Easy Allies got me into building Gunpla!

  • I never knew much about Gundam and never enjoyed the anime, but the allies ability to enjoy Gunpla without even knowing much about the series really inspired me to get started.

    It took weeks after I actually decided I wanted to try it out before I actually started.

    I browsed the reddit for days, doing tons of research. I really wanted to get the perfect kit to start with.

    I went to my local shop called Otaku Café and they had a ton of kits their, I was overwhelmed and fluttering with excitement.

    I didn't recognize any of the kits, It was like I forgot everything about the models. One tip that the reddit mentioned was good for beginners is "Just pick a kit that you think looks cool."

    So after 2 hours of looking at kits in the store, I finally decided on my first kit. Helmweige Reincar. He carries a giant sword, probably the biggest I've seen on any kit to this day, so I had to have him.

    After that I became extremely addicted. I am someone who is very frugal and my spending was getting out of hand. I was building a new kit every week. My wallet was crying for help. Then a local sale on the gunplay sale facebook group popped up and I noticed he was in the same city as me!

    I asked him if he could cut me any deals If I buy multiple kits, I told him what kits I was considering getting and then he said "85 bucks for all of them" I wasn't sure if he was serious, I love a deal, and the kits he was selling were worth probably twice that. I ask if he is willing to throw in another kit he had for 5 bucks and he agrees, and finds another kit to add on for 10 more! Through chatting we found out that we already met each other the day before at a local hobby shop! That makes me less nervous to meet up in person to purchase.

    So we meet up in person and I walk away with more gunplay than I could have imagined, 7 different kits!

    Just wanted to say thanks and I'm having so much fun :D

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    Glad you enjoy them and join in! I think they are a real treat and they offer a nice "break" from the other streams that the allies have. I want to build a Gundam but it will have to be when I get money for it again. Good luck with your building! seems like you got quite the project ahead of you :)

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    I love a happy Gundam story

  • When you get bit by the Gunpla bug, it bites hard...it probably draws blood, lol.

    And...I don't want to be an enabler, but...yeah...check out this wiki that lists (w/ pics) basically every model there is.


  • I've been seriously considering purchasing a Gunpla Kit. I just started watching Gundam very recently. I have a friend who lives a few states over that was nice enough to mail me her Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz DVD's. I sent her my copies of Persona 4: The Animation (the original and better one) and the first three volumes of Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei in exchange. I was a little nervous to part with my copies of SZS since they're a little hard to come by these days, but it's worth it to finally see what the hype around Gundam is all about.

    I was inspired to start watching Gundam after I started watching the allies build Gunpla, it just seems like such a cool hobby to have. When I was in Los Angeles for the first time this summer for E3 I went to Little Tokyo after the showfloor had closed on the first day. Little Tokyo is probably my favorite place that I've ever been to now. Anyways, during one of the Gundam streams either Ben or Kyle, I can't remember which but I think it was Ben, mentioned that there was a store called Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo that sold a lot of anime stuff including Gunpla. What I didn't know was that Anime Jungle is actually like 4 separate store fronts and that one of them basically just sells Gunpla and other model kits. They all looked so cool and I really wanted to buy one but I couldn't fit a whole Kit in to my suitcase or my carry on bag so I wasn't able to grab one. I skipped out on a sick Jigen figure for the same reason. Ever since I visited Anime Jungle I've been thinking a lot about Gunpla, and I think once I've saved up enough for a Kit I'll definitely buy one. Probably a High Grade to start.

    This is the Model I'm Thinking About Now. But I want to verify it's authenticity before I buy, I'm always wary of bootleg merchandise especially for anime stuff.

    I'm really glad that you like building Gunpla so much! It really takes away a lot of my hesitation about jumping in. And it seems like you got an awesome deal!

  • I spend so much time studying for college and one of my favorite things to do is just unwind building a gunpla with a Gundam stream in the background.

  • @JamboHyland95 I'm in the same boat. The only difference for me is that I draw while I watch the Gundam Streams. It's really hard to write while listening to people talk but it's pretty easy to wrap up a sketch.

  • @michemagius If you're worried about legitimacy you could buy from a site like hobbylinkjapan, but from looking at that link, it looks pretty legit. From my experience with gunpla there's not an awful lot of bootlegging, though there are some 3rd party kits, but they're usually branded as such (Dragon Momoko is an example).

    Hearing about Jigen though just reminds me how nervous I am about my next build...

  • @Minamik Are you building something Jigen or Lupin III related?

  • @michemagius Yup. Just a little something related to Castle of Cagliostro.

  • @Minamik That's rad, I've never built anything related to anime. But if I was going to, something Lupin related would be high on my priorities list. I feel like the anime I want people to know that I watch is Lupin, I want that to be a part of my brand. A friend of mine gave me a Howl's Moving Castle papercraft as a getting out of the hospital gift but it's so complicated that I'm really nervous about actually attempting to build it.

  • @michemagius Before I started on Lupin's Fiat, I built a cheap car as practice. Maybe see if you can buy something to use as practice to build up a bit of confidence first.

  • @Minamik That's probably a good idea. I've always wanted to make a paper craft.

  • I had just gotten into Gunpla before the first building stream and it felt like fate. I now have three beautiful master grades (Amazing Red Warrior, Exia Dark Matter and the Nu Gundam Ver Ka) that hang out in my apartment. I just finished assembling the funnels for the Nu Gundam during the last stream. I have been trying to decide what to buy next and the options are just overwhelming!

  • @Carmichael Follow your heart! Buy it all! lol

  • Welcome to the hobby :)
    Did you know, if you build a few gunpla and leave them together for a while, it will multiply!
    How can anyone explain this phenomenon LOL

  • @WickedPony How can I hold all these gunpla?! :p

  • @Minamik I would if I could! I am thinking either the MG Justice or MG Freedom 2.0 next, but even the choice between the two is near impossible.

  • @Carmichael Roll the dice! Evens or odds.