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  • @CGamor7 the most annoying thing is that when huber sent out the original link for V1 I joined on the destiny companion app but then never actually joined apparently, was rather annoying.. What kind of engrams are up for grabs cos im struggling to get past 271, the grind is reeeeeal

  • @Skippa Im 264 so i know the feeling lol. You get legendary Engrams when people beat the raid, trials of the nine, nightfall and crucible every week. So its potentially 4 a week. Not sure if there is more going on beyond that. But you and your friends could probably get away with doing all that as long as you make up the majority of the strike team. The clan also gets a perk for every level gained which happens fairly quickly with a lot of people.

  • @CGamor7 Yeah I saw primes clan level was super high like a day after it went up haha, bloody missed out. Ive been running strikes and crucible flat out but am only getting gear worse than what I have and every trials/raid group I try and join are all "Experienced finished the raid or a 2.5 kda" so I can never join to get experience required hahah thats why im hoping some allies will lend a hand

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    I am looking for some people to do this weeks trial of the 9 with! my active clan members did it without me! (bastards)

  • @Lotias said in Destiny 2 (PS4/Xbox/PC):

    I am looking for some people to do this weeks trial of the 9 with! my active clan members did it without me! (bastards)

    I'd be up for it after I wake up (Going to bed shortly), but I definitely couldn't guarantee a flawless win....or any wins for that matter lol.

    I'm alright in PvP, I either dominate or break even. Usually the latter.

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  • @Lotias I have yet to see this. I saw once the platforms your talking about and people fighting vex but when I re warped back to the area it was all gone. Do you know how to trigger the event?

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    @CGamor7 I think its just side quests.. I think, not 100% sure which platforms you mean, but yeah

  • @Lotias you said pillars, I thought platforms for whatever reason... Lol. In the area that you can fast travel too where you start in a giant tower and you can ride down or jump off is where I saw a bunch of platforms spawning with players jumping from each one fighting vex. I tried go get high enough to see wtf was going on but I couldn't so I fast traveled back to the top of the structure and everything was gone. Maybe one day I'll know... one day...

    It was all a dream...

    No I actually saw this. Might be a strike or side quest or something...

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    @CGamor7 Yeah! those are one of the adventures/side quests (orange markers) on the maps! ..either that or a patrol! it was a lot of fun and I kinda didnt expect it! its nothing story related but worth a playthough! just pick up quests in the nearby area and you should be able to do it

  • @Lotias you knlw what quest i really liked... it's pretty much nothing but following the music quest on Io. Just hearing that music from another time in the distance as you blast things with an added sense of mystery just made it a interesting little experience. I shoukd do more of the little quests. I feel like there is a lot to do in this one in comparison to the last.

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    @CGamor7 yeah I agree! there are a lot of things that really suprised me with this game compared to the first. There are a lot of these "small" moments. So far I must say that Cayde and Failsafe has stood for many of those moments. Also I just really like the vibe of nessus and earth, even if I just run around doing public event I really enjoy myself

  • anyone online that wants to run the Nightfall ? all the LFG sites are coming up short

  • @Skippa your on at 630 am my time. Thats to early for me lol. What time zone are you?

  • Seems like EZA3 doesn't exist. I was able to create it then delete it.

  • @CGamor7 im in Australia my friend

  • @Stormcrownn alright I guess that's that.

    @Skippa that sucks. Gonna be hard to find time to play. If I play I'm usually on for a good chunk of time Friday or Saturday night until 1 - 2 AM GMT. Sometimes both, but then I get small pockets of time around that.

  • @CGamor7 Yeah its rough trying to find partners over here, Ill be on all day today though just sitting in orbit trawling through LFG sites getting knocked back :(

  • Anyone else feel that strikes are so meh this time around. I feel like strikes should be more like nightfall, maybe a bit less and nightfall should be abit more.

    The strikes just feel like
    Running through an area shooting things with no effort. Their way to easy.

  • What factions are people choosing?

    I chose future war cult. I liked the future monarchy set for Warlock but I figured no one would choose it because the prize is a side arm... who uses those anyways lol.