EZA PAX West 2017 Panel Video

  • Posted on Patreon. Per the post, will not go up on official Youtube due to source quality, does not appear to be exclusive or anything, I can see it and I'm not even logged into Patreon at the moment. I asked Jones for clarification on whether we can share the link or not, but considering it says we can share the link and again, I'm not even logged into Patreon and I can see it, I'm going to chance posting it here with the caveat that I may remove it.

    This was taken from a handycam type camcorder that was like 100 feet away from the stage with weird lighting, so I'm amazed it looks as good as it does. :)

  • Yep, Jones confirmed it via Twitter.

  • Good panel, nice to see sincere Bosman.

    Also, major kudos to the person that asked the Dave and Buster question. I had always wondered what happened at that meeting and what plans they were making at GT. Mystery solved!