Describe Your Taste in Characters Using 3-5 (Video Games)

  • So, I want to know what everyone's tastes in characters is. I'm not talking your favorites, I'm talking about which characters describe what you typically gravitate towards. It can be because of how they play or because of their personality, even just their design. Mad points if you can describe your tastes in 3, but you can use up to 5.

    My 3 Are:

    Shinjiro Aragaki- Persona 3 (Portable specifically)
    Honestly I think I'm just in love with the guy. He's awesome. And an axe weilder which is a plus. If you pick FemMC and do his full social link you'll understand. Anything beyond that would be a spoiler I think.

    Midna-Twilight Princess
    For a very short time I ran a Midna news update blog. The highlight of 2014 for me was learning that she would be in Hyrule Warriors. I don't want to spoil her ending but it certainly affected me. Honestly the only thing I want as much as Mother 3 is the return of Midna. She was simply the best Zelda companion, and I adore both of her designs. I love her snarky personality, and I love her backstory.

    Kanji Tatsumi-Persona 4
    Kanji is easily my second favorite Persona character. He's just such a wonderful person. Even when he stirs shit up, it's usually for good reason. His dungeon and his struggle, just hit very close to home for me, and I love him for it. Plus he has the best weapons.

  • N O T. M E N.

    Examples: Lolipop Chainsaw, Wet, Tail of the Sun

    (Maybe I'll write a more serious response later when I'm not so tired. Just in case though, the kernel of truth in my preference is that the male-heavy industry writes them like cringey power fantasies as opposed to anything real most of the time. And not just in terms of the player character always winning in battle.)

  • Evolve.
    I liked every single character in that game, excellent writing and voiceacting across the board, male or female. There are very few games I can say that about. The designs were excellent as well and the cast was very diverse, from an old lady in a giant mech suit to an Evac drone with a glitchy robot soldier AI.
    I think it's easier just to show what I mean, included timecode.

  • Instead of going top three, I'll pick three of my top five as my #1 and 2 are from the same series and I like my #3 and 4 for one similar reason in addition to their differences.. I will also try to not repeat what I said about them from the EZA Community Top 50 characters thread.

    Auron - Final Fantasy X
    From his motivations, writing, style (both in terms of combat and design) and his flaws, Auron is a compelling character trying to atone for his biggest failure. While stoic for most of the adventure, it is discovering who he truly is that reveals his depth.

    Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect series
    Simply put, there is no better friend to have in gaming. Loyal, wise-cracking when he needs to be, can hold his own in a fire-fight, and brought the galaxy's foremost criminal hot spot into a more or less livable place for the innocent single handed, Garrus's development in both each game and across the entire trilogy has excellent payoff that makes me glad he's a member of my crew.

    Nathan Drake - Uncharted franchise
    Of all the characters I like across games, Drake comes across as the most flawed and most realistic (in character, not situation). A guy who can't deal with the serious sides of life (That don't involve being shot at or falling down/through something), watching him transform from a double-crossing treasure hunter to a dedicated family man is an enjoyable experience.

  • Banned

    Max Payne (Max Payne) - Badass motherfucker who speaks exclusively in purple prose.

    Kat (Gravity Rush) - Everybody's favorite gravity bending dumpster queen.

    Isaac (Dead Space) - FUCK FUCK FUCK stomps necromorph into fine paste

  • Delitia Heiral : Bad ass who went from orphan peasant to king

    Joshua Bright: The perfect way to do the "main character has amnesia" trope

    Zack Fair : Tragic Hero

  • Kind of hard to think of my taste in characters, since I think any character can be good if they're written well enough. I picked three that I would want to be friends with

    Frog (Chrono Trigger) - principled, loyal, will be the leader if needed (even when he doesn't want to be)

    Vivi (FFIX) - Naive and vulnerable, but willing and able to face the harsh realities of the world

    Sully (Uncharted series) - gruff, surprisingly wise, will have my back, good-humored

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