Favorite Failed Systems

  • I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the systems we might have gotten that ultimately end up failing but that we still love or appreciate.

    For me that system would be the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It was a cheaper system to buy at the time and I was really drawn to the SNK v Capcom card and fighting game. Ended up getting the blue camouflage system with the SNK v Capcom card game and then later the fighting game (i think the fighting game came out a little later). Needless to say, those in the know know how awesome that card game was and the fighting game was really good for a system that only had two buttons. Sadly, only a handful more games would get released in the States before they stopped production on the system. I still love that system and picked up Turf Master for it about 6 months ago at a retro shop and the old girl was still kicking. It was a cool little system with a great little analog stick, but it just couldn't stay afloat.

    So I ask you, what system did you end up getting that just didn't stick around for too long, what drew you to the system and did you regret your purchase?
    I'm interested.

  • Bought a launch day Sega Dreamcast. Mod chip installed, I still own it and play it.

  • I was afraid someone was gonna say Dreamcast haha. Man, what a fantastic system that was just ahead of its time. Tokyo do you remember the first time you saw the Dreamcast in action in person? I saw it at a Gamestop, they just had the start screen for Sonic and then later Power Stone playing, I literally watched it for like 30 mins, and when we had to leave the mall it was all I could think about. I had never seen any console graphically look that good. Watching the Killer Whale chase sonic was insane and power stone was so colorful and fun looking. Friend got it when it launched and later when I could save up enough money I got the system and marvel v capcom 2, it was the first home console I bought with my own money. System still holds up today, so many legendary games like skies of arcadia, PSO, Jet Grind Radio, Code Veronica, Crazy Taxi and of course Shenmue.

  • And Rival Schools, and Soulcalibur!

  • My favorite system still happens to be the Sega Saturn. Granted, it's been decades since I've been able to touch one (and maybe that's for the best) but I remember having the time of my life with that thing. Guardian Heroes, Bug!, Nights, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Clockwork Knight, even shtuff like Magical Knight Rayearth was a ton of fun.

    The other thing that really stood out in my mind is the bad luck my family had with the system. We ordered it from a magazine (can't remember which) and the first one we received wouldn't play anything. The second one would play some discs but only while the console was upside down - I have no idea how we even figured that out. The third and final one... that was the memory maker.

  • Banned

    Guardian Heroes, Burning Rangers, Radiant Silvergun.
    It was the true patrician's choice.

  • Oh man, the Saturn, a system I was always extremely tempted by. Never had one, but I remember wanting one so bad when they were packaging it with Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter/Cop 2. The system had some weird mis-steps though, the weird extra RAM cart you needed to be able to tag in xmen v street fighter and such. Some of those games though, Dragon Force and Panzer Dragoon along with Guardian Hero's just top shelf stuff.

    My buddy had one and dude was a freakin' beast at Saturn bomber man, had the controller extension thing so you could play like 8 people, kinda insane at the time.

  • Sega Saturn or Dreamcast, I'm gonna say saturn because you can get a lot of the dreamcast games elsewhere these days but there's so much amazing stuff on Saturn that never got ported anywhere. Shining Force 3! Panzer Dragoon Saga! Dragon Force! (that one did get a ps2 remake but it never came out in english)

  • I remember seeing the Dreamcast demo kiosks with SEGA Bass Fishing, House of the Dead 2 and maybe Monaco Gran Prix racing.

  • @TheMarcV Still my favorite Bomberman to this day. I would love to see the Allies play it with that 8 player madness.

  • Neo Geo Pocket and Saturn for sure, I'm always going to treasure my rare Saturn games.

  • I've never actually owneda failed console, or played on many of them for that matter, but at one point I was really really close to buying an Ouya

  • I also have a Vita, but vita isn't a fail. Vita is life.

  • Dreamcast didn't deserve death.

    The Wii U

  • The Wii U is the best console of the last decade. I don't care what anybody says.

    Sega Saturn too. I think it's better than the N64 overall as long as you've got access to Japanese titles. Though maybe I'm biased since my favorite game of all time stems from that console.

  • @DeweyDTruman Why do you think the Wii U is so underrated? I only got to play one a couple of times and I enjoyed playing it but there was never enough games to warrant the price, for me at least. It has a decent library with some great stand outs (MK, Smash, DK Freeze, Splatoon) but why do you think it was better then say the PS3/360?

    Honestly just curious, want to know what I've been missing out on and maybe somethings I should hope they port to Switch (love my switch and that they ported MK to it, want Smash so badly).

  • Definitely the FM Towns Marty system by Fujitsu. I personally don't own a lot of games for it myself, but its arcade conversion ability needs to be seriously commended. This system actually houses the best version of Splatterhouse for a home console. It personally cost me £130 for a CiB , but I was happy to pay.

  • @Sheria
    Wow, WTF. Never heard of this thing, I was kinda expecting people to throw around Jaguar and like some of those weird CD-Rom machines like philips CD-i maybe, but this thing i had to look up and I still don't fully understand what it was/is.

    Thanks Sheria, I'll need to look into that system a little more.

  • Definitely has to be the Wii U for me. It's the only "failed" system I ever owned and it definitely deserved to do better, although Nintendo are entirely to blame for its failure.

    It had amazing games, I'd argue at least as many as the Wii did, and served as a learning platform for Nintendo to bring its many IPs to HD, which it has done brilliantly. It deserved a better fate but the Switch is carrying the torch and will bear the fruits of this experiment.

  • I would have loved if the WiiU could have spent another year in the oven before release. I think you give that thing a better (more attractive) controller, launch with a better lineup, and name it something not as stupid as WiiU and it'd be successful