Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!

  • @suplextrain i'm not ignoring those games. games like Skyrim & Rayman Legends etc are indeed old games.

    but whenever i bring up those games to suggest that Nintendo's 3rd Party support is starting to look much better, surprise surprise! people shoot me down and go "B-B-But Those aren't NEW games!"

    and to the people that act like that, yeah, no shit. it's called testing the waters to see if the Switch is actually a successful console in the first place. if 3rd Parties can make money off old games, then OMFG! then they can probably make even more money off their new games they put out too. and guess what. Bethesda has seen that the Switch has been bloody successful on the marketplace, they've had a much easier time deciding to make newer games for the system like DOOM and Wolfenstein after originally testing the waters with Skyrim.

    no point risking making ports of new games when ports of old games are much quicker and far less cheaper to port.

  • In case anyone was looking to, you can buy/pre-order several of the announced items from the Direct now at GameStop.

    For anyone who's curious, US prices for Doom and Wolfenstein II are $60, Xenoblade Pro Controller is $75, Octopath is $60, and Switch Odyssey Bundle w/case is $380. Of course, I imagine these prices are subject to change.

  • @warweeny well I don't know who you mean by everyone but saying that everyone has played those games is certainly an exaggeration, I'm myself probably one of the few people in the world that have yet to play Skyrim, I don't know if I'll do it on the Switch, but giving me an alternative to play it outside of the house certainly makes it more likely and I would imagine that same is true for other people for other games, so this seems like a much better start for 3rd party support for the switch that what Nintendo has had in the past.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!:

    I'm just wondering how they will get Doom and Wolf 2 to run on the Switch when they had to downgrade fucking Skyrim to near last gen levels to get it working on the hardware.

    idTech 6 is black magic. DOOM runs spectacularly at Ultra even on rather old cards. Turn the Textures down ever so slightly and they'll get it running at 60 on Switch easily.

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    @Yoshi The comparison on the cost of Switch games to games with 4k would be more appropriate if people were actually being charged extra for the 4k versions.

    You seem to be fine with it but if prices of Nintendo 3rd party games are consistently more expensive all the time, it will hurt them and in turn, those 3rd party publishers.

  • @Yoshi said in Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!:

    but whenever i bring up those games to suggest that Nintendo's 3rd Party support is starting to look much better, surprise surprise! people shoot me down and go "B-B-But Those aren't NEW games!"

    The point is that many upcoming 3rd party games have not been announced to come out for the Switch. Calling it Deja Vu whenever someone says "why isn't this coming to the switch" for new game announcements would be the understatement of the year.
    Having newer games coming out for the switch as well is far better since you run less of a risk of people already having played those games.
    For example, at this point if you haven't played Skyrim already then you must've only owned on 3DS, Wii and WiiU. But if that's the case then Skyrim probably doesn't interest said person anyway.

    Nintendo home consoles haven't exactly been good places for 3rd party multiplats (or 3rd party in general). So investing time and money into porting a bunch of 3rd parrty games just wouldn't be worth it.

    no point risking making ports of new games when ports of old games are much quicker and far less cheaper to port.

    It's not any easier or quicker to port older games. I can't imagine that Doom is easier and quicker to port than say Wolfenstein New Colossus. It's not like there are any guarantees said ports of older games will turn out well either (see Rayman on switch).

    i don't think that the Switch will get most 3rd party multiplats, so if someone is interested in 3rd party games then investing in a PC/Xbox1/PS4 would be wise. Especially considering how well the PS4 is doing.

  • I don't understand the logic of "paying more for a console and portable version" either. You aren't doing that. You are paying more just because it is newer. People paid their dues when they bought the fucking console, and shouldn't be charged extra for inferior versions because "portability lol".

    Also, I believe the Switch isn't getting newer games because, well, it simply can't handle them.
    Bethesda's games have been considerably parred down just to run at 720p docked. Personally I'm blown away that Doom looks as good as it does on Switch, but then again Id are fucking code wizards so that makes sense.

    Anyway, if I get a Switch at some point it will be for first party exclusives. I'm not going to suffer an inferior experience just so I can brag about being able to play my shit on the bus. Give me higher resolutions and smoother gameplay any day.

  • It's neither paying more for portability nor new console tax, it's because switch carts cost more to manufacture

  • It's not the first time that DOOM is on Nintendo platform, so I don't know why people are acting like "How Nintendo would let something like DOOM on it's console". This marks a fifth time DOOM game is released on a major Nintendo console, as Original DOOM was released both on SNES and GBA, DOOM II was on GBA as well and N64 had it's own DOOM 64, which is regarded as a Spin-Off title, but it was made by ID together with Midway.

    That said, I would be interested to Rip and Tear on the go. We'll see how it plays out.

  • I hate my switch, and that's extremely rare for me to say as I buy literally any console I can get my hands on. The Wii U was much more appealing a year on, which I when I bought it. I honestly can't believe the Switch I doing remotely well with the bollock all I has on it and coming up. Yes I want Mario, but seriously....

    There were some attempts at 3rd party on Wii U, but it didn't help. Mass Effect 3 to Darksiders 2; waste of f'ing time. I also recently found the Switch has no internet browser. What a joke.

  • @Sheria Hve you tried the Octopath demo?

  • @jipostus i haven't seen a single person say that.

  • @El-Shmiablo I've seen quite a few. But then again, they're mostly 18 years old or younger.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou said in Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!:

    @Sheria Hve you tried the Octopath demo?

    No. What is it? I haven't switched my Switch on for a month as I hate Zelda and find the Vita much better as a portable.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 2017 for the Switch is like 2013 for PS4 and XB. The difference is Nintendo has to frontload their first party titles.

    I've only ever launched my PS4 web browser once and it was an accident, but yes, we should have heard about Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube by now.

  • @Sheria New Squeenix RPG. Sprite characters in fucking gorgeous a pixel stylized 3D world (like if you stand still and kinda squint it would look like incredible pixel art.) with 8 different characters who have different abilities and stories.
    Got a major SaGa Frontier vibe.

    Overall the direct was neat. My hype levels for Mario have gone from completely meh to FUCK YEAH, and the Switch is really kicking it into high gear with those JRPGs.
    Nintendo are clinically retarded for not making Mario Party The Top 100 a Switch title.
    That new mainline Kirby looks baller af.
    Doom looked really bad compared to the previous releases, and I think the reason they didn't show any New Colossus is because they aren't confident in the product and it will probably have to be even more parred down than Doom to run properly. Same with Skyrim and jesus christ did Rocket League look hideous. The textures were blurry as hell and where was the grass?

    Overall third party complete meh save for a select few while first party was pretty fantastic.

  • @El-Shmiablo Doom and Skyrim looked indistinguishable from their crossplatform versions unless you're holding them side by side. Moreover, Wolfenstein hasn't even gone gold for the crossplatform systems, they'll show gameplay when they have it running on the system presentably, not before.

    Moreover, either everyone's complaining about gray and brown games last gen was totally hypocritical or Octopath deserves the same critique — much of the game is literally under a sepia filter. Really now, there were 2D games that looked much better a decade ago. Octopath just looks like a lot of granular, not or just not noticeably animated pixel art.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The last game was made by a guy, let alone something developed and published by Square Enix that's probably going to cost $40-60.

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    @Yoshi I dont know if you try to be funny or make a point, but that was an unnecessary way of doing it. be nice.

  • @Sheria An exclusive JRPG by SE, it was shown at E3 the 1st time, Project Octopath Travelers. There is a demo of it in the US store (it's not in the german so I dunno if other EU countries got it, the demo itself is multilingual). I thought it was pretty cool.

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