Scorn trailer ripping off Undertale soundtrack?

  • So as everyone knows, Scorn released their first trailer for the game over a week ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but just couldn't shake the feeling that I've heard the opening snippet of the trailer's track / song before. I think I may be right.

    Undertale has a short 56 second track called Chill that plays in Napstablook's house -- the one that appears after you accept his offer to lie down, and chill while a cosmic background fades in & out on the screen. Go to #41 in the list on the official soundtrack's page:

    Now if we cut to the 0:13 second mark in the Scorn trailer we hear a large part of the above track albeit slowed, and more "produced":

    Sooo... dunno what else to say. Is this a problem, or am I making a mountain out of a nonexistent molehill?

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    Some songs follow very similar progressions, and for a song with like only 5 notes, I think it'd be hard for these songs not to sound similar.

    I'm definitely in the camp of molehill, and am not seeing copyright infringement mostly due the fact that in addition to these two songs, I've definitely heard this kind of song in other games and paces as well.

  • Eh it's already different at the third note. Scorn repeats the same two notes and builds on that.

  • I mean the Chill song is a parody of Drone and Vaporwave bands so I wouldn't say that it's even in the same ballpark.

  • They're similar but I wouldn't call it a rip off. There are plenty of songs like both of these that have existed much longer than either. They might have been inspired by Undertale or they could have just as easily been inspired by the numerous songs that came before it. Just as the song from Undertale could have been inspired by something else as well. They certainly aren't similar enough to warrant any copyright claims. They just have a similar vibe. It's also possible that they used the same VST to create each song so the instrument used could basically be identical. Which isn't unlikely given that both soundtracks are for relatively low budget games.

    Also, when you say something is more "produced" you're making it sound a lot more simple than it really is. The actual mixing and sound design in both of these tracks is very different and that's no small amount of work. To be frank, there is a lot more complexity going on in the Scorn track. The length of the notes, the notes themselves, and numerous textures differentiate them to the point that it would be pretty much impossible for the Scorn track to use anything from the Undertale track unless the composer had access to the original project file for "Chill".

  • Thanks for clearing things up, guys. I really appreciate it. :)

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    Undertale ripped off Yung Lean ripped off Macintosh Plus ripped off Espirit ripped off the Sega Saturn menu system.