Local + Online Multiplayer Recommendations

  • Just wondering if ya'll had any good recommendations for multiplayer games that you can play both locally and online simultaneously for PS4, or even Switch. For example, me and another person on one system playing online with two others on another system. I think Diablo III allows for that sort of thing, yes? Any other cool stuff out there?

  • Here's a list of games that offer that feature https://co-optim.us/1RbBLLB

    not sure I can recommend any of them but hopefully it helps

  • Trine 2 is pretty good for an indie puzzle platformer, it certainly looks nice at least.

    How slim that list is really shows how rushed and held to budget the industry has become.

  • Hmm, I wonder if that list is exhaustive. I wasn't expecting many at all anyhow, so maybe there's a couple gems in there. I'll have to look into it.

    Oh, and it doesn't have to be cooperative! Competitive games would be cool as well!

  • Well... it might not be a popular opinion but I loved playing Borderlands with my BF, it was super fun couch co op.
    I have heard Helldivers is pretty good, and Little big Planet is good clean fun. Marvel Heroes is similar to Diablo, and it's free... sort of. You do need to buy heroes.

  • @Inustar Thanks for the suggestions! Most of those sound great! My wife has an odd disdain for Claptrap, so maybe not Borderlands, haha.

  • I'll list a few that my wife and I play together, it's rare when it happens cause we like playing the same games but they're 9 times out of 10 single player games lol.


    • Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Jolly shooting action, there's competitive multiplayer and co-op survival maps, with split screen as well)

    • Uncharted 4 (Same as above, minus the split screen, so you'd need two copies)

    • Divinity Original Sin

    • Diablo 3

    • Killing Floor 2 (Was free on PS+ before but pretty fun game with friends, lots of gore and shooting)

    • Destiny

    • Dying Light

    • The Division (Not for everyone I suppose, but it's fairly cheap to buy now)


    Well...the list is small here but we played Shovel Knight together!

    Otherwise "Tales Of" games allow you to have other people control your other party members if you're into that, I know some couples who do that.

  • I always forget Tales games support co-op in battles. That's gonna be great on Switch when whatever game it is comes out.

  • @ZyloWolfBane That's a lot of good info! Thanks!

  • Banned

    Diablo 3 is amazing in couch coop.
    Marvel Heroes is literally Diablo 3 with a Marvel skin. It actually has a pretty fair economy when it comes to feeding you content. Your first hero is free (with a few exclusions like more popular characters) but you get one for completing the game your first time, and Eternity Splinters come at a steady enough pace that regular play will get you a new hero in a not so ridiculous amount of time.
    Black Ops III has split screen and online coop for ALL modes. Dunno if you like CoD, but it can be fun for a run through.
    Bro Force is a really fun side scroller. Senseless shooting and decent humor.