Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!

  • Out of all the 3rd parties, I'd never have expected Rockstar and Bethesda to be porting stuff to the Switch. Being honest though, a port of Fallout 4 would have been much more preferable to my tastes than Skyrim. Some weird perception thing about how Fallout is more guns so the outdated gameplay doesn't bother me as much as Elder Scrolls does.

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    I'm just wondering how they will get Doom and Wolf 2 to run on the Switch when they had to downgrade fucking Skyrim to near last gen levels to get it working on the hardware.

  • What are you guys talking about? Skyrim Switch looks like the remaster.

    And Doom and Wolfenstein are just pretty level-based shooters. It's open world games you should be worried about running on Switch.

  • PS4/XB1 to Switch is nothing like PS3/360 to Wii. Is it that unimaginable?

  • @El-Shmiablo In addition to what @Haru17 said, Doom and Wolfenstein's engines (id Tech6 and id Tech5, respectively) are apparently much better optimized that the Creation Engine, which is used by Skyrim and Fallout 4

  • I don't think either doom and Wolfenstein are the types of games I would like to play on the switch, but hey the more options the better.

  • Now to see if they put the effort in to be a good port...or to be another Arkham City, haha.

  • @Yoshi said in Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!:

    @suplextrain Wolfenstein 2 isn't an old game. what are you babbling on about? lol

    Doom and Skyrim are, as well as a couple of other old 3rd party games. Either way the 3rd party support is pretty lacking for the Switch, but that shouldn't really come as a surprise for numerous reasons. Also people don't get Nintendo home consoles for 3rd party games, so all the begging for them seems strange to me.

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    The hat represents the other platformers that Mario be steppin' on. The taxis are trampolines too XD

  • Strong Direct overall I think. As much as im hyped for a lot of games inc Xenoblade(december 1st cant come soon enough), I find myself rewatching that Octopath traveler trailer over and over, its quite stunning! Downloading the demo now actually. Nintendo seems to be in a really good place right now.

  • Since i enjoyed 'i am setsuna'.

    Im looking forward lost sphear.

  • I think I'm in on the Switch, I want that Odyssey bundle. Nintendo, let me pre order it!

  • That wasn't very good, still only 2 Switch games I want.

  • My thoughts on the Direct:

    • Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon still didn't make a case for itself. Why does this game even exist (apart from making easy money of course)?? This was one the 4 showcase titles and all we learned is that it has a couple new areas, a couple new Pokémon, a couple new clothes, and... that's it? This is meagre DLC sold as a full title. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until release but so far this is an insulting proposition from Game Freak, and my interest level for it is below 0.
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 keeps looking better and better, I particularly enjoyed the focus on the different kingdoms/factions, it seems like the lore is pretty rich. And it's got a release date!
    • Project Octopath Traveler looks interesting, I love the mechanic of picking an origin and having unique mechanics for each character. It's rare to see a JRPG actually focusing on the RP part. I'll give the demo a whirl tonight!
    • DOOM and Wolfenstein II, huge surprises! It will also feature all the DLC. Now I'm facing a dilemma, buy Wolfenstein at launch or wait for Switch? It's very encouraging to see Bethesda go all out on the Switch. If only Capcom followed suit...
    • Super Mario Odyssey, no need to say anything, just give me the game now!!
    • No other big news really, I'm still not sold on Fire Emblem Warriors, it does nothing to impress me, and way too many Fates characters.

  • Capcom will get there with their new games (they've already released a good handful of stuff on the system). I think even Monster Hunter: World could get there when its expansion comes out, it's still just launch year. Remember, Nintendo still doesn't have Netflix on the thing yet — we're early adopters.

    And on waiting for Wolfenstein Switch, Mario already shaves a month off of that wait. It could be a long wait, but so was Tomb Raider PS4. Backlogs, the holidays, just generally being a slow gamer — there are plenty of ways to not play Wolfenstein until it's out on the Nintendo.

  • 3rd party support..of games that everyone already yeah.
    With better graphics and framerate to boot.

  • @warweeny Well now. I think that's probably overstating it. The PS4/XB1 will more than likely always have the better running 3rd party game bar the odd anomaly.

  • After checking out more of the things from the direct yesterday, I gotta say I'm feeling pretty good about the switch's future, which is a great turnaround considering that before it launched I was sure it would run into the same issues the Wii U did, but having a pretty decent library less than a year after release, showing good support for small games and more willingness from third parties to jump in, it seems like my worries for the system are no longer valid, or at least not as much of an issue as of now.

    And yeah there may not be many new games from third parties yet, however games are not made from one day to the other, and I'm sure third parties wanted to get a good idea of the state of things before committing too much into it, and if they keep with the current track I think we will start seeing that support coming.

  • Let's see how Wolfenstein II will cost more on Switch than PS4 and XB1 because of the cart. Also they will release Doom for at least 60 when you can get other version for much less.

  • @warweeny people have played Wolfenstein II already have they?

    yeah that's what i thought. nice cherrypicking though while completely ignoring wolfenstein.

    and have fun counting the polygons and frames per second while us Switch owners busy playing the games on the go rather than being tethered to our TV's