Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!

  • @El-Shmiablo I've seen quite a few. But then again, they're mostly 18 years old or younger.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou said in Nintendo Direct: Literally NintenDOOMED!:

    @Sheria Hve you tried the Octopath demo?

    No. What is it? I haven't switched my Switch on for a month as I hate Zelda and find the Vita much better as a portable.

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  • 2017 for the Switch is like 2013 for PS4 and XB. The difference is Nintendo has to frontload their first party titles.

    I've only ever launched my PS4 web browser once and it was an accident, but yes, we should have heard about Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube by now.

  • @Sheria New Squeenix RPG. Sprite characters in fucking gorgeous a pixel stylized 3D world (like if you stand still and kinda squint it would look like incredible pixel art.) with 8 different characters who have different abilities and stories.
    Got a major SaGa Frontier vibe.

    Overall the direct was neat. My hype levels for Mario have gone from completely meh to FUCK YEAH, and the Switch is really kicking it into high gear with those JRPGs.
    Nintendo are clinically retarded for not making Mario Party The Top 100 a Switch title.
    That new mainline Kirby looks baller af.
    Doom looked really bad compared to the previous releases, and I think the reason they didn't show any New Colossus is because they aren't confident in the product and it will probably have to be even more parred down than Doom to run properly. Same with Skyrim and jesus christ did Rocket League look hideous. The textures were blurry as hell and where was the grass?

    Overall third party complete meh save for a select few while first party was pretty fantastic.

  • @El-Shmiablo Doom and Skyrim looked indistinguishable from their crossplatform versions unless you're holding them side by side. Moreover, Wolfenstein hasn't even gone gold for the crossplatform systems, they'll show gameplay when they have it running on the system presentably, not before.

    Moreover, either everyone's complaining about gray and brown games last gen was totally hypocritical or Octopath deserves the same critique — much of the game is literally under a sepia filter. Really now, there were 2D games that looked much better a decade ago. Octopath just looks like a lot of granular, not or just not noticeably animated pixel art.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The last game was made by a guy, let alone something developed and published by Square Enix that's probably going to cost $40-60.

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    @Yoshi I dont know if you try to be funny or make a point, but that was an unnecessary way of doing it. be nice.

  • @Sheria An exclusive JRPG by SE, it was shown at E3 the 1st time, Project Octopath Travelers. There is a demo of it in the US store (it's not in the german so I dunno if other EU countries got it, the demo itself is multilingual). I thought it was pretty cool.

  • @jipostus

    I think that over the past 10 years Nintendo has presented itself as a console manufacturer for the family environment. The only exceptions I can think of is ZombiU, the occasional Resident Evil, and Mass Effect 3, and even that pales in comparison to DOOM in terms of Mature content.

    It just comes as such a juxtaposition when compared to the Mission Statement we've come to expect from Nintendo.

  • @Yoshi But isn't Wolfenstein coming to Switch in early 2018? I do agree though, as I did not expect there to be much (if any) third-part support for it. But I think Fifa 18 is a big statement showing that it can be done. We'll just have to wait to see how it runs and the sales for the Switch Edition in comparison to PS4 and XB1.
    Doom however seems great for the Switch, lovely little pick up and play type game, however the main one I'm still waiting for is Rocket League. That will just be devoured when I get it (technically for the third time, after PS+ and PC). Can't get enough of it.
    So yeah. Third part support to a degree, let's hope it continues to gather momentum.

  • @Lotias i was making and emphasizing a point by using sarcasm obviously.

    the internet is on basically every single other electronic device in the world. you don't need it on this one as well when you already have it on everything else. out of the all the complaints made about the Switch and Nintendo, i find the no internet complaint the most baffling one of them all.

  • @Yoshi There is somewhat of a distinction between acting like a huge cockhead publically and "making a point using sarcasm". Come on dude, I thought you had grown up.

    I think it has less to do with the system not having a browser, and more to do with it not coming with features that were standard in consoles a decade ago.

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  • Will be honest, did NOT expect to see Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus hitting Switch. Guess iD Tech 6 was even more scalable than I thought.

    Can't say anything about Wolfenstein II yet (obviously) but, bad port aside, Doom will make for an excellent buy for Switch gamers.
    Will also be nice to play Skyrim on the go. (and it's nice to see the Link-related gear will NOT be Amiibo exclusive)

  • @Haru17

    I get Tony Hawk's Pro Skater combo vibes from that. No game has quenched my thirst for that type of fluidity since that series.

  • @ChaosBahamut
    ID Tech 6 is almost some black magic stuff, I will say I'll happily buy DooM again.
    I do wonder if there will be any Nintendo stuff thrown into DooM or Wolfen 2 (Chainsaw replaced with Master Sword?)

  • @DMCMaster
    Or a mode that replaces all the Cacodemons with flying Koopa Troopas.

  • @GoTaco It's pretty sick isn't it? The dive into the hat trampoline. And this is a game with so many unique power ups / captures on top of mini games and underwater mechanics — the dive looks to have a whole contextual animation shoreside as well as a bit of glide beneath the surface.

    I just hope the Sunshine super slide out of a dive will return along with the rocket nozzle which got turned into a capture, maybe contextually in levels with standing water.

  • I was blown away by Mario - like, that's an overused phrase, but it's incredibly apt this time. Like Kyle I had to just look away for most of it because holy hell, there's a lot going on that I want to experience myself

    Xeno2 was cool and confirmation of 2017 is all I needed. Octopath is rad. EO5 demo on the 3DS was rad. I'm looking forward to the 3DS being retired, but it's having a good time of it.

    Still, biggest bummer? No Animal Crossing. I mean hell, I'm literally in the process of Kickstarting an AC-clone so a new AC would probably hurt me a lot, but I was desperate for something. Anything!

    I don't even want to play the mobile game, but the fact that it was delayed and then just hasn't been talked about at all is so mysterious to me. It's been half a decade since New Leaf, and the Switch (and the WiiU!) are both perfect Animal Crossing platforms. Yet we've heard nothing - not even a teaser

    Where is it?!

  • @WarpDogsVG well you did get Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer in 2015

    also the 3DS hasn't even been out for a decade yet and Animal Crossing New Leaf came out less than half a decade ago. the game only came out in 2013. literally 4 years ago. Animal Crossing fans aren't anywhere close to being starved for entries in their series. not like Metroid fans were.

    i personally will never understand the appeal of animal crossing. basically just feels like a clone of the sims.