Rank The Significance: Resident Evil Edition

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    Greetings Allies! I know it's not quite October yet but I'm personally already getting in the spirit of the season, gearing up to start The Evil Within (and finish it this time!). I wanted to start with a shorter franchise than last week's but one that has equally impacted the industry.

    What is it? - A list compiled by the community where voting lasts an entire week (from Wednesday to Wednesday) showing off what we find to be most (and least) significant.

    How do I contribute? - Just comment with your list and I'll tally it in post-haste. Your list should have the most significant at the top and go in descending order, with the bottom-most entry being what you care the least about. If you want to explain all of your ranking or some, that's encouraged, although not required.

    How does it work? - Similarly to some of the "Best" lists that have been created here, each entry will be assigned a point value. The least significant receives one point, the entry above two points, etc. All entries must be placed in your ranking or your ranking won't be counted. Once you've placed your ranking, no editing will be allowed to avoid confusion.

    What is "significance"? - Although this is intended to be more of a personal ranking, you can interpret significance however you wish. Whether that means the game's impact on the industry comes into play, or your inability to even take a crack at the game in question, you are the creator of your own metric for evaluating significance.

    If someone's list correctly matches up with the community's list, they receive the right and responsibility to help choose a list in the future. In the event of a tie, that right and responsibility is null and void.

    That's enough of the rules. Let's eat some brains! Here's our contenders. One thing I want to clarify with this particular list is that the first entry does NOT refer to the remake - although you could factor in the fact that it's the only game in the franchise (so far) to have a remake released.

    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 3
    Resident Evil 4
    Resident Evil 5
    Resident Evil 6
    Resident Evil 7

  • Final Rankings :

    50 points - Resident Evil
    48 points - Resident Evil 4
    48 points - Resident Evil 2
    40 points - Resident Evil 5
    40 points - Resident Evil 7
    36 points - Resident Evil 3
    18 points - Resident Evil 6

    Last user ranking added: Axel

    Total rankings added: 10

  • I have never, and will never, play an entry in the Resident Evil franchise, however I WILL provide a list from the outsider's prospective.

    RE 4 - This is at the top for what I perceive as the most beloved entry in the franchise from the most discussion I've seen around the series. Simply put, I here this game in more positive and frequent conversation than any other.

    RE 2 - Not gonna lie, this placement is solely because of Mr. Huber. His passion for this game, always willing to stream a specific run-through, and his call of hype for the reveal of the remake's gameplay EVERY press conference pre-show (where it's applicable ;-] ) is enough to sell me on its quality

    RE 7 - This is the ONLY game I've seen played from beginning to end, courtesy of the stream much earlier this year, and I'll repeat what I said in one of the Community Comments videos: It was like staying up all night, gaming with friends, and having a jolly time, that brings a sense of nostalgia and joy few things can and I'm super happy to have watched it.

    RE - I couldn't go any further before adding the one that started it all and let's not forget the most iconic jump scare in gaming. !@#$%^& Dog.

    RE 3 - Next, the concept of an overwhelming enemy, constantly pursuing you, able to appear at any time, and being one of gaming's most monstrous creatures provides a sense of dread, tension, and anxiety that many games fail to do today, and Capcom must be given credit for its implementation of Nemesis.

    RE 5 - This is probably the "Process-of-elimination-for-placement" entry. Having co-op seemed like a neat idea, but from what I gather, this is when the series started going off of the rails.

    RE 6 - Much like 4's spot for praise, so is 6's for disdain. I believe this to be the majority-held lowest game of the franchise.

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    Instead of being such a dang goobus like I was in the FF thread, I'll actually contribute to this one ON TIME!

    RE5 - People say it was a casualization of RE4's systems, but I saw it as more of a refinement. Streamlined inventory, perfected mechanics, and some of the finest co-opin' vidya has to offer. I play it at least once a year, own it on 3 different platforms, and simply love this game. Top RE, and in my top 5 games ever, hands down.

    RE4 - Shit revolutionized the entire third person shooter genre. Sure it doesn't seem all that special now, but I remember countless summer nights getting high and playing this with my buddy.

