Destiny 2 (PS4/Xbox/PC)

  • Has anyone started a EZA 3?

  • @TheTaulbster I'm not sure. But I do know that it's pretty much impossible to search for a clan. I tried looking up the two clans we have now and if it wasn't for the link ppl provided there's no way I was able to find them. I'm sure someone will post here if a 3 starts up.

    I actually just looked this up. You pretty much can't search for clans until someone sends you a link. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

  • @CGamor7 Would it be possible to create a third EZA clan? The first two filled up SOOOO fast haha.

  • @DrewMakesBeats We can but we should figure out if there is one yet, be kind of weird to have 2 EZA3's, asking on group stream right now

  • @Bently454 True enough.

  • I am also interested in joining a clan, so if one doesn't already exist we could definitely make one. It sounds like enough people are still looking to join one

  • There is no 3rd EZA D2 Clan according to chat

  • @DrewMakesBeats @Bently454 @Tragosaurus

    someone just left EZA2. roster is at 99.

    May the odds forever be in your favor.

    I personally wont be making a clan since I dont have the time to run it. But i will update roster changes for EZA2 on here as best as i can since i get notifications.

    If your playing on anything else not PS4 i suggest making a xbox or bnet clan as EZA 2 is primarily PS4 and that would defeat the purpose if you wanted ppl to play with. But your choice. your welcome either way.

  • @CGamor7 I can't make one either, i already run a WoW guild

  • @CGamor7 What exactly would creating and managing a third one entail? I know nothing about the process. I would but may not be the best person if it's a commitment. I'll just try my luck at the EZA and EZA2 lottery. EZA says there are 97 members but then says it's full, I guess that count isn't totally reliable

  • @Tragosaurus I am not entirely sure. Maybe not a whole lot since the community is fairly active and people just want to play together. So far on EZA2 ppl just ask in the chat and usually someone will respond. There should also be information on the website.

  • The raid is in 12 hours. Would anyone like to play it blind? So we can be showered in the mystique and wonder?

    I'm a 270 Hunter and I'm on PSN as Sylux-VII. Message me and we can buddy up.

    Oh also I'm not in any of the clans because they're full. I've been bummed out about it since launch but hey ho this seems to be the next best thing for finding like minded people

  • Did someone here already make the clan? i just went to make it and Easy Allies 3 is already in use

  • Youtube Video

    this video pretty much sums up my opinion on destiny 2.

    Its controversial sure, but his handful of Destiny 2 videos are accurate.

  • @Stormcrownn I mean, how is this any different from setting the game to easy on another shooter campaign? it's meant to ease people in, there are heroic story missions at lvl20 he just didn't get that far apparently, Nightfall strikes are certainly hard he can try walking through that if he wants too. Just seems like a bunch of shock complaining without actual experience outside of the early game to back it up. I didn't bother watching the whole video because it devolved pretty quickly into people who enjoy Destiny 2 are wasting their time and are brain dead, constructive criticism this is not.

  • Banned

    I really think that complaining about the MSQ in Deesty 2 is idiotic. Destiny 1 had a piss easy main story, and didn't really get challenging until you hit the meta. Then HOOOOLY FUCK did it get hard. Heroics/Nightfall/etc were buttfuckingly hard if you weren't properly geared and knew what to do.

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    I just finished the main story, I think it was a great ending, I could see it coming and how it would play out, still really enjoyed playing through it in my fireteam!


    I still wonder what ship/base it was we saw in the post credit scene

  • @Lotias I think MyNameIsByf just put out a good video discussing the ending cutscenes. Him and Myelin are my sources into the truly interesting lore/side-stories. Really important now that lore bits are scattered throughout the world and hard to piece together.

  • @Bently454 D2 removed all difficulty options. The only challenge in the game shouldn't be a handful of missions that you repeat over and over. There's also the microtransaction situation.

    Calling the main campaign/story of the game and introduction/tutorial is just plain sad. Especially when the developer is Bungie.

    But then again they were right, people are throwing money at the screen.

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    @frasafrase aah thanks! gonan find that video later and give it a look! or could you link it to me in a PM please? :)