Should i give up on zelda

  • @Oscillator It's a bad, 8-hour-long Zelda game in an open world game you can waste a whole lot more time in. There aren't even dungeons dude, don't make excuses for Breath just because it's trendy.

    The few new items are hit and miss; stasis is creative but magnesis is literally just moving metal objects. Past Zelda games would make you figure out creative ways to move things instead of just giving you an item that lets you directly manipulate them in 3D space. And cryonis exists only so they don't have to make the lakes explorable or make the swim speed half decent.

    The worst thing about the alleged Zelda aspect of the game is all of the metroidvanian elements are just removed. The item progression, removed. Learning new things about an item after you first obtain it, removed. The shrines are pathetic: obviously budget menial tasks. There's no intellectual challenge at all once you understand a rune's basic function, it's just going through the motions and occasionally fighting to get the physics system to do what you want.

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    @Oscillator It's a bad, 8-hour-long Zelda game in an open world game you can waste a whole lot more time in. There aren't even dungeons dude, don't make excuses for Breath just because it's trendy.

    The play clock on my Wii U says I've had the game on for 270 hours. What I say about it has almost nothing to do with what other people are saying.

    There's more to Zelda than just the gameplay. My #1 concern when I heard that Zelda was going open world was that the charm and atmosphere would be spread too thin. They aren't. The game still feels like Zelda thoughout.

    I agree that the key items and dungeons are lacking. But the flexibility of the runes and the variety of the shrine puzzles help make up for that. Not entirely, but they definitely take the edge off. One thing that I felt was painfully lacking (and neglected to mention in my review) was the minigames. Way too few for a world that large, and the ones that were there were too basic, too short, and only kind of fun.

  • @Oscillator Charm and atmosphere are subjective and, IMO, Breath of the Wild didn't feel like Zelda, it felt like Skyward Sword and that sanitized reinterpretation. Much of the NPC dialogue was weirdly joke-y but not really that interesting and the characters were, as a rule, shallow.

    But the rest of it is inarguable. Breath of the Wild literally removed the metroidvanian progression. You can not find new items and then go back through the world and use them to solve puzzles or access area you saw earlier but couldn't yet attain. There are no meaningful secrets left in Breath of the Wild. The game never changes and a Zelda needs to change.'

    So, I reiterate, if you want an new age open world title, Breath of the Wild is above average without breaking the copy past mold.

    If you want a core 3D Zelda game; Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess.

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    @Oscillator Charm and atmosphere are subjective and, IMO, Breath of the Wild didn't feel like Zelda, it felt like Skyward Sword and that sanitized reinterpretation.

    Could you elaborate on Skyward Sword? It's got problems, but I wouldn't call it sanitized. IMO, it tries too many new things for its own good.

  • Life is too short. Maybe just research into what Zelda games you may specifically enjoy and play those, but don't burn life playing games you don't enjoy.

    That fact you like the aesthetic is enough to make you a fan. You can settle at that.

    From experience, I regret forcing myself to play games. I LOVE The Witcher and I LOVE Dark Souls, but I've put down both TW3 and Dark Souls 3, for the time being, without regret.

  • The best Zelda game is called Alundra :)

  • @Haru17 but there are dungeons, you shouldnt have to lie to make points

  • @Haru17 "it felt like Skyward Sword and that sanitized reinterpretation"

    doesnt even make sense. skyward sword is very much a traditional zelda game. to say that this is like that but somehow completely the opposite doesnt really make sense

  • What's with these threads that pop up from time to time from a user with no posts or picture and asks or states the strangest thing to only disappear and never be seen again, while all the time the community battles it out in the thread.

    You've all been trolled.

    Watch me get proven wrong...

  • @CGamor7 just because someone is new doesn't mean they can't have an opinion many forum regulars would disagree with or ask a bit of an out-there question.

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    The best Zelda game is called Alundra :)

    Link to the Past is better imo, but close.

  • @DeweyDTruman I literally never said anything like that. I was pointing out a fact and it's strange that there's a few threads that pop up where the account has only one post and doesn't return to the conversation and is never seen again and or deleted. Nothing what I said was meant to be offensive in anyway. I would in no way ever not encourage new ppl to have an opinion or post.

  • @DeweyDTruman if they dont interact its kinda pointless.

  • Metroid is way better. Play that instead.

  • @Oscillator said in Should i give up on zelda:

    Could you elaborate on Skyward Sword? It's got problems, but I wouldn't call it sanitized. IMO, it tries too many new things for its own good.

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    skyward sword is very much a traditional zelda game.

    It's very easy to misunderstand Skyward Sword. People call it the story Zelda game because the characters are front-loaded but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's a generic damsel story where the plot totally stalls in the long first 3 and last 3 dungeons. Even Ocarina has a better story.

