[UK EZA] EGX in The NEC, Birmingham (21st - 24th September)

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    Anyone on the forums heading to EGX this year? I'll be heading over to London and Birmingham to meet some friends so I've tickets for the whole event (not sure if I'll go each day but probably will)

    I see that tickets are generally still available (bar Saturday). I've gone twice before, once in London and once in Birmingham and had a great time. I missed the last 2 years I think so I'll be interested to see if they've improved it at all in terms of queuing as that's generally awful still.

    Btw, you can book to try out PSVR if you're interested in that (wish more things did this)

    Anyway they're still announcing what's going to be there and dev sessions so looking forward to hearing some more on it.

  • I couldn't get the time off to go this year, but last time I went was in 2015, and got to meet Shuhei Yoshida.

    The queues for everything were still pretty terrible though, so hopefully they've figured out how to improve them.

    Oh, and if you're only going certain days, then don't go on Saturday. It's horrifically overcrowded.

  • @dramaticslowmo Oh, actually I was at that one too when Shu had a session.

    I know ya, Saturday is disgusting really. That will probably be like an indie day for me. I'll try and get whatever big hitters out of the way Thursday and Friday.