Tooth and Tail (Linux, Mac, Playstation 4,Windows)

  • Hey Allies,

    Kinda just wanted to gauge the room, see if anyone else was interested in this RTS coming to PS4 and PC. Personally I freakin love the art style and concept, but I'm super luke warm on RTS, even more so ones on console (I'd be getting this on PS4). I was just wondering if anyone else had there eye on this really unique game.


  • As someone who grew up pretty obsessed with the Redwall series, I love the style of this.

    But not too into RTS, so while I appreciate the way it looks I won't be playing this.

  • I've been curious but.... THERE'S NO TIME. I'M DROWNING IN QUALITY GAMES.

    It's okay, no need to send help.

  • Wow this looks awesome! I've never played an RTS but I think this could be my first! I love the aesthetic, and am intrigued by the story.

  • I played it for a bit on PC but it wasn't really that appealing to me. The character also being the cursor just didn't click for me.

    Unfortunate, but it seems like a lot of people love it.