    I would call Skyward Sword the poorly made, Mario Galaxy-y Zelda. The world, town(s), main quest, and items were all screwed up. The Zelda team made Breath of the Wild not because they didn't want to make a core 3D Zelda game anymore but because they couldn't. No devs can anymore it seems.

    Breath of the Wild raised the quality bar a little higher that SS in terms of enemy quality, art style (the same style with less haziness and dry textures), but suffered from the same problems with a sparse overworld, a bunch of useless materials, a trope-dictated story, and an even less diverse cast of enemies (13 recolored basic enemies. Just 13.)

    And then of course Breath totally dropped the ball in terms of rewarding exploration, dungeons, and bosses. If you think Divine Beasts are dungeons... I dunno, play the good Zelda games to jog your memory. Real Zelda dungeons took 2-3 hours just to figure out and complete, Divine Beasts take about two hours in total.

    But to answer the question, Skyward Sword tried to combine more of a Mario aesthetic and level design with Zelda and failed. Breath emulated other open world games and made a much easier to play, much shallower one. I felt Skyward Sword pulled a lot of punches when the story threatened to get dark. Breath pulled less but still too many to give the story any impact ( the champions), which is especially relevant when you consider that The Wind Waker and Breath are both post apocalyptic games and glossing over darkness in the later case really ruined any stakes the game might have had if it were better-written.

  • @CGamor7 Having a name like "the_ghostmen" is sketch too. I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt and say it's not a troll but rather someone afraid to voice such an unpopular opinion on their main account looking for help.

    @the_ghostmen I got into Zelda with the 2D games when I was younger and never have your problem of not enjoying them really. Not jumping does kind of suck, but there's quite afew 2D Zeldas where you get a specific item later on that allows you to jump. Still can't jump up cliffs, but you can jump over enemies, projectiles, and over pits. Pretty fun stuff. For Wind Waker specifically, yes at the start of the game it sets you back if you don't go the way it wants you to, but get just a little further into the game and it'll let you go wherever you want that you can reach with your current set of items.

    The Zelda game I have trouble getting into was the original, because I didn't play that one when I was little and it's absolutely brutal at the beginning, then in my opinion gets easier as you acquire items and continue through it. What helped me push forward through that game was watching Damiani stream parts of it to get a basic idea of what I should be doing and should expect from the game. There's also a beefy instruction manual that can help you if you get completely lost, and if all else fails you can look stuff up. Just treat it like asking friends on the schoolyard what you're supposed to do next, sparingly when absolutely needed.

    All that out of the way, if you're just really not enjoying the games you don't have to play them. Hell, you can just watch someone else stream their way through them all, but avoid speedruns if you actually care about the story and the characters, which I assume is the part you're into. I do think there's a sense of satisfaction lost with the series when you're not personally the one overcoming the enemies and bosses, solving the puzzles, and navigating the worlds, but it's an option if the gameplay just frustrates you to no end.

    Lastly, as people said before, Breath of the Wild is very much worth checking out and forming your own opinion of. Don't mind the haters. Every Zelda has someone who doesn't like it, even Link to the Past! cough cough Kyle cough cough BotW is very much a full fledged Zelda game, just wrapped in a different package. Instead of long, intricate themed dungeons, you get the puzzles split up between a ton of little puzzle Shrines and the Divine Beasts which are like miniature traditional dungeons. Hell, the game is probably the most Zelda of 3D Zeldas with the exception of Wind Waker since the open world design more closely resembles the original Zelda. And while it doesn't shove a story down your throat with long cutscenes, the world is filled with enriching lore and sidequests to discover for yourself to make up for the barebones setup. Plus, it's just fun. Give it a go. Have fun. Maybe check out the Metroid franchise as Yoshi suggested on the side though, as that series seems to also possess the properties you're looking for in a game?

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  • @Haru17 thats not even true because as far as dungeons goes its the best in the series, and the story is far superior too. the only thing it fumbles is the way it reuses areas/ some bosses.

    also its hard to say that "even Oot has a better story" when in actuality Oot is among the best of the zelda stories, beating out windwaker without even trying.

    If you want to talk about bad zelda design its easily wind waker. Ocean sucks, Dungeons suck, Story sucks, Bosses are forgettable. Its only saving grace is a strong visual design.

    Breath of the wild in a lot of ways is another attempt at a windwaker world and works way better.

  • @Oscillator I never got the complaint about "no jumping" being that bad in the other 3d zeldas. the games were designed around automatic jumping so it never felt needed. If there was a gap you knew you were gonna make it, but it still felt like platforming. Jumping in other places would have just been a novelty.