PlayStation Experience 2017 Roommate

  • Hey EZA Family, I hope this okay, but I wanted to ask those of our community that are going to be in Anaheim the week of PlayStation Experience 2017 if they might come to mine (and potentially others) aid.

    I have a lot “wrong with me”, so to speak. Less than most people, but enough to be a problem when traveling from Missouri to California. I’m an epileptic (I get the worst of the worst kinds of seizures known as grand mal), I just started using as-needed anxiety medication, I’m on the Autism spectrum (not a whole lot, but I have bad days), and I have ADHD.

    So, if anyone’s willing, I’d love to have someone tag along with me while I’m in Anaheim. I’ll be going to Disneyland the day I get in (I haven’t been in over a decade), I’ve got a ticket to The Game Awards on the 7th, and of course PSX.

    Edit: Guess I should’ve mentioned what I would want out of a roommate. Haha. Not much, really. Maybe go and grab groceries/food every now and then? Stay with me on the streets of Anaheim. That sort of stuff. That all sounds very boring I know, but I would very much appreciate it. I’ll even indulge you if you know of a good sombas topas place down the street.

    When it comes to finances, since I’m asking such a hefty task, we’ll both pay 50% of whatever is used on the trip. Unless it’s for personal items (ie gear from PSX, The Game Awards will not be a 50% off item. Things like deodorants, other essentials like Uber (if you’re not renting a car), the hotel, food, and maybe even your flight out.