealth games ever.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Hitman (2016) the best stealth game in last 10 years?:

    My vote goes to MGSV.
    Absolutely dreadful Metal Gear game, but probably one of the best stealth games ever.

    i found it very overrated. its incomplete game that many mainstream website slapping 10 is beyond me.

    its another ubisoftify open world action game with MGS name tag on.

  • @El-Shmiablo Storywise it's weakest, but mechanically, it's the best. I'd also would like to point out that while not mechanically as good as MGSV, MGS4 has been released within last 10 years, and it has some really solid stealth mechanics innit. (Pun intended)

    That's not to say that Hitman is not a good Stealth game, because it absolutely is, but when comparing to even MGS4, it doesn't hold up, but that's just my opinion, which is pretty biased towards Metal Gear, as I do love the franchise.