    RE1 - Just a fucking classic. Not much else to say.

    RE7 - People can bitch about the perspective change all they want (Did you know the first RE was originally going to be first person, but they changed to third because of technical limitations?) but this was as close to a return to form as you can get for a series. Would have liked the protag to be a little more fleshed out, but hey what are you gonna do.

    RE2 - Survival Horror goes to the big city!

    RE3 - Never played.

    RE6 - Objectively bad. Jumps the shark in the first 15 minutes, and proceeds to continue jumping it every 5 minutes until the game is over. Terrible design choices and broken mechanics mean it isn't even a good game when viewed in a vacuum. I will fight a bitch over this.

  • I'm not sure why Zero isn't included.

    Resident Evil 2 - An absolute classic, and its use of two scenarios running side by side was great. I've beaten this game so many times that I've lost track.

    Resident Evil 1 - Almost as good as 2 to be honest, in fact, some days I want to admit it is better. It has the best scenario in my opinion as it's delivers the most mystery and least action in the series.

    Resident Evil 3 - So similar to 2 really, but that doesn't really hurt it as a game, just its initial and overall impact.

    Resident Evil 7 - A really good return to form for both the series, and the genre in a way. Yes it is first person, but they put the "Adventure game" back into what clearly had turned into a simple TPS with 4. VR is just icing on the cake.

    Resident Evil 5 - I kind of put this on par with 4. To complain about the reduced horror in comparison to its predecessor is silly in my opinion, 4 barely covered that area either. In comparison, its co-op let it down, but its story relevance this time took it up. Overall though, it is that story aspect as well as Wesker's appearance that makes me put it above 4.

    Resident Evil 4 - Stand alone, I really like the game, but it still kind of killed the series. To remove the exploration, backtracking and searching for key items took away the best aspects of the genre for me. To add to that injury though was the fact that the beta version of RE4 (with the ghost-hook guy) actually looked really good. Overall, I'm just never going to like a TPS over what we call "traditional" survival horror games.

    Resident Evil 6 - Dire, from start to finish.

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    I'll proly sit this one out as I have not played enough RE to do a list justice.

    Question though, where can I see the result of the final fantasy list?

  • my experience with RE is let's say limited to not say non existant, but since doing silly stuff in this types of threads is common place I'll throw a wrench at things for shits and giggles.



    RE 3

    RE 7

    RE 1

    RE 4

    RE 2

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    @Lotias It was compiled near the end if the thread.

    @bard91 literally hitler

  • RE4 - It's in my top 5 games.
    RE5 - Had fun playing through this with my brother.
    RE2 - It's iconic, I'm somewhat interested in it.
    RE - Iconic as well, I even have the remake ready to go.
    RE6 - I don't know. I have some disturbing interest in this.
    RE3 - Nemesis feels too threatening, I don't want to feel pursued.
    RE7 - Shit, this seems simply too scary.

  • @SabotageTheTruth RE4 should have 13 points after the first two lists. 7p and 6p.

  • I haven't played 7 yet, so I can't give it a fair chance. That said, here's my list:

    Resident Evil 4 - In my opinion, this is great title all around. It's scary, yet corny at the same time, it's great. It has some good sense of humor, while getting tense every once in a while. And it managed all this while being a escort mission? Plus, the Wii edition of this is phenomenal, loved the controls on that.
    Resident Evil 3 - I had great fun with this, and I will always remember my victory over Nemesis using only knife while he had a rocket launcher. I went to pick up bunch of items to deliver them to the container, but he managed to surprise me, and I decided to take him on instead of running.
    Resident Evil 2 - Great storytelling, and legitimately scary.
    Resident Evil - When I first played this, it gave me nightmares. Now, it remains a horror classic in it's own right, and rightfully so, though stick with the remake, there's no real reason to play the PS1 original over that remake.
    Resident Evil 7 - From what I've heard, it made RE great again, for real. Have yet to experience it myself, but I can believe it's much better than the dumbsterfire that is RE6.
    Resident Evil 5 - I didn't have anyone to play this with, so it was a miserable experience for me to play through this. Also, it took more serious tone, which in my mind is not what RE is. RE needs some "cheese" to spice it up, if you ask me.
    Resident Evil 6 - I think we can all agree (for real) that 6th entry in this frachise is a dumbsterfire that should be forgotten. If you're morbidly curious, do as you please, but don't say you weren't warned.

  • I only like resident evil 7. rest are imo mediocre games. especially resident evil 4 was one of the most overrated game of all time. 5 and 6 are just bad.

  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil 2

    Resident Evil 7

    Resident Evil 3

    Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 5

    Resident Evil 6

    See a trend? I only put 7 above 3 because 3 is more of 1 and 2 and 7 was a nice way to get back to the feel of resident evil. Never played 4 but seen plenty if it and was the start of the decline of the series. Things only got worse after that until 7.

    1 and 2 is a tough one. 2 was really good but 1 established so much.

  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 2

    Resident Evil 5

    Haven't played below, so ordered in interest:

    Resident Evil 3

    Resident Evil 7

    Resident Evil 6

  • @Lotias https://forums.easyallies.com/topic/4456/rank-the-significance-final-fantasy-edition

    The second and (close to) last post have final rankings.

    @Sentinel-Beach, thanks for the catch!

    Might take me a little to update the rankings tonight, got a lot of work here to do.. but I'm on it!

  • With the addition of 6 lists... not a lot has changed. OG Resident Evil is now tied for the lead and Resident Evil 3 is held with a little more love. Hopefully I'll get around to posting my own impressions in a bit.

    I love when stories come attached to these rankings! I can almost see that Nemesis fight, armed only with a knife.

  • Resident Evil 2 - This game just did so much right. It took a great concept and expanded upon it. It feels similar to Aliens - more action, but still kept the heart of the series alive.
    Resident Evil - The Spencer Mansion is one of the most iconic places in video game history. Remake is the best way to play it but still, this one is a staple.
    Resident Evil 7 - If I had played this game normally, it would rank much lower, but it's significant for me because I went through all of it in VR. This is the only Resident Evil I've played during the day (thanks to the headset) and the only Resident Evil that made me scream... quite a bit actually.
    Resident Evil 3 - Not too different from 2, but that's not a bad thing. Nemesis was a real fun attacker.
    Resident Evil 5 - I don't have a lot of experience with this title, but I did play a bit of co-op with a buddy and had some good times.
    Resident Evil 4 - I honestly don't understand the hype for this one. You take away the Resident Evil name and you are left with a decent third-person shooter. I never felt any tension and it steered the series in a direction not many veterans appreciated.
    Resident Evil 6 - I played the demo for this. It was enough to know that it wasn't for me. Woof, what a weird direction to go in.

    I did us all a favor and bumped RE2 a little higher thanks to my list.

  • Sweet Home lol
    Good work though

  • Just like for Final Fantasy, I haven't played them all, so I'll first rank the games I played and then the rest.

    RE 7 - Maybe it's because it's my most recent memory, but I'd say this was my most enjoyable RE experience. I'm very excited to get all the DLC to dive back into it.
    RE 4 - Played the GameCube original, it was extremely fun. It was great at the time but I'm not sure I'd consider it a classic.
    RE 5 - When I started playing it, I was struggling and got pretty mad at the game, but eventually something clicked and I ended up getting all Achievements for it, playing through it multiple times, and having more and more fun as I went. This one's actually underrated in my opinion.
    RE - Played the PS1 original only for a little while back in the day, it was terrifying. Picked up Remake on PS4 but stopped pretty early, for some reason it didn't grab me. I'll get back to it eventually, I want to see it through.

    Now the ones I haven't played in order of interest:

    RE 2 - Feeding off Huber's hype, I'll definitely pick up the remake when it eventually shows up (2018, draft your tweets).
    RE 3 - By default, above RE 6.
    RE 6 - The black sheep of the series, doesn't interest me in the slightest.

  • Where is 0, imo it's part of the main storyline? Also with RE are we strictily talkng about the original? Does the DC count? Does the REmake count?