Your Favorite Gaming Moments (SPOILERS..... Duh.)

  • Hello all!

    We all love gaming and talking about them. I've noticed we've discussed accomplishments, what are the best across so many categories, GOTY talks, etc., but we haven't put down the moments we've encountered that we will never forget, that made us gamers.

    Feel free to leave as few or many moments you had, impacting you for good, or in some cases, for ill. Be as curt or in-depth as you like! This is going to be too long to begin with so I'll keep to 15 moments that I'll always remember. I'll bold and italicize the titles so you can quick scroll to find any that stick out to you.

    For me, my favorite moments are:

    In Final Fantasy VII, the assault on Shinra HQ was the culmination of the opening hours of the game. With the fall of Sector 7, the effort to free Aerith, and bringing down the evil corporation, everything from the music, the layout of the floors, and having the option to sneak up 60 floors or go in the front door guns blazing all tie up together with the party leaving behind the only environment you've known, opening up the world for an epic adventure.

    Final Fantasy X is a rather divisive game and it takes some time to reach Bevelle, but from the moment the party defeats the Al Bhed Machina on frozen Lake Macalania to besting Seymour on Bevelle's Highbridge, the game's most impactful block of story holds many revelations, set-pieces, and great combat scenarios. Shame once you leave Bevelle, the game goes downhill just a little.

    Uncharted 4 is the best of the Uncharted series, and love it or hate it, the writing is at its best. There is no better example of this is when late in the game, Nathan and Elena have a serious conversation which they leave for later, but the silence when driving the jeep, punctuated with slight music, allows you to deal with the history these two have gone through

    The Last of Us doesn't hold back in it being graphic, but it's the quieter moments which are elevated because of this. The best example of this is after Winter. Once Ellie survives her encounter with David and subsequently found by Joel, you find the duo on the highway outside Salt Lake City. After slight scavenging and puzzle solving, Ellie discovers a giraffe. The game then directs you to take in a splendorous view in peace and calm, allowing to process the preceding high-anxiety and take a break, both in gameplay and mentally for as long as you like before a pulse-pounding conclusion.

    Few games, if any, are as convoluted and confusing, especially to outsiders, as Kingdom Hearts, but

    after a game's long quest to find and then restore main character Kairi to life, Sora sacrifices himself in order for this to happen. This would be one of the, if not most, important moments in the entire series.

    However, it's the sequel that has the best moment in the entire series. After initially helping Tron in Space Paranoids, Sora, Donald and Goofy are kicked out back to Hollow Bastion. What follows is for all intents and purposes a mini-war as the heroes from various Final Fantasies aid Sora, before he goes one vs 1,000 Heartless. For a campy set of games, this was the one time you feel like a badass.

    When thinking of emotional, the Gears of War series, doesn't come to mind. However, there are two that stand out. In the second game, there is a massive effort in searching of Dom's wife Maria in the backdrop of the humans taking the fight to the Locust hollow.

    In the fourth act, Dom succeeds, but what he discovers, is far worse than he could imagine. Hearing the Boltok shot while looking Marcus's face tells more in a few moments than all of the game had to that point.

    In Gears 3, after so much suffering, sacrifice, and solace, the last of humanity needs fuel and Delta Squad goes to Maria's hometown of Mercy. Six Gears arrive. Five leave.

    Dom sacrifices himself in order for the rest to survive. Marcus's reaction alone is the final death knell which triggers a sense loss like no other. While Dom's death doesn't irritate me, the fact Clayton Carmine survived because of this rubs me wrong.

    Pure fun is hard to intentionally create right out of the gate, but DOOM (2016) does this by starting you immediately killing demons, throwing away a monitor, grabbing the shotgun, and getting to work. Welcome to Hell. Well, Mars. But eventually Hell... aaahhh you get my point.

    Portal 2 has plenty of moments that many love. Waking GLaDOS, and going to the moon immediately jump out, but for me, finding your adversary, as a potato, in a bird's nest.... there's nothing more ludicrous in a game whose humor kept a permanent grin on my face.

    I don't play games that scare me, so you won't find anything from Resident Evil or Silent Hill here, but one series that did and does put me on edge is Left 4 Dead. In the sequel, during the Hard Rain campaign, you have to travel through the Sugar Mill to get some fuel for your boat. However, you're not told that the mill is home to not one, not two, but a plethora of Witches. And they don't sit still.... Never again.

    Ratchet and Clank probably bring thoughts of crazy weapons and tongue-in-cheek humor, but the most memorable moment in the series for me is quite a benign one. In Tools of Destruction the duo start in Metropolis, and I'll never forget the moment when I could start playing. But I didn't. You see, this was the first game I ever played for the PS3, and I was so taken by just how pretty it was (granted the 2016 reboot is the best, but at the time *whistles) with the graphics and all the background movement of the vehicles. Pretty surreal moment.

    Yes, how the original Mass Effect trilogy ended wasn't the greatest, but when you have something like the beginning of Mass Effect 2, where you DIE and then are brought back to life... Wow. I don't think I can remember a better start to a game (Yes, I know what I said above about DOOM. That's my third favorite opening behind this and FF VII's)

    2017 has had many a great moment in what seems to be the best year for games in at least a decade. Currently, my moment of the year belongs to Horizon: Zero Dawn when you discover just what that title literally means. The combat, the stories, the locales all are captivating, but when it becomes known what Zero Dawn actually is, the end of the game brings a moment of clarity and heartbreak I wasn't expecting.

    Finally, a game's best moment I didn't see in game, but in its reveal. Ori and the Blind Forest's reveal at Microsoft's briefing during E3 2014 was somber, sad, and beautiful. It sold me on the game, and because of that, I played the most artistically stylish game and I'm so excited for the Will of the Wisps.

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    Great thread! I always enjoy reading your posts @Brannox :)

    I am not sure where to start! I got so many memories through my gaming life that impacted me in so many ways.

    maybe start from most recent and work my way backwards... I guess there are many I will miss, but still! Also this will be in somewhat order that Ive played them, not necessary the order they got released in.

    Life is Strange: Not sure where to start and which spoilers to avoid. However, I will say that this is a game that impacted me on so many levels emotionally. I got around to playing this when it was free on PS+ and my friend had been on me for aaages to play this. I started by thinking it would just be some easy trophys, but got so much more. Its an episodic game with 5 episodes. However, the ending of episode 3 and 5 are the ones that reached me the deepest. I dont normally get super effected by stories in books/films/games like this, but here I cried and felt geniunely sad for a long time. Also the music in this game is perfection.

    The Last of Us: The opening of the game was so painful to watch, it was like taking a dagger to the heart. Having Joel losing his daughter really set the tone for the entire game and I think are one of the reasons he gets so protective of Ellie. Also do I even have to mention giraffs? such a great moment after all the fighting and chaos, this sudden moment of peace and calm hits so right and you get a moment to just stop, take in everything and reflect on what you are seeing, where you are going and where you've come from.

    The Crew: I know what you are thinking. "What? a random mediocer racing game? how can that be so special?". Well for me it was not so much the story rather than a few specific moments which really struck home with me. I had been doing this long hard race and felt really exhausted after it finishing inside of grand canyon. I got out to the world again where I met a whole bunch of other players standing around and drifing around each other. We use the horn of our vehicles to kinda communicate and then we start to drive through this huge valley. We weave around each other and this calm melodic music kicks in for the first time. I get this huge grin on my face and I feel every hair of my body standing right up as we just drive. It was so smooth, so calm and so beautiful. One of the moments I will remember.

    Mass Effect 2: This is also one of those games I played because my friends nagged me about it. I played through the first game and absolutely loved it. Then I started the second game and oh my god! That opening with the ship being attacked, things explodes and you and your crew are trying to get out this inferno of fire and chaos in the middle of space. Seeing sheppard falling down towards the planet with a leaking space suit had me sitting there with a super high pulse and a mouth wide open. Just wow!

    Zone of the Enders 2: The whole game is a buildup from the intro video until the very end. Kojima really manages to tell a story that gripped me and moved me. A story about friendship, revenge, doing whats right and its so powerful. I will just leave this with one of the powerfull converstations of the game "Fight for the right things, at least for the things that you believe in" "So who's second hand?" "....your father".

    Oh I see that my post is getting kinda long, guess I will just do a few for now then come back and post again later.

    Final Fantasy IX: One of my absolute favourite games of all time. I remember buying this with my older brother and taking it home to play. Everything in this game are so great! the world feels genuine, the great music, great characters, amazing story. However, the most powerful bits I would say are the "you are not alone section" where Zidane which normally are such an upbeat and hopeful person struggles with existance crisis. Also the ending of where Zidance comes back to the group had me in tears of joy <3

    Pokémon Red: Picking my first pokémon ever at the start of what would become a great adventure is something I'll never forget. Squirtle was mine and we instantly became BFFs

  • @Lotias Thank you very much Lotias! Likewise, I enjoy your posts as they ooze optimism and jolliness! Great picks on your favorite moments!

  • This thread is kind of impossible in my mind, as it literally just covers everything, spoilers and all. Sure, I too sometimes get the urge to just share my feelings with/to others about certain moments in games as they're just so incredible and unforgettable, but I still think those thoughts should go into their respective threads.

    The use of spoilers also bothers me, as they seem to be focused on deaths, but for instance in my book that scene in The Last of Us shouldn't be open like that for people to see, as it truly was something amazing to experience and witness for the first time.

    Sorry for being so negative. :/ Nothing personal. I just find this troublesome.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Yeah I see what you mean and kinda agree to it. At the same time I think its up to the poster to mark out each title in bold or something so its easy to spot. Then its up to the reader and be like "I havent played this game, I will come back and read that part later". I know its not ideal and some people cant resist to read, but since the thread are marked with spoilers, I think its fair to do.

  • @Lotias Sure. And to be fair, you both did mark the games you were talking about very clearly, so it was easy to see what was the topic and decide if I should read it or not.

  • A bonus one and a massive oversight from my original list.

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Joker. Enough